The Best Rat and Boa Inspired Dresses and Blouses To Shop

Love the style of high-end brand Rat & Boa but not the luxury prices? I have good news for you. Today, I’m sharing over 40 affordable styles like Rat & Boa that will give you the designer look for a fraction of the price.

rat and boa dress dupe - rat and boa adriana dress dupe

Over the past year, Rat & Boa dresses have taken over social media. Since discovering the brand through this viral Tiktok video, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of Rat & Boa fans. 

But as much as I love Rat & Boa designs, I can only sometimes afford the price tags that come with them. If you’re like me and looking for affordable designs with Rat & Boa vibes, this article is for you. Today, I’m sharing the best cheaper alternatives on the market and my favorite brands like Rat & Boa. Keep reading to discover the best Rat & Boa looks for less! 

What is Rat and Boa?

Founded in 2015 by friends Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennett, Rat & Boa is a high-end clothing brand known for its unique and vibrant aesthetic. The brand’s collection includes dozens of bold, feminine designs, typically featuring flattering silhouettes and eye-catching prints. From beach-ready mini dresses to sheer blouses and ruffled maxis, Rat & Boa’s creations are works of art.

Thanks in part to the brand’s strong social media presence, Rat & Boa has become a cult favorite among fashion lovers and celebrities alike. With a focus on sustainability and ethical production, Rat and Boa combines style with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Why is Rat and Boa So Expensive?

As someone who loves fashion, I’ve always wondered why certain brands are so expensive. Rat and Boa is one of those brands that has caught my attention with its beautiful yet pricey designs. After some research, here are a few reasons why Rat and Boa is so expensive:

  • Quality Materials: The brand often uses high-quality materials such as silk, velvet, and lace, which are more expensive than synthetic fabrics, driving up production costs. 
  • Handmade Designs: Rat and Boa’s designs are handmade by artisans worldwide, increasing production costs. The brand shares specific manufacturing details on its product listings if you’re curious. Artisans in Mumbai crafted the Aurora dress, for example.
  • Small Batch Production:  Rat & Boa produces its designs in small batches, which means it doesn’t benefit from the cost savings of mass production.
  • Brand Recognition: Since its launch in 2015, Rat & Boa has built a strong brand identity and a loyal following. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are frequently seen wearing Rat & Boa designs, contributing to the brand’s recognition and elevated price points. 

Overall, Rat and Boa’s high price points reflect the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.

Brands like Rat & Boa

Some affordable stores like Rat and Boa include Hello Molly, Lulus, Superdown, Mango, Princess Polly, Amazon, and Topshop. These brands offer similar styles at significantly lower price points. Many of these Rat & Boa alternatives are highlighted throughout this article.

Rat & Boa Dress Looks for Less

#1 Rat and Boa Cecelia Dress

First up, the Rat & Boa Cecilia Dress is the perfect maxi dress for a summer wedding or formal event. Featuring lace ruffles and strappy sleeves, this iconic style makes a flirty and feminine statement. If you love this design but not the price, consider the Frill Detail Cutout Maxi Dress by Topshop. Or, for a slightly more expensive option, check out Mango’s Chiffon Ruffle Dress.

rat and boa cecelia dress dupe

More Rat and Boa Cecelia Dress Alternatives

#2 Rat and Boa Athena Dress

Next, you’ll be the star of the show in the Rat & Boa Athena Dress. This popular silk design features a draped neckline, velvet details, and a stunning open back. For a nearly identical look that will cost you just $58, consider the Amiya Maxi Dress by Princess Polly.

rat and boa athena dress dupe

More Rat and Boa Athena Dress Lookalikes

#3 Rat and Boa Farretti Dress

Coming in at #3, the Rat & Boa Farretti Dress is equal parts sexy and stylish. This sheer caftan comes with a hefty $310 price tag, but luckily, Amazon has a $14 Rat & Boa lookalike. If you’re curious about what this cheaper alternative looks like in real life, check out this popular Tiktok.

rat and boa Ferretti dress dupe

More Dresses Like the Rat and Boa Farretti Dress

#4 Rat and Boa Isabella Dress

The Isabella Dress is a dream mini dress, combining oversized sleeves with a flattering v-neck cut. If you love this style but can’t justify spending $250, ASOS has the perfect Rat & Boa look for less. This $57 alternative looks nearly identical to the real thing, and it’s on major sale!

rat and boa isabella dress dupe

More Rat and Boa Isabella Dress Alternatives

#5 Rat and Boa Floral Maxi Dress

Next up, the Rat & Boa Paola Floral Slip Dress is feminine and flirty, featuring an abstract floral print and gorgeous lace detailing. For a similar style that costs just $26, head to Amazon and check out this Rat & Boa lookalike dress. As a bonus, enjoy free shipping and easy returns if you’re an Amazon Prime member!

rat and boa maxi dress dupe

More Rat and Boa Maxi Dress Lookalikes

#6 Rat and Boa Selena Dress

Coming in at #6, the Rat & Boa Selena Dress is not your typical black dress. With ruffle frills and a low neckline, this romantic maxi is the perfect addition to any wedding guest’s wardrobe. Get this look for more than 50% less with the Ruffle Frill Maxi Dress by Topshop.

rat and boa selena dress dupe

More Rat and Boa Selena Dress Alternatives

#7 Rat and Boa Venus Dress

Rat & Boa dresses are ultra-glamorous, and the Venus Dress is no exception. This vintage-inspired style will make you feel like an instant goddess with liquid metallic fabric and a flattering cowl neck. If you love this style but can’t afford to pay $220, the Glow Girl Glow Gold Metallic Sleeveless Cowl Neck Maxi Dress may be calling your name.

rat and boa dress dupes

More Rat and Boa Venus Dress Alternatives

#8 Rat and Boa Adriana Dress

A personal favorite Rat & Boa design, the Adriana Dress features adjustable straps and a cowl front and back. For a nearly identical 90s-inspired style, check out this beautiful Amazon alternative for just $29. This dress is sheer, so wear a nude or black slip underneath!

rat and boa adriana dress dupe

More Rat and Boa Adriana Dress Alternatives

#9 Rat and Boa Fabienne Dress

The Rat & Boa Fabienne dress is a stunning, bohemian-inspired maxi dress that has become a signature piece for the brand. If you love this romantic and feminine silhouette, check out this $117 alternative on ASOS.

rat and boa fabienne dress dupe

More Rat & Boa Fabienne Dress Alternatives

Rat & Boa Blouse and Skirt Looks for Less

#1 Rat and Boa Cobra Set

This 90s-inspired Rat & Boa set features the Cobra Blouse and the matching Cobra Skirt for an elegant, snake-skin print look you can wear all summer. These Rat & Boa pieces will cost you a combined $360, but you can shop the look for just $24 on Amazon.

rat and boa blouse dupe and rat and boa skirt dupe

More Rat and Boa Cobra Set Alternatives

#2 Rat and Boa Portia & Carlotta Set

The Rat & Boa Portia Blouse and Carlotta Skirt combine to make a flattering, flawless matching set. I love this look but find the $250 price expensive, so I was thrilled to find the Lilja Skirt Set by Superdown. For less than half the price, you can get the Rat & Boa look for less.

rat and boa blouse dupe and rat and boa skirt dupe

More Rat and Boa Portia & Carlotta Set Alternatives

More Rat & Boa Looks For Less

Thank you so much for stopping by today! After reading this post, I hope you’ve discovered affordable blouses and dresses like Rat & Boa that fit your style and budget.

While you’re here, check out my designer-inspired archive to discover more luxury lookalikes. Happy shopping!

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