Luxury For Less: 7+ Best Lanvin inspired Sneakers

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Searching for the perfect Lanvin sneakers dupe? Today, I’m sharing the best Lanvin-inspired sneakers on the market, from the iconic Curb sneakers to the Flash-X Lace-Up Sneakers.

Ready to discover your dream Lanvin dupes? Let’s jump right in!

lanvin sneakers dupe

When it comes to blending luxury wear and street style, no one does it quite like Parisian brand Lanvin. Since the eighties, this label has been making headlines with everything from its couture gowns to its stunning sneakers. Today, I’m narrowing in on Lanvin’s gorgeous sneakers, arguably some of the most stylish and recognizable kicks on the market.

While I’d love to own every pair of sneakers in the Lanvin, these luxury shoes are just a little bit (or a lot) out of budget with their hefty price tags. Luckily, dozens of more affordable alternatives offer the same retro, street-style look for way less. Without further delay, here are the 7+ best Lanvin sneaker dupes on the market:

Lanvin Curb Sneakers Beige

First, the iconic Lanvin Curb Sneakers are the brand’s best-selling style for a reason. These stylish, sophisticated sneakers are a perfect mix of high-end luxury and edgy street style. If you’re looking for the same striking look without the hefty price tag, consider the equally chic Steve Madden Roaring Shoes for just $58. Like the originals, these Lanvin sneaker dupes feature a chunky 1.25-inch heel, a padded collar, and a double-laced design.

lanvin curb sneakers dupe

Similar Lanvin Curb Sneakers Dupes:

Lanvin Curb Sneakers White

Looking for a more neutral style? This next variation of the Curb Sneaker offers a simple yet undeniably chic take on the classic Curb platform sneakers. These neutral kicks will cost you $800, but you can snag a nearly identical style with Lucky Step’s new arrival style for just $25. They come in four gorgeous color variations, all with Lanvin-inspired woven herringbone laces. Plus, there’s no better place to shop for dupes than Amazon, where Amazon Prime members can enjoy free shipping on many styles.

lanvin curb sneakers dupe

Similar Lanvin Curb Sneakers Dupes:

Lanvin Multi-Panel Lace-Up Sneakers

A favorite pair of Lanvin kicks, the Lanvin Multi-Panel Lace-Up Sneakers are edgy and fabulous. These sneakers are truly works of art with their chunky, intricate design, but they unfortunately cost almost $1,000. For a similar look without the luxury price tag, check out the Air Huarache Craft Sneaker by Nike for just $123.

lanvin sneakers dupe

Similar Lanvin Sneaker Dupes:

Lanvin Leather Sneakers

Next and a more traditional sneaker silhouette, the Lanvin Leather Trainers are versatile and stylish. I love the brown color scheme and the texture of these beauties, but I can’t imagine paying full price to add them to my collection. Luckily, these $43 Lanvin lookalikes offer a nearly identical look for a fraction of the price.

lanvin sneakers dupe

Similar Lanvin Replica Sneakers:

Lanvin Flash-X Lace-Up Sneakers

The Flash-X Lace-Up Sneakers by Lanvin are next-level when it comes to contemporary cool. With a mix of leather and colorful accents, these sneakers look like something out of a sci-fi movie, complete with an eye-catching, chunky sole. If you want to step up your footwear game but can’t afford to splurge on these $850 sneakers, the Puma Teveris Nitro Sneakers offer the same look for $750 less.

lanvin replica sneakers

Find a Similar Lanvin Sneakers Dupe:

Lanvin Curb XL Low Top Sneakers

Lanvin is known for its chunky platform sneakers, but the brand’s low-top kicks deserve a moment, too. The Lanvin Curb XL Low Top Sneakers are classic and stunning, featuring an all-white silhouette that can easily elevate any look. If you love this classic style but can’t afford to spend $1,090, check out the equally stunning New Balance 302 Sneakers. These Lanvin sneaker dupes offer a strikingly similar style for under $100.

fake lanvin sneakers

Similar Lanvin Sneakers Dupes:

Lanvin Curb Sneakers Black

Last but certainly not least, the Lanvin Curb Sneakers in black leather are sleek and oh-so-stylish. These monochromatic kicks are some of my favorites, crafted with luxe leather and breathable mesh for comfort and style. If you love these jet-black beauties but can’t afford to spend $700, these $25 alternatives are for you.

black lanvin sneakers dupe

Find a Similar Lanvin Sneakers Dupe:

More Lanvin Sneaker Dupes

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