The 7 Best Mignonne Gavigan Inspired Earrings to Shop

Are you searching for affordable Mignonne Gavigan earring lookalikes? Today I’m sharing seven designer-inspired earrings to help you get the luxury look for less!

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Mignonne Gavigan is a luxury jewelry and accessory brand that has made its mark in the fashion world with its unique, statement-making designs. Mignonne Gavigan accessories are works of art, but not everyone can afford the premium prices. Today, I’m excited to share affordable, stylish Mignonne Gavigan earring alternatives that will give you the same chic look without the cost.

Who Is Mignonne Gavigan?

Before jumping into my favorite Mignonne Gavigan alternatives, I want to acknowledge the talented designer behind these original creations. Mignonne Gavigan is an innovative fashion designer known for her unique and creative approach to accessories. After nearly a decade designing for Loeffler Randall and other notable labels, Gavigan launched her namesake brand, Mignonne Gavigan, in 2014. Gavigan started off making her signature scarf necklaces but eventually expanded her collection to include statement earrings, bracelets, and more. From day one, Gavigan’s designs have been known for their intricate embroidery, unique themes, and playful details. [Source: The Quality Maker]

Today, Mignonne Gavigan is a favorite brand among celebrities and fashion lovers. While these statement accessories may come with high price tags, they are truly unique pieces worth investing in if your budget allows.

Cheaper Alternatives to Mignonne Gavigan Earrings

As someone who loves bold accessories – particularly statement earrings – I’ve spent hours researching Mignonne Gavigan earring alternatives to identify the best budget-friendly lookalikes. Below, I’ve rounded up the best earrings with a Mignonne Gavigan vibe. And as a bonus, all pairs below are available on Amazon, so you can take advantage of free shipping and returns.

1. Mignonne Gavigan Mini Madeline Earrings Silver 

If you’re looking for a unique yet timeless statement earring, Mignonne Gavigan’s bestselling Mini Madeline Earrings are worth considering. These bestselling wing earrings feature layers of intricate beading and winged sequins — a style that can add a touch of sophistication to any look. 

If you love these earrings but can’t justify spending $150, consider these $29 alternatives by Vani Trapani. This gorgeous design is handmade and comes in 11 stunning color variations. 

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2. Mignonne Gavigan Heart Earrings

Next, the Vivian Heart Earrings are romantic and elegant, featuring heart-shaped charms and delicate crystals. For a similar look that will cost you just $12, check out these stunning earrings by Navachi. 

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3. Mignonne Gavigan Flower Earrings

Mignonne Gavigan is known for her unique use of florals, and the Audrey Earrings are a perfect example. These earrings effortlessly combine shells, raffia, beads, and pearls for an accessory that makes a bold statement. While they’re not an exact replica, these $12 Amazon alternatives capture the essence of the original Mignonne Gavigan design. 

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4. Mignonne Gavigan Gold Earrings

If you’re searching for a classic statement accessory, consider the Chiara Lux Earrings. These stunning earrings consist of 14k gold-plated brass and are both versatile and unique. If you love this design, Amazon has a strikingly similar pair that costs just $14. 

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5. Mignonne Gavigan Isla Pearl Hoop Earrings

If you’re looking for a modern take on gold pearls, the Mignonne Gavigan Isla Pearl Hoop Earrings are a great choice. However, these earrings come with a steep $175 price tag. Get the same look for just $8 with the Adoshine Pearl Hoop Earrings

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6. Mignonne Gavigan Champagne Earrings

These next Mignonne Gavigan earrings are ready to be worn all holiday season. The Mignonne Gavigan Champagne Earrings showcase the designer’s unique artistic flair and craftsmanship, and they can effortlessly elevate any outfit. Check out these beaded beauties for a similar look that will cost you less than $10. 

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7. Mignonne Gavigan Butterfly Earrings

Next, Mignonne Gavigan’s iconic Butterfly earrings are a bestseller for a reason. I love the dainty and delicate look of the Rosie Butterfly Earrings, the perfect studs for everyday wear. If you love this style but can’t afford to spend $185, head to Amazon and snag these $11 Mignonne Gavigan lookalikes

mignonne gavigan butterfly earrings dupe

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After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered a Mignonne Gavigan-inspired statement piece that fits your budget. With these cheaper options, you can enjoy the elegance of Mignonne Gavigan without breaking the bank.

Thank you so much for stopping by! While you’re here, check out my collection of designer looks for less.

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