Cheap Jennifer Behr Inspired Headbands and Earrings

jennifer behr dupes

Want the Gossip Girl style of Jennifer Behr jewelry without the high price tag? Read on for the best Jennifer Behr-inspired earrings and headbands to shop on Amazon.

Who is Jennifer Behr?

Before I share my favorite Jennifer Behr-inspired jewelry, I want to give background on the designer behind the original pieces.  

Jennifer Behr is a New York-based designer known for her luxury headpieces, earrings, and bridal accessory collection. Her designs have graced the heads of numerous celebrities, from Hailey Bieber to Alicia Keys. Jennifer Behr’s designs are timeless and elegant, making them especially popular among brides. (Source: Jennifer Behr)

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Cheaper Alternatives to Jennifer Behr Jewelry on Amazon

While I love every Jennifer Behr creation, it’s no surprise that these handmade pieces come with luxury price tags. Luckily, if you’re looking for Jennifer Behr lookalike pieces that won’t break the bank, Amazon has a wide range of options. These gorgeous pieces capture the classic style of Behr’s creations without breaking the bank. And with Amazon’s free shipping and easy returns, finding the perfect accessory has never been more convenient.

Jennifer Behr Earring Looks For Less

1. Jennifer Behr Bow Earrings

A bestselling style, the Jennifer Behr Mirabelle Earrings feature dangling rhinestone bows that are playful yet sophisticated. If you’re drawn to this style but want a more budget-friendly option, check out these highly-rated $15 alternatives. 

jennifer behr mirabelle earrings dupe

2. Jennifer Behr Butterfly Earrings

Love the ethereal beauty of Jennifer Behr’s Butterfly Earrings? If the Emmeline Earrings are on your list but not in your budget, consider these affordable earrings on Amazon. They capture the same enchanting vibe without the price. 

jennifer behr butterfly earrings dupe

3. Jennifer Behr Flower Earrings

The Zia Earrings by Jennifer Behr are flower-shaped studs made from mother of pearl. If you love these gorgeous earrings but not their $225 price tag, check out these $12 alternatives on Amazon. 

jennifer behr flower earrings dupe

4. Jennifer Behr Pearl Earrings 

The sophisticated Ines Earrings feature a unique combination of pearls and crystals and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you love this style but are on a tight budget, don’t worry! These top-rated alternatives priced at only $17 are a great option.

jennifer behr earrings dupe

5. Jennifer Behr Bow Earrings Stud

Next, the Romy Earrings by Jennifer Behr are perfectly understated, featuring rhinestones arranged in a delicate bow design. Are you looking for a budget-friendly version of these earrings? Check out these highly-rated beauties that cost just $30.  

jennifer behr bow earrings dupe

6. Jennifer Behr Gold Fower Earrings

The Collette Earrings are bold statement earrings crafted with intricate flower patterns and finished in stunning gold. If this style has caught your eye, but you’re hoping to save money, consider these $7 alternatives.

jennifer behr flower earrings dupe

7. Jennifer Behr Estee Earrings

Next up and one of Jennifer Behr’s most popular designs, the Estee Earrings are a stunning celestial design with twinkling glass crystals. Despite their size, these earrings are surprisingly lightweight.

Looking for a more affordable option? Snag a pair of these $15 earrings from Blingsoul. 

jennifer behr dupes

8. Jennifer Behr Petronella Flower Earrings

The Jennifer Behr Petronella Earrings are a perfect Spring accessory featuring a mother-of-pearl flower paired with a pearl drop. If this $295 style is out of budget, Amazon has a similar earring style for just $14.

jennifer behr dupes

Jennifer Behr Headband Looks For Less

1. Jennifer Behr Pearl Headband

Jennifer Behr’s style is synonymous with timeless elegance, and the Bailey Pearl Headband is no exception. Indulge in this stunning style without straining your budget by exploring this cost-effective option for just $14. This inexpensive option lets you have your Blair Waldorf moment without breaking the bank.

jennifer behr headband dupe

2. Jennifer Behr Czarina Headband

Like all Jennifer Behr hair accessories, the Czarina Headband is designed to stun. Covered in Swarovski Crystals and full of sparkle, it’s the perfect special occasion headband.

Look and feel like royalty wearing this $23 alternative. Like the original designer headband, this Amazon alternative is handmade and high quality. 

jennifer behr headband dupe

3. Jennifer Behr Tori Headband

Last but not least, the Jennifer Behr Tori Headband is a versatile bestseller thanks to its comfortable design and simplistic style. This headband will cost you $188, but you can get the same look for just $8 with this similar option.

jennifer behr headband dupe

While nothing can truly replicate the craftsmanship of Jennifer Behr products, these Amazon alternatives get close. After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the perfect earrings or headband that fit your style and budget.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. While you’re here, check out more designer-inspired looks for less!

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