The 10+ Best Alexander Mcqueen Sneaker Alternatives

Love Alexander McQueen sneakers but can’t afford to splurge on these designer shoes? That makes two of us. Today, I’m sharing great alternatives to Alexander McQueen sneakers that are high quality, comfortable, and stylish. 

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I’ve wanted a pair of Alexander McQueen sneakers for quite some time now. I love every style the brand releases, from oversized sneakers to high-top Converse. However, these designer shoes come with luxury prices.  

If these stunning sneakers are out of budget, don’t worry! There are dozens of affordable alternatives that closely resemble the real thing. Here are my favorite Alexander McQueen lookalike sneakers that won’t break the bank.

#1 Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers

First, Alexander McQueen’s Oversized Sneakers are a bestselling style that combines comfort and style. These platform sneakers feature a simple design, clean lines, and a rubber sole for all-day wear. But there’s one issue: they come with a price tag of $590.

Luckily, you can get the same style on your next target run with the $33 Masha Sneakers by A New Day. These Alexander McQueen lookalikes are similar aesthetically and just as comfortable thanks to their memory foam insole.

Or, if you’re willing to spend more, Steve Madden also has a similar style without the designer retail price. Check out the Steve Madden Women’s Charlie Sneaker and get the Alexander McQueen look for just $75.  

alexander mcqueen oversized sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#2 Alexander McQueen High-Top Sneakers

Next, Alexander McQueen’s High Top Sneakers are edgy and fabulous. Like many Alexander McQueen styles, these shoes make a statement with their bold, thick soles.

If you love this pair of sneakers but not their $850 price tag, Cushionaire has a similar style for just $40. These versatile shoes have a nearly perfect 4.7-star rating, and I love the simplicity of the classic black. 

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Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#3 Alexander McQueen Tread Slick Sneakers

If you want the chunky sole style in a lower version, Alexander McQueen’s Tread Slick Sneakers are the perfect choice. They have a similar silhouette to Converse, but with a unique and bold sole. 

However, if these $750 shoes are out of your budget, don’t worry! This bestselling Amazon style will cost you just $40. If you don’t love this tan variation, shop this stunning white combo

alexander mcqueen sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#4 Alexander McQueen Court Low-Top Sneakers 

A personal favorite Alexander McQueen design, the Court Low-Top Sneakers are versatile and chic. These shoes pair well with jeans and a white T-shirt, or under a tennis skirt for a sportier look.

These sneakers cost $540, but you can get a similar look for $400 less with the RS TRCK Sneaker by Puma.

alexander mcqueen sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#5 Alexander McQueen White Sneakers 

I’ve developed a white sneaker obsession since moving to New York, and I’d love to add Alexander McQueen’s Low-Top Leather Sneakers to my collection. However, with their $700 price tag, you can find me scrolling on Amazon for affordable alternatives instead.

If you relate to this, consider these $46 lookalikes. Or, if your budget allows, invest in a pair of classic Stan Smiths.

alexander mcqueen white sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#6 Alexander McQueen Glitter Sneakers

These next sneakers are not your average Alexander McQueen trainers. If you love a little sparkle (or, a lot of sparkle), the Glitter Sneakers might be your perfect match.

But if you’re hesitant to splurge on this $650 style, J. Adams has the perfect alternative. Get the Alexander McQueen look for just $40 with these Amazon bestsellers. 

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#7 Alexander McQueen Bubble Sole Sneaker 

The “bubble sole” sneaker is another unique, trendsetting design by Alexander McQueen. This stylish sneaker combines pink leather and transparent rubber for an unexpected look. For a similar sneaker that will cost you 95% less, check out this stunning style by Lucky Step.

alexander mcqueen bubble sole sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#8 Alexander McQueen Leather Sneakers

Next, Alexander McQueen’s Plain Leather Sneakers are perfectly retro. These sophisticated sneakers feature unique leather detailing for a sneaker style you can dress up or down. 

If this design is on your wishlist but not in your budget, check out the Women’s Lace Up Platform Sneakers by Coutgo. These $69 Amazon alternatives are available in 6 different color variations, including a classy suede option. 

alexander mcqueen sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#9 Alexander McQueen Multicolor Sneakers

These next Alexander McQueen sneakers are colorful but classy, featuring thin rainbow lines against an all-white exterior. The sold-out Multicolor Trim Low-Top Sneakers are some of my personal favorites from the brand, but I can’t imagine spending $540 on them. 

The Kurt Geiger Southbank Sneakers are a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. Although they’re a bit pricey, I find Kurt Geiger shoes to be of fantastic quality. 

alexander mcqueen sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

#10 Alexander McQueen Colorblock Sneakers

Last but not least, the Alexander McQueen Colorblock Sneakers make a statement wherever they go. With contrasting pops of colors and textures, they’re some of the loudest sneakers I’ve seen.

Love this style but getting sticker shock? If these $750 sneakers are too expensive, consider these $37 alternatives instead. With a 4.5-star rating, these Alexander McQueen lookalikes are customer favorites.

alexander mcqueen sneakers dupe

Similar Alexander McQueen Lookalike Sneakers

More Alexander McQueen Shoe Lookalikes

After taking a closer look at these sneakers, I hope you found an affordable alternative to your favorite Alexander McQueen shoes! Happy shopping and see you next time for more budget-friendly, fab finds! 

For more designer-inspired finds, check out the archives, visit my LTK page, or shop my Amazon Storefront!

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