10+ Stunning Amina Muaddi Inspired Earrings (2024)

Searching for the best Amina Muaddi earrings dupe? Want the chic, glamorous look of Amina Muaddi earrings without the luxury price tag? Today, I’m exploring ten iconic Amina Muaddi designs, from the bold Begum Earrings to the sleek Charlotte Hoops, and the best dupes for each.

Keep reading to discover the dreamiest Amina Muaddi-inspired earrings for less!

*Originally published January 2022, Updated February 2024*

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amina muaddi earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Begum Crystal Earrings

A statement earring style from the Amina Muaddi collection, the Begum Crystal Earrings are a bestselling style for a reason. These gorgeous earrings feature Swarovski crystals shaped in the brand’s signature buckle design. If you love this signature Amina Muaddi style but can’t afford to spend almost $700, check out this surprisingly similar pair on Amazon for $16. These Amina Muaddi Begum earring dupes offer the same sculptural, sparkly look for a fraction of the cost.

Prefer a different color? These dupes come in seven striking variations, including my personal favorite a champagne Begum-inspired earring design!

amina muaddi begum earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Green Begum Earrings

Prefer a pop of color? The Amina Muaddi Begum Earrings in green may be for you. This art-deco-inspired sunburst style features gorgeous green emeralds for a true statement look. To get this same spunky look without spending $725, snag a pair of the Ettika Opulent Crystal Stardust Open Circle Earrings instead. These $60 Amina Muaddi dupe earrings mimic the originals with a combination of gold-plated metal and a mix of green and clear crystals.

amina muaddi begum green earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Multi-Ring Hoop Earrings

At #3 and a newer introduction to the Amina Muaddi collection, the Multi-Ring Hoop Earrings are some of the most fabulous hoops I’ve ever seen. As its name suggests, this unique style features several small crystal hoops on a larger silver silhouette. I’m obsessed with these $909 textured hoops, so I was thrilled to discover the bestselling Riele Earrings by Petit Moments on Revolve. These Amina Muaddi-inspired earrings offer a similar, equally striking look for just $35.

amina muaddi multi ring hoop earrings dupe

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Amina Muaddi Charlotte Hoop Earrings

The Amina Muaddi Charlotte Hoop Earrings are gorgeous staple pieces, tiny works of wearable art featuring gold brass and crystals. These beautiful hoops are perfectly versatile and will add a touch of glamour to your earring collection if you’re willing to spend $865. Or, save your cash and get a similar timeless look with the Cosmo Pave Hoops by Shashi, the perfect Amina Muaddi earring dupe for $54.

amina muaddi charlotte hoop earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Mini Begum Earrings

A smaller and incredibly popular variation of an iconic Amina Muaddi design, the Mini Begum Earrings are the perfect wedding accessories. Like their larger counterparts, these sparkly earrings feature a crystal-covered radial design. If you love these dainty yet daring earrings but can’t justify spending $508, check out the Statement Earrings by Shashi instead. While not identical, for less than $80, these affordable alternatives capture the luxurious vibe without the wallet damage.

On a tighter budget? Snag these $20 Amina Muaddi-inspired earrings on Amazon instead.

amina muaddi mini begum earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Cameron Hoop Earrings

Amina Muaddi is known for her luxurious, unique takes on classic silhouettes, and the Cameron Hoop Earrings in silver are no exception. These gorgeous hoops are fully covered in white crystals for a sparkly statement style. Love these iconic earrings but not their $1155 price tag? Check out the BaubleBar Chiara Earrings in Silver instead. These $48 Amina Muaddi hoop dupes could easily pass as designer originals with their similar crystal-covered look.

amina muaddi silver hoop earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Mini Hoop Earrings

Next, the Amina Muaddi Mini Cameron Earrings are stunning and versatile crystal-embellished hoops. This simple yet sophisticated style is at the top of my wishlist, but unfortunately, a pair of Mini Camerons retails for almost $800. For the same luxurious look for only $15, shop the PAVOI Sterling Silver Post Cubic Zirconia Chunky Hoop Earrings on Amazon. PAVOI is known for its collection of designer-inspired jewelry, and these Amina Muaddi hoop dupes do not disappoint!

amina muaddi mini hoop earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Multi-Ring Hoop Earrings Gold

The gold Amina Muaddi Multi-Ring Hoop Earrings are just too fabulous to leave off this list. Like their silver counterparts, these statement earrings feature sparkly mini rings on a sleek gold hoop silhouette. Searching for the best Amina Muaddi-inspired earrings that capture this unique look and don’t cost $1,040? Check out the Ettika Hoop Earring in Clear Crystals, some of the best affordable earrings for just $60.

amina muaddi hoop earrings dupe

Amina Muaddi Gold Hoops

I’m a gold accessory girl, so I had to include Amina Muaddi’s Cameron Hoop Earrings in a dreamy golden variation. These hoops are the epitome of quiet luxury and the perfect versatile accessory to add to any jewelry collection. I’ve had my eye on this style for a very long time, but I just can’t justify spending $615. Luckily, Amazon’s CiNily Hoop Earrings offer a similar chunky style for just $17.

amina muaddi earrings dupe amazon

Amina Muaddi Black Begum Earrings

Finally, the Begum Mini Earrings in black crystal (new this season!) are some of my all-time favorites. I love these edgy yet elegant earrings, but I definitely can’t afford to spend $530 on the originals. Luckily, the Ettika Sunburst Earrings in Black & Gold are incredible Amina Muaddi Begum earring dupes, offering a similar silhouette for $60.

amina muaddi black begum earrings dupe

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the best Amina Muaddi earrings dupe to add to your collection! For a complete and updated selection of Amina Muaddi earring dupes, check out my list of Amina Muaddi-inspired earrings on Revolve. Or, if you’re searching for more designer jewelry dupes for your favorite looks, visit these articles next:

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