The 15 Best Staud Bag Affordable Alternatives To Shop

As a bag lover, I’ve admired Staud’s assortment of high-quality, stylish bags for years. However, I know these expensive bags can be a splurge. Today, I’m sharing the best affordable alternatives to Staud’s gorgeous bag designs. Read on for similar options that won’t break the bank!

What are Staud Bags?

Los Angeles-based Staud has been creating unique and stylish bags since 2015. Staud bags are functional and fashionable, known for their sleek, classic aesthetic. Staud has a bag style for everyone, from everyday bags to unique special occasion bags.

While Staud bags are stunning, it’s no secret that they come with a luxury price point. If Staud bags are too expensive for your budget, this guide is for you. Today, I’ll explore the most popular Staud bag designs and their affordable alternatives.

So, let’s dive in and explore some of the best Staud bag lookalikes on the market! 

Most Popular Staud Handbags and Their Affordable Alternatives 

From small shoulder bags to spacious totes, Staud has a range of bags that cater to different needs and preferences. Here are 15 popular Staud bags and their affordable alternatives: 

1. Staud Alec Bag Lookalike

First, the Staud Alec Bag is a classic leather shoulder bag that has become a favorite among Staud fans. This style features an oversized shape, a leather exterior, and a flat shoulder strap.

If this simple yet sophisticated design is out of your budget, don’t worry. You’ll pay $350 for this bag on the Staud website, but Petite Simone has a similar style for just $26.

staud alec bag dupe

2. Staud Tommy Beaded Bag

Next, Staud’s Tommy Bag is a bestseller for a reason. Recently, Kendall Jenner was even seen toting this design. The Tommy’s shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, while its unique exterior makes a statement.  

One of the most popular Tommy variations is the Tommy Beaded Bag. This design is gorgeous but retails for $295. If this price is out of your budget, check out this affordable Anthropologie beaded bag for just $98.

staud tommy bag dupe

3. Staud Soft Moon Bag Lookalike

At #3, the Staud Moon Bag is the perfect staple accessory. This bag features a crescent moon shape, a magnetic clasp closure, and an inner suede lining.

If you love this Staud design, consider this $40 alternative from The Drop. This bag is a great everyday option if you love the Staud original – and is available in several colors.

staud moon bag dupe

4. Staud Bissett Bag Lookalike

Next, the Bissett Bag’s bucket design adds a retro touch to any outfit. This leather bag is stylish, chic, and unique.

If you love the Staud Bissett Bag in the crocodile variation but can’t afford to spend $225, this $14 Amazon alternative is calling your name.

staud bissett bag dupe croc staud bucket bag dupe

5. Staud Bean Bag Lookalike

This next Staud bag features gathered leather, a removable shoulder strap, and a suede interior. If you’re looking for a cute and compact design, the Staud Bean Bag is a great option.

To achieve the same look without the heavy price tag, shop this similar style from CLUCI. This $43 vegan leather alternative is available in 10 colors and has over 400 rave reviews.

staud bag dupe staud bag dupe amazon

6. Staud Moreau Bag Lookalike

Playful yet sophisticated, the Staud Moreau Bag combines a bucket bag interior with a macramé exterior. The result is a beach-ready bag with a relaxed yet chic vibe.

If you love this blend of casual and class, consider this $16 lookalike on Amazon. Like the Staud original, it’s the perfect design and size for your vacation looks.

staud moreau bag dupe

7. Staud Moon Bag Lookalike

The trending Moon Bag is a stylish take on the classic crossbody bag. This signature Staud design features a unique crescent moon shape and a magnetic clasp closure, so your valuables are safe and sound.

If this gorgeous bag is too expensive, consider the Abacus Bag by JW Pei to get the Staud vibe for less than half the price.

staud moon bag dupe

8. Staud Rey Bag Lookalike

The Staud Rey Bag is a classic yet trendy design. This bag features a structured silhouette and a suede interior. If you want this sophisticated look for less, consider the JW PEI Ruby Bag, priced at $90.

staud bag dupe

9. Staud Beaded Bag

Staud’s collection includes dozens of small shoulder bags, but this next design stands out. With a fully beaded exterior, this bag is waiting to be worn on your upcoming Italian vacation.

If you’re searching for similar options to Staud’s beaded Tommy Bag, head to Anthropologie. For just $88, you can get the iconic Staud style for a fraction of the price.

staud beaded bag

10. Staud Fringe Bag

The Staud Fringe Bag is the perfect statement bag with its dramatic tassels and playful design. For a fringed alternative at a friendlier price, take a look at this stunning clutch, priced at $158.

staud bag dupe

11. Staud Crystal Bag

The Penny Crystal Mesh Shoulder Bag makes a statement with its crystallized exterior and faux leather straps. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to this Staud design, this $37 Amazon bag is just as fabulous.

staud bag dupes

12. Staud Beaded Convertible Bag

The Staud Beaded Convertible Bag is a small bag that makes a big statement. This Staud design is covered in acrylic beads for a flirty look. This Amazon beaded bag looks nearly identical to the Staud original but will cost you over $200 less.

staud beaded bag dupe

13. Staud Phoebe Tote Bag 

If you’re looking for a unique tote bag, Staud’s Phoebe Bag may be for you. This bag is unique and practical with its glossy leather finish and spacious interior. If you love this design but not the $395 price tag, check out The Drop’s Bella Tote Bag for just $40.

14. Staud Frida Bag

Coming in at #14, the Staud Frida Bag is spacious and perfect for the heavy packer. It has a round top handle and shape, making it useful and stylish at the same time. Check out the Milan Chiva Cloud Bag for just $36 to channel the same style without the steep price tag.

staud bag dupe

15. Staud Shirley Leather Tote

The Shirley Leather Tote Bag by Staud is known for its structured design, adding a bold touch to any outfit. Consider this $70 Square Handle Tote Bag for a similar style without the splurge.

staud tote bag dupe

More Affordable Bags Like Staud

staud bag dupe

With these Staud-inspired bags, I’m confident you’ll be rocking the Staud look while keeping your wallet full. Check out these recent articles for more designer-inspired bags and accessories:

Happy shopping, and see you next time!

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