The Best By Far Bag Alternatives: 11 Bags You Need

Do you love By Far’s funky and fabulous bag designs but not their prices? Read on for 11 excellent By Far bag alternatives that won’t break the bank!

By Far: Retro Style and Sustainability 

Before diving in, I must recognize the trendsetting brand that inspired this article.

Since its launch in 2016, Bulgarian brand By Far has left a lasting impression on the fashion world. The brand’s collection includes a range of accessories, from shoes to luxury handbags. Last year, By Far announced its first fragrance collection, with By Far fan Kendall Jenner as its face. (Source: Vogue)

by far bag dupes

While many By Far products are popular, the brand’s bags have gone viral in recent years. By Far bags blend minimalist designs and simple silhouettes with unique, retro vibes. Many By Far bags feature metallic leather, sequins, shearling, and more. Inspired by 90s styles, these bags are bold, bright, and oh-so-fabulous.

By Far’s bag designs are not only stunning, but they’re sustainable, too. The brand minimizes waste by using excess leather from high-end Italian fashion houses.  (Source: AboutHer)

The growth of By Far is thanks in part to its strong social media presence and the support of celebrities. The brand has 550k+ followers on Instagram, where it shares new releases and campaigns. By Far’s loyal celebrity fans include Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and more.

Popular By Far Bags and Their Affordable Lookalikes

While I adore By Far bags, these designer handbags are expensive. If By Far bags are on your wishlist but out of your budget, I have good news. Today, I’m sharing the best By Far bags with the same style and sophistication as the original designs.

So without further delay, here are 11 great options like By Far for a fraction of the price:

1. By Far Rachel Bag

By Far: First up, the trendy Rachel Bag by By Far has become a signature style for the brand. This rectangular shoulder bag pays tribute to the 1990s with its vintage silhouette. With its croc-effect leather and metallic clasp, it’s a perfect blend of vintage and modern.

Best Affordable Alternative: If the Rachel Bag is out of budget, don’t worry. Get the same look for $18 with the Barabum Retro Classic Clutch. This alternative has 3,000 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars. And if classic black isn’t your vibe, this iconic bag comes in nine different colors.

by far rachel bag dupe

More By Far Rachel Bag Lookalikes

2. By Far Cush Bag

By Far: One of By Far’s new styles this season, the Cush Bag is a stunning pouch bag with a chain strap. The Cush Bag comes with a silver or gold chain, depending on the specific bag color.

Best Affordable Alternative: While finding a good deal on this new release may be impossible, Mango has a similar design for $80. The Crystal Shoulder Bag comes in two gorgeous colors that are almost identical to the Cush Bag. Be sure to check out Mango’s incredible collection of shoulder bags and chain bags.

by far bag dupes cush bag dupe

More By Far Cush Bag Lookalikes

3. By Far Amber Bag

By Far: The Amber Bag is a bestselling By Far design, featuring a semi-circle shape reminiscent of a moon. An ode to ’90s fashion, this design combines a minimalist silhouette with a retro vibe. Its medium size and detachable, adjustable strap make this bag practical and versatile.

Best Affordable Alternative: To get a similar style for $39, check out this cheaper alternative by Petite Simone. Like the Rachel bag, this design is the perfect size and shape for everyday wear. Its vegan leather exterior is not only stunning but also waterproof and durable.

As an added bonus, the supplier offers a 180-day warranty so you can feel great about this bag’s quality. Note: the branded gold hardware is removable, so ignore this feature as you shop!

by far amber bag dupe

More By Far Amber Bag Lookalikes

4. By Far Gib Bag

By Far: This next By Far bag is one of my personal favorites. At first glance, the Gib Bag looks like a typical fanny pack, but it’s actually a shoulder bag with a retro vibe. Unfortunately, this By Far bag comes with a price tag of $627.

Best Affordable Alternative: While I love this By Far design, I was thrilled to discover Preston Belt Bag by The Drop. The best part about this $30 Amazon find? It’s incredibly versatile and can be worn as a shoulder or belt bag.

by far bag dupes

More By Far Gib Bag Lookalikes

5. By Far Mini Bag

By Far: I have a thing for mini bags, so this next By Far design is at the top of my wishlist. The By Far Mini Bag proves that less is more with its minimalist chic design and compact silhouette. Despite its small size, the Mini Bag can store a phone, cardholder, and keys.

Best Affordable Alternative: If you love this By Far design but not the price, check out The Drop Diana Top Handle Crossbody Bag. Measuring 6.25″ in length (vs. the original 6.5″), it’s a similar size and shape to the By Far Mini Bag. Or, for an even smaller and cheaper variation, check out this $19 option. Just note that, unlike the Drop bag, this mini bag won’t fit a cell phone.

by far mini bag dupe

More By Far Mini Bag Lookalikes

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6. By Far Baby Dulce Bag

By Far: Next, the Dulce Bag is a designer bag I’d be willing to splurge on. This gorgeous By Far design comes in a variety of colors, but I have my heart set on this metallic variation.

Best Affordable Alternative: If this bag’s hefty price tag makes you cringe, consider this similar option for $79. With nearly 3,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, the JW Pei Eva Bag is a great alternative to the real thing. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping and fast delivery with Amazon Prime! A win-win in my book.

by far bag dupe by far rachel bag dupe

More By Far Dulce Bag Lookalikes

7. By Far Metallic Leather Bucket Bag

By Far: By Far’s Metallic Leather Bucket Bag showcases the brand’s ability to combine timeless designs with modern trends. This bold bag features a drawstring closure, a metallic exterior, and a shoulder strap. It’s a unique design that makes a bold statement.

Best Affordable Alternative: For a similar style that will cost you just $179, check out this gorgeous clutch by 8 Other Reasons. This Revolve bestseller proves that you can get the luxury look without the extra cost.

by far bag dupes

More By Far Bucket Bag Lookalikes

8. By Far Shearling Bag

By Far: This next By Far bag is sure to make a statement wherever you go. The Baby Cush Shearling Mini Bag is the epitome of playful chic with its soft shearling exterior and round design.

Best Affordable Alternative: If you can’t justify spending $500 on this fuzzy accessory, I don’t blame you. Instead, head to Amazon and check out the Addison Soft Volume Top Handle Bag for $40. This By Far lookalike comes in 13 unique colors and several non-shearling variations. I own this bag in the lavender and green variations and can attest to its incredible quality!

by far bag dupes

More By Far Shearling Bag Lookalikes

9. By Far Amira Bag

By Far: Coming in at #9, the Amira Bag is stylish yet practical. This minimalist bag features a rectangular silhouette, a zip closure, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The Amira Bag is a clean, versatile design that pairs well with a variety of outfits.

Best Affordable Alternative: Love this By Far Bag but not the hefty price tag? If you’re willing to settle on a slightly larger bag, CLUCI has a similar style for $43 (on sale now for 23% off). This gorgeous design comes in ten colors and has a nearly perfect 4.3-star rating.

by far bag dupes

Similar By Far Bag Lookalikes

10. By Far Rainbow Rachel Bag

By Far: If you love a little color, this rainbow variation of the Rachel Bag may be for you. This unique bag demands attention with its rainbow-printed leather exterior and silver-toned hardware.

Best Affordable Alternative: Check out the Leonaria Retro Shoulder Bag, a similar style that only costs $19. This stunning bag can be worn as a handbag or shoulder bag thanks to its adjustable straps. Two styles for less than $20? I’ll take it!

by far rachel bag dupe

Similar By Far Bag Lookalikes

11. By Far Cosmo Bag

By Far: Finally, By Far’s Cosmo Bag is another sparkly, old-school style bag. This bag comes with two strap options, so you can use the Cosmo as a handbag or shoulder bag. Even though I adore this style, I can’t see myself spending $530 on it.

Best Affordable Alternative: If you’ve been eyeing this By Far design, the It Girl Shoulder Bag by 8 Other Reasons is a great option. This bag is similar in size and shape to the By Far original but will only cost you $150For a more colorful option, snag this bestselling style in chrome pink.

by far cosmo bag dupe

Similar By Far Bag Lookalikes

More By Far Bag Looks For Less

After reading this article, I hope you’ve found an affordable bag with a By Far vibe. Looking for more designer alternative styles without the high price tags? Check out these similar articles: 

Happy shopping, and see you next time!

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