Designer Look for Less: 8+ Best Naghedi Inspired Bags

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Love the timeless look of Naghedi bags but not their high price points? Today, I’m sharing the best Naghedi-inspired bags and totes, so you can get the designer look for less.

I’ll explore many popular Naghedi styles, from iconic St. Barth Totes to everyday crossbody bags.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in and discover the best Naghedi bag dupes on the market!

naghedi bag dupes

To start, I have to recognize the brand behind the original designs. Naghedi NYC is a luxury handbag and accessories brand founded in 2016 by Sara Naghedi. After years in the industry, Naghedi set out to create a line of timeless, durable, and sustainable handbags. Today, her signature handwoven neoprene bags have gained a cult following. These timeless bags are durable, waterproof, and perfect for everyday use. In the past year, I’ve been seeing these gorgeous bags everywhere.

From large totes to small shoulder bags, Naghedi styles epitomize laid-back luxury. Popular designs include the iconic Naghedi St. Barths tote, the perfect summer staple with a beachy chic vibe. Naghedi continues to set trends in the luxury accessory market and beyond.

Popular Naghedi Totes and Bags and Their Affordable Alternatives

I love every Naghedi style and respect the brand’s sustainable practices, but these designer bags come with luxury price tags. If you love the look and feel of Naghedi handbags but not their luxury prices, several more affordable bags offer a similar aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a Naghedi St. Barths Tote dupe or a small makeup bag lookalike, this list is for you. These Naghedi-inspired bags and totes offer the same iconic style for less.

Ready to discover your dream Naghedi bag dupe? Let’s get started!

Naghedi St. Barths Tote Large Size

First up, the timeless Naghedi St. Barths Tote is spacious and stunning. This top-handle tote features the brand’s signature handwoven design and a removable pouch. The St. Barths Tote makes the perfect beach bag or gym bag with its oversized, durable design. This popular Naghedi style will cost you $315, but you can get a similar look for $160 at Dillard’s. Antonio Melani’s Large Neoprene Woven Tote Bag comes in six stunning colors and looks identical to the Naghedi original.

naghedi st barths tote dupe

More Naghedi St. Barths Tote Dupes

Naghedi St. Barths Plaid Tote

This next variation of the Naghedi St. Barths Tote is a personal favorite. This unique and striking design features multi-colored basketweave neoprene. If you’re searching for an affordable alternative, look no further than this Amazon bestseller. Like the original Naghedi style, this $100 neoprene bag is waterproof and abrasion resistant. Prefer a smaller variation? This similar style comes in ten gorgeous variations, all with a Naghedi vibe.

naghedi st barths tote dupe

Find a Simiar Naghedi Tote Dupe

Naghedi Jet Setter Tote

The Naghedi Jetsetter Tote is extra-large and elegant. Its oversized silhouette and drop handles mimic this popular Bottega Veneta design. This bestselling Naghedi style will cost you $325, but you can get the same look for half the price on Anthropologie. Priced at $128 and available in three color options, the Woven Faux Leather Tote is the perfect Naghedi bag dupe. This bag is slightly smaller than the St. Barths tote, with a 1″ smaller height and 1.5″ shorter length, but still offers plenty of room.

naghedi jet setter tote dupe

Find a Simiar Naghedi Tote Dupe

Naghedi St.Barths Petite Crossbody Bag

A compact variation of Naghedi’s iconic St. Barths design, the Crossbody Mini Tote is perfectly petite. This mini Naghedi bag easily transitions from day to night with its removable crossbody strap. If you love this Naghedi style, check out Antonio Melani’s nearly identical Small Woven Neoprene Tote Bag. For less than $130, you can get the same chic Naghedi look without the designer price tag.

naghedi crossbody bag dupe

Find a Simiar Naghedi Bag Dupe

Naghedi Clutch

A personal favorite Naghedi style, the sold-out Rhodes Clutch is a timeless style suitable for a variety of occasions. This unique silhouette features a fold-over top, a zip closure, and, of course, Naghedi’s signature woven neoprene style. Love this design, but not crazy about the $240 price tag? Snag this similar style at Anthropologie for just $80. The Lindy Woven Clutch is available in nine different colors and is a bestselling Anthropologie style. For an even cheaper option, check out the Woven Neoprene Wristlet by Antonio Melani.

naghedi rhodes clutch dupe - lindy woven clutch

Find a Simiar Naghedi Clutch Dupe

Naghedi St. Barths Medium Size Tote

A smaller variation of the St. Barths tote, this beautiful bag is a popular Naghedi style. Like larger St. Barths Totes, this medium tote features an open design, a small dust bag, and a durable neoprene exterior. If you love this Naghedi tote but can’t justify spending $270, this Amazon tote is a great option.

For just $70, this Naghedi bag dupe mimics many key features of the real deal St. Barths totes. With almost 395 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, it offers the same great size and high-quality design without the credit card damage. And one of my favorite things about this Naghedi bag dupe? Unlike the original, which features an open design, it includes a magnetic closure to keep your items safe.

naghedi bag dupe

Find a Simiar Naghedi Tote Dupe

Naghedi Nomad Hobo

Naghedi’s Nomad Boho Bag reflects the brand’s laid-back luxury aesthetic. With its roomy interior and flexible shape, this design would make a great diaper bag or spring break tote. For a more affordable version, this Amazon bag is a great option. For just $57, this Naghedi dupe offers a similar bohemian design, versatile size, and spacious interior.

naghedi nomad hobo bag dupe

Find a Simiar Naghedi Bag Dupe

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered your dream Naghedi bag dupe. Looking for more designer-inspired designs? Check out these similar articles:

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