12+ Clio Peppiatt Inspired Embellished Dresses

On the hunt for a dreamy Clio Peppiatt dress dupe? Searching for the best affordable alternatives to Clio Peppiatt’s iconic dresses that won’t cost you a month of rent? Today, I’m exploring 12 Clio Peppiatt dresses—from flirty minis like the Midnight to chic, sophisticated gowns—and the best lookalikes for each. Read on to discover incredible Clio Peppiatt dupes without the designer price tags!

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clio peppiatt dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Meadow Dress 

One of my favorite new arrivals this season, designed in collaboration with Annie Doble, the Indigo Meadow Dress is a statement style. With its “twinkling purple hues” and unique beadwork, this mini dress is at the top of my wishlist, but it unfortunately retails for a hefty $2,384. While not identical, the Barbi Beaded Micro Mini Dress by LPA offers an equally eccentric silhouette for $328.

clio peppiatt dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt The Midnight Dress

One of the most iconic Clio Peppiatt styles, The Midnight Dress features Swarovski crystals in a sparkly deep blue silhouette. This beaded beauty retails for $2,305 (yikes!), but you can get a similar look with this Clio Peppiatt lookalike by Band of Stars for just $117.

clio peppiatt midnight dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Lucina Dress

Another bestselling style, the Lucina Mini Dress features a striking mix of crystals and pearls, along with moon and sun symbols. This bridal mini will cost you $2,315, but the Lets Go Mini Dress by Show Me Your Mumu offers the same celestial style for less than $300.

clio peppiatt lucina dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Wren Dress 

A statement piece in every sense, the Clio Peppiatt Wren Dress debuted in the brand’s Fall/Winter collection last year. The Wren comes in several colors, but I’m personally obsessed with the vibrant lilac number that Millie Bobby rocked earlier this year. For the same studded look without the $1,740 price tag, consider the Sau Lee Suki Dress, a great Clio Peppiatt dupe for $430.

clio peppiatt dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Diamond Mini Dress

A personal favorite Clio Peppiatt style, the Diamond Mini Dress makes a bold statement with its draped crystal tassels. If this $1,740 mini is on your wishlist but out of budget, the Tularosa Bellini Sequin Dress offers a similarly striking silhouette for $258. Like the original, this Clio Peppiatt dress dupe features unique tassels and a mix of gold and black sequins.

clio peppiatt black dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Vittoria Silver Dress

At #6, the Clio Peppiatt Vittoria Dress is the product of another collaboration between Clio Peppiatt and Annie’s Ibiza. This silver mini dress is effortlessly elegant and one of the more simple, classic styles in the Clio Peppiatt collection. Looking for a cheaper alternative to this stunning style that won’t cost you almost $2,000? Check out the For Love & Lemons Candice Mini Dress in Silver, a great Clio Peppiatt dupe under $300.

clio peppiatt silver dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Martini Dress 

Clio Peppiatt dresses are works of wearable art, and the Martini Dress is no exception. This made-to-order mini features eccentric, colorful beadwork and chic feather trim. To get a similar look without spending $1,735, snag the Astrid Strapless Dress by More to Come for just $74.

clio peppiatt dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Lucina Dress Black

An edgier and newer version of the iconic Lucina Dress, this black and silver mini depicts the night sky, complete with a beaded moon and stars. This slinky style is truly stunning but, unfortunately, retails for $2,335. For a similar look, check out the Oceanus Callie Dress, a great Clio Peppiatt dress dupe for less than $400.

clio peppiatt lucina dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Wedding Dress

Hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls, this Clio Peppiatt gown is a dream wedding dress. This iconic bridal style features a sleek, fitted bodice and a sleek column shape. For a similar style that won’t cost you $4,000, check out the Tonia Embellished Maxi Dress by Camila Coelho for just $388.

clio peppiatt wedding dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Gradient Mini Dress

Featuring a unique ombré effect in a chic pink colorway, the Clio Peppiatt Gradient Dress promises to make a loud statement. Designed for the perfect fit and all-night comfort, this stretch-woven mini dress is sold out for a reason. If you love this little pink dress, check out this $40 lookalike on Amazon. This gorgeous dupe comes in 27 stunning variations, all capturing the vibe of the Clio Peppiatt original for way less.

Have a bit more to spend? The $695 Retrofete Anastasia Dress in Bubblegum Pink is another great alternative worth considering.

clio peppiatt pink dress dupe

Clio Peppiatt Embellished Mini Dress

A classic Clio Peppiatt style, the Embellished Mini Dress is another ideal bridal style (just ask Olivia Culpo!). This sparkly mini features the brand’s signature fit and flare silhouette, with a chic row of crystals lining the neckline. To get this rehearsal dinner-ready style without spending $1,690, check out the Sau Lee Billie Dress in Silver Sage for less than $500.

clio peppiatt dupe

Clio Peppiatt Into The Ocean Dress 

Lastly, the Into The Ocean Dress promises to turn heads with its embellished sea creatures, coral, and shells. With all-over beads and sequins, this Clio Peppiatt style works hard for its $2,275 price tag. While not identical, the Franky Marble Sequin Mini Dress by SIMKHAI captures the original vibe for just $328.

clio peppiatt dupe

More Clio Peppiatt Dress Dupes

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clio peppiatt blue dress dupe
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Brands Like Clio Peppiatt

Are you continuing the hunt for Clio Peppiatt dupes on your own? Here are some of my favorite brands like Clio Peppiatt to add to your shopping list:

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