20+ Best Goyard Bag and Tote Alternatives to Buy Now

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Want the classic look of Goyard totes for a fraction of the price? Read on for the best Goyard-inspired bags and totes on the market!

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Understated Elegance and Iconic Totes: A Spotlight on Goyard

Goyard is a French luxury fashion and leather goods brand known for its timeless bag designs. Founded in 1853, Goyard is considered one of the oldest luxury leather goods companies in operation. Louis Vuitton was founded just one year later. Goyard bags have gained a cult following for their simple yet sophisticated designs, versatility, durability, and exclusivity. From the popular Saint Louis Tote to the Anjou Reversible Tote, Goyard’s bags epitomize understated elegance. (Source: Sotheby’s)

Let’s explore key elements of Goyard bags below:

Simple, Sophisticated Designs

Goyard bags are all about low-key luxury. The brand’s bags and totes often feature popular patterns like the iconic chevron print, among other simple designs. As a nod to the brand’s history, each “Y” in the pattern represents a heap of logs, a symbol of the Goyard family’s wood hauling history. Goyard bags are very versatile, and their simple designs can match countless different outfits.


Goyard’s bags are not only stylish but also incredibly practical thanks to their lightweight design. These gorgeous totes prove that you can have spaciousness and style. Their oversized, easy-to-carry designs make them the perfect option for everyday use.

Unparalleled Quality

Every Goyard bag is made from high-quality materials, ensuring years of use. The brand’s Goyardine material is a combination of hemp, linen, and cotton. These materials are coated with a proprietary waterproof process, protecting them against damage. While it may seem silly to spend thousands on a coated canvas tote, every Goyard bag is well-equipped to withstand the test of time.

An Exclusive Aura

Adding to its allure, Goyard operates on an exclusive business model. Like many luxury brands, Goyard doesn’t sell its bags online but instead operates a handful of stores worldwide. The brand produces a limited number of bags yearly and is notoriously reclusive, contributing to its allure. This added layer of exclusivity adds to the popularity of Goyard bags and further justifies the price tags on these luxury items.

Goyard bags successfully combine style, functionality, quality, and exclusivity.

Popular Goyard Designs and Their Affordable Alternatives

While there’s something undeniably alluring about Goyard’s designs, these bags come at a cost. And because the only way to shop Goyard designs is via their in-store locations, the resale market for Goyard is also inflated.

While I’d love to own every Goyard design, these designer bags are a major investment. Luckily, there are dozens of affordable alternatives with an eerily similar aesthetic. In this section, I’ll explore popular Goyard designs and their cost-effective alternatives. Here are the best Goyard bag dupes on the market:

Goyard Look For Less #1: Goyardine Saint Louis Tote Green

First, the Goyardine Saint Louis Tote is one of Goyard’s most sought-after designs. This versatile tote bag combines elegance with functionality. The bag’s design is simple yet classic, featuring the distinctive Goyardine pattern. This tote also comes with a small pouch, adding convenience and functionality.

While this stunning bag will cost you $3,450 on FashionPhile, you can get a similar look with this popular Amazon alternative. At $40, this bag is one of the best dupes for the Goyard original. Like the original, it features a versatile “T” pattern on a green canvas. Expanding on the Goyard design, this tote includes not one but two extra storage bags, one small coin purse, and one medium clutch.

The vegan leather exterior of the bag protects it from scratches and water, just like the Goyard original. If you love the Goyardine Saint Louis Tote, check out this affordable alternative in one of six stunning color combinations. Its classic design and comparable silhouette make it one of the best Goyard tote bag dupes on the market. I snagged this bag during one of my recent orders, and it’s one of my most-used totes!

goyard dupes

Similar Goyard Tote Dupes:

Goyard Look For Less #2: Goyard Sky Blue Saint Louis GM Tote

If blue is more your speed, the sky blue variation of the Saint Louis Tote may be for you. This striking Goyard style blends the traditional with a deep blue hue for a perfectly bold tote. But like all Goyard styles, this bag comes with a hefty price tag. A pre-owned version of this tote will cost you $2,150 on FRWD. Before you pull the trigger on this investment piece, I have a brand for you to consider: Tory Burch.

In recent years, Tory Burch has released some of the best Goyard Tote dupes on the market. The Tory Burch Ever-Ready Zip Tote has become a popular alternative to the Goyard Saint Louis GM Tote.

Unlike the original, the Ever-Ready Zip Tote is made of nylon and leather vs. Goyardine and leather. The Goyard tote is likely more durable and resistant to wear and tear, while the Tory Burch tote is lightweight and easier to clean. And finally, the Goyard tote is highly customizable, while the Tory Burch tote is available in a limited number of colors and prints. Despite these differences, for under $300, the Tory Burch Ever-Ready Tote is a fantastic Goyard alternative.

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Similar Goyard Tote Bag Dupes:

Goyard Look For Less #3: Goyard Fidji Hobo Bag

The Goyard Fidji Hobo Bag features a gorgeous hand-painted pattern and a chic boho silhouette. This design is stylish and practical with its stunning yellow color and convenient zipper closure. However, even a used version of this gorgeous bag comes with a hefty price tag of $2,000.

Thankfully, Amazon has a nearly identical alternative to the Goyard Fidji for a fraction of the cost. Retailing at just $40, this bag has earned a 4.4-star review and offers six color variations. The exterior of this bag is made from leather-coated fabric, offering durability like the Goyard original. The inner lining is made of canvas, and the hand-sewn connection between the bag and the shoulder strap is firm and durable.

If you love the Goyard Fidji Hobo Bag, this fake Goyard is worth considering. Not to mention, Amazon is one of the best places to shop for designer lookalikes; you can’t beat free shipping and easy returns.

goyard bag dupe Goyard Hobo Bag dupe

Similar Goyard Bag Dupes:

Goyard Look For Less #4: Goyard Saint Louis Claire-Voie

Last but not least, the Saint Louis Claire-Voie is a limited-edition variation of Goyard’s iconic Saint Louis Tote. The Claire-Voie bag is exceptionally lightweight and reversible, making it perfect for everyday use. The bag features two genuine leather handles with progressive thickness, allowing for versatile wear. Like other Goyard styles, it also includes a removable inside pocket for additional storage.

This stunning style makes a statement with its special color palette and unique design. But unfortunately, the full-priced style will cost you upwards of $4,500. Luckily, Tory Burch strikes again with this gorgeous alternative. For less than $250, you can get the Goyard look without breaking the bank when you snag this stunning style.

goyard dupes

Find a Similar Goyard Tote Bag Dupe:

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Please note, this post contains affiliate links. As a result, if you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a small commission. Please read my full disclosure statement {here}

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