Look For Less: 9+ Maria Tash Inspired Earrings

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Want the understated elegance of Maria Tash jewelry without the luxury prices? This article is for you. Read on to discover your dream Maria Tash dupe earrings on Amazon!

maria tash dupes

Before I share my favorite Maria Tash earring dupes, I have to give a nod to the iconic jewelry designer behind these original pieces. Maria Tash has built an empire with her extensive collection of delicate, luxurious earrings. A New York native, Tash opened her first jewelry studio in Manhattan’s East Village in 1993. Since then, the Maria Tash brand has successfully expanded worldwide.

Maria Tash offers a wide array of luxury jewelry designs catered to various piercings. More than just a jewelry line, the brand is synonymous with innovative concepts such as The Curated Ear®, a technique Tash developed. Maria Tash earrings are the epitome of understated elegance — dainty yet ultra-sophisticated. The collection is full of delicate hoops, unique diamond studs, and more. The brand caters to a wide range of piercing types and offers diverse styles for a curated, personalized look.

I love Maria Tash earrings, but these luxury pieces come with hefty price tags. Luckily, there are dozens of alternatives that capture the Maria Tash aesthetic without the luxury price tags. If you’re searching for the best Maria Tash-inspired earrings, here are the best lookalikes to consider:

Maria Tash Diamond Eternity Earring

This elegant hoop earring has become an iconic Maria Tash design. The Diamond Eternity Earring features a ring of sparkly diamonds in a hoop shape. This timeless style is stunning but retails for nearly $600. For a similar look without the luxury price tag, check out the Pavoi 14K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Cuff Earrings. These dainty hoops offer the same simple silhouette at a fraction of the cost.

maria tash hoop earring dupe

Similar Maria Tash Earring Dupes

Maria Tash Spike Earring

A personal favorite Maria Tash piece, the Spike Earring is a simple yet striking design. This earring can add an edgy, understated touch to any look. To get this same sassy look without the luxury price tag, snag these Maria Tash dupes by Mevecco. With over 4,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, these $14 lookalikes are worth the hype.

maria tash spike earring dupe

Similar Maria Tash Lookalike Earrings

Maria Tash Lightning Bolt Stud

Maria Tash has a stunning collection of dainty stud earrings, and the lightning bolt stud is no exception. This simple, striking design is a great addition to any earring collection. If you can’t justify spending nearly $400 on this style, the $13 Lighting Bolt Earrings by PAVOI are a great Maria Tash dupe.

maria tash stud earrings dupe

Similar Maria Tash Inspired Earrings

Maria Tash Pearl Hoop Earring

A classic and elegant Maria Tash design, this pearl hoop earring is romantic and ultra-feminine. If you love the vintage vibe of the Maria Tash Pearl Coronet Ring but can’t afford to spend $500+, snag these affordable alternatives for just $15.

maria tash pearl hoop earrings dupe

Similar Maria Tash Dupes

Maria Tash Huggie Chain Earring

Maria Tash’s Huggie Chain Earring is an intricate design that combines a classic huggie style with a dangling chain for added flair. To get this luxury look for a fraction of the cost, check out these $15 huggie earrings by PAVOI.

maria tash huggie chain earring dupe

Similar Maria Tash Inspired Earrings

Maria Tash Chain Drape Earring

The Single Chain Drape Earring by Maria Tash is a simple, sophisticated design that frames the ear with a delicate chain. If you love this style but can’t afford to spend $350, Reffeer has the perfect $16 Maria Tash dupe.

maria tash dupe

Similar Maria Tash Earring Dupes

Maria Tash Invisible Set Diamond Stud

Next, the Maria Tash Invisible Set Diamond Stud is a timeless piece featuring a single diamond that appears to float on the ear. This minimalist earring is great for everyday wear but comes with a hefty $725 price tag. For a similar look, consider these $17 alternatives from Amazon.

maria tash dupe

Similar Maria Tash Inspired Earrings

Maria Tash Mohawk Hoop

Next, the Maria Tash Mohawk Hoop is a distinctive, edgy take on a traditional hoop design. This mohawk-inspired hoop adds extra flair to any earring ensemble. If you love this Maria Tash look, check out these lookalikes for just $21.

maria tash dupe

Similar Maria Tash Dupes

Maria Tash Heart Studs

Last but not least, the Maria Tash Heart Stud is elegant and feminine. This tiny heart earring is crafted from 14k gold for a versatile, durable accessory. If this gorgeous stud is out of your budget, check out these nearly identical $14 alternatives.

maria tash heart earrings dupe

Similar Maria Tash Inspired Earrings

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered a Maria Tash dupe you love. Looking for more designer-inspired jewelry? Check out these similar articles:

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