9 Stores like I Am Gia: Trendy Fashion For Less

stores like i am gia

I Am Gia has become a staple in the world of trendy street style with its collection of unapologetically bold designs. As the brand’s popularity continues to soar, many fashion lovers are searching for stores that offer the same unique style at a cheaper price point.

Fortunately, dozens of brands like I Am Gia cater to a similar audience. From Princess Polly to Nasty Gal, many options are available for shoppers who want the I Am Gia look without the price tag. These stores offer a wide variety of styles, all with the cool girl aesthetic of I am Gia.

In this article, I’ll explore 9 amazing brands like I Am Gia and the best lookalike styles to shop from each.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best stores like I Am Gia!

What is I Am Gia?

Founded in 2017 by sibling duo Stevie and Alana Pallister, Australian brand I Am Gia has taken the fashion industry by storm with its collection of eye-catching designs. The brand is renowned for its edgy and rebellious aesthetic, effortlessly blending modern streetwear and high fashion. I Am Gia designs eccentric pieces that make a statement, from mini skirts with asymmetrical ruffles to cargo pants with iconic oversized silhouettes.

In recent years, I Am Gia has built a huge cult following of Gen Z shoppers and late teens who aren’t afraid to take fashion risks. The brand is also a favorite among influencers and celebrities. Hollywood cool girls such as Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Kaia Gerber have all been seen wearing I Am Gia designs, elevating the brand’s status in the fashion world.

In addition to its customer base, one of the reasons for the brand’s success has been its ability to leverage social media. I Am Gia maintains a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, regularly showcasing its new arrivals.

Top Stores Like I Am Gia

1. Stores Like I Am Gia: Amazon

One of my favorite brands for designer-inspired pieces, Amazon is the perfect place to shop I Am Gia lookalikes at low prices. The online retail giant offers countless brands and styles, including hundreds of I Am Gia alternatives. Plus, Amazon’s free returns policy makes it easy to buy and return anything that doesn’t meet your expectations.

stores like i am gia

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From Amazon

2. Stores Like I Am Gia: Revolve

Up next, Revolve offers a curated selection of on-trend pieces from hundreds of brands. In my honest opinion, the best labels like I Am Gia are More to Come, SNDYS, H:OURS and Michael Costello. Revolve has dozens of cheaper I Am Gia alternatives, from ruffle crop tops to cut-out gowns.

stores like i am gia - Revolve

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From Revolve

3. Stores Like I Am Gia: ASOS

From corset tops to leather pants, ASOS offers a wide range of styles with I Am Gia vibes. More specifically, ASOS brand Jaded London has dozens of fantastic I Am Gia inspired looks for less. Like I Am Gia, ASOS is a size-inclusive brand, and you can even use the new See My Fit tool to see how certain styles will look on your body type. 

stores like i am gia - Jaded London Asos

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From ASOS

4. Stores Like I Am Gia: EDIKTED

If you’re a fan of I Am Gia’s edgy aesthetic, EDIKTED is definitely worth checking out. Available on Nordstrom, the EDIKTED collection has everything from matching sets to mesh dresses — all with the cool girl vibe of I Am Gia. And as an added bonus, Nordstrom offers discounts frequently, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for promotions!

brands like i am gia EDIKTED

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From EDIKTED

5. Stores Like I Am Gia: Nasty Gal

From its early days as an eBay store, Nasty Gal has evolved into a global clothing brand. Known to offer great deals on the latest trends, Nasty Gal has dozens of unique pieces with the I Am Gia look. For less than $70, you can snag a similar style to Kendall Jenner’s recent I Am Gia Look.

brands like i am gia

Shop I Am Gia Alternatives From Nasty Gal

6. Stores Like I Am Gia: Hello Molly

If this is your first time hearing about Hello Molly, I highly suggest paying a visit to this trendy online boutique. Since discovering this store last year, it’s become a new favorite for designer-inspired finds. Hello Molly is all about affordable luxury, and they have dozens of stunning I Am Gia looks for less. Plus, the brand offers free shipping on orders over $100, and their customer service is phenomenal! 

stores like i am gia

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From Hello Molly

7. Stores Like I Am Gia: Princess Polly

Up next, Princess Polly is one of the best places to shop for trendy clothes at reasonable prices. If I Am Gia designs are on your wish list but out of budget, this similar store has you covered.

brands like i am gia

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From Princess Polly

8. Stores Like I Am Gia: Urban Outfitters

Coming in at #8, Urban Outfitters is a great place to shop for I Am Gia alternatives. The best part about UO is that they sell trendy styles from dozens of smaller brands, so it’s a one-stop shop for good quality and affordable styles. 

stores like i am gia urban outfitters

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From Urban Outfitters

9. Stores Like I Am Gia: SHEIN

Finally, fast-fashion brand SHEIN has a large selection of designs with the I Am Gia aesthetic. This online store receives new inventory daily, so you can always find a wide range of designer-inspired styles at a low price point.

stores like i am gia SHEIN

Shop I Am Gia Lookalikes From SHEIN

Honorable Mentions: More Stores Like I Am Gia But Cheaper

In addition to the stores mentioned above, here are a few additional brands like I Am Gia:

  1. Dolls Kill – This online retailer specializes in edgy and alternative fashion. Like I Am Gia, Dolls Kill is all about making a statement with your personal style. The brand carries a wide range of dresses, cargo pants, and tops, all with a punk rock twist.
  2. Ragged Priest – This UK-based brand offers an impressive selection of streetwear-inspired designs. If you’re in the United States like me, I suggest shopping the Ragged Priest at ASOS to avoid slower shipping times and fees.
  3. Fashion Nova – Los Angeles-based brand Fashion Nova is another great place to find I Am Gia lookalike styles for less. I love this Butterfly Moment Skirt Set and this mesh set would be perfect for summer.
  4. Free People – Last but not least, shopping at Free People is a great way to find I Am Gia-inspired designs at lower prices. This bohemian brand has dozens of edgy looks, from cargo maxi skirts to trendy corset tops.

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered a new favorite store like I Am Gia where you can get the same edgy, rebellious look for less. With a bit of research, it’s possible to find your favorite I Am Gia design at an affordable price!

Check out my collection of designer lookalikes for more budget-friendly finds!

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