14+ Perfect Loewe Bag Dupes To Snag This Season

Searching for the ultimate Loewe bag dupe? I have good news for you. In this article, I’m sharing the best Loewe-inspired bags that capture Loewe’s elegant, eccentric vibe for less. From summer-ready basket bags to sleek leather totes, I’ll explore 14+ Loewe bestsellers and incredible dupes for each.

Read on to discover the most iconic Loewe bag dupes to add to your collection this season!

*Originally published July 2023, Updated March 2024*

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loewe bag dupes

Loewe: The Effortlessly Chic It Girl Brand

Spanish luxury house Loewe is one of the hottest names in fashion. Established in 1846, Loewe is the oldest luxury brand under the LVMH umbrella, but its designs could not be more modern. Since Jonathan Anderson took the reins as creative director in 2013, the brand has soared to unprecedented heights. The Loewe collection includes dozens of iconic styles, from bold dresses to funky sunglasses. (Source: Loewe)

In recent years, the brand has gained increased popularity for its diverse and innovative bag styles. Loewe has released countless viral styles, from the popular Puzzle Bag to the Loewe Straw Bag. Functional and stylish, Loewe’s designs have become some of the trendiest designer bags on the market.

Unsurprisingly, Loewe’s luxury bags come with steep price tags. A quick scroll through the brand’s bag collection gave me immediate sticker shock, with prices ranging from $335 to $11,500. Love these stunning designer bags as much as I do? Let’s dive in and explore the best Loewe bag dupes that capture the bold vibe of the originals for less.

Loewe Hammock Bag

First, the bestselling Loewe Hammock Bag is an elegant, all-leather accessory with a unique and structured style. This shoulder bag is the ultimate staple, but adding it to your collection will cost a shocking $2,250. If you love this design as much as I do, the Flattered Bo Bucket Bag in Cognac is an incredible Loewe Hammock Bag dupe for just $329.

loewe hammock bag dupe

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Loewe Puzzle Edge Bag

The new Loewe Puzzle Bag promises to be a cult fashion piece and the IT accessory of every season. Like Loewe’s OG Puzzle Bag, the Puzzle Edge Bag features a distinct jigsaw-inspired style and a geometric design. One of the chicest miniature bags on the market, this two-tone accessory retails for $2,500. If you’re looking for a Loewe Puzzle Bag dupe that mimics the look of the designer version, snag the 8 Other Reasons Thick Strap Bag for $140. Like the real deal, this lookalike features a stunning combo of black and brown leather and a boxy design.

loewe puzzle bag dupe

Loewe Raffia Bag

A favorite Loewe design, the Paula’s Ibiza Large Logo Raffia Tote Bag is a dream beach bag. This relaxed raffia tote features a bold black Loewe logo on a solid beige silhouette. On the hunt for the best Loewe Raffia Bag dupe? If you love this summer-ready straw accessory but can’t afford to spend almost $2,000, the $450 Anine Bing Large Rio Tote is one of the best Loewe dupes. Like the OG design, this affordable alternative features a woven jute design and a bold black logo.

loewe raffia bag dupe

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Loewe Squeeze Bag

A sleek, sophisticated purse and one of the most versatile Loewe designs, the Squeeze Small Leather Shoulder Bag is timeless. This stylish handbag combines a soft structure with an edgy chain detail for a standout look. Adding this bag to your collection will cost almost $4,000, but you can get a comparable look with the Alva Shoulder Bag by Flattered. This Loewe Squeeze Bag dupe offers a similar relaxed leather style for under $400.

loewe squeeze bag dupe

Loewe Paseo Small Bag

One of my favorite new styles this season, this two-toned style combines sleek leather with casual linen for a dreamy everyday design. The Paseo Small Canvas And Leather Tote Bag is at the very top of my wishlist, but I can’t imagine spending almost $3,000 adding it to my lineup. While not identical to the real thing, the DeMellier London Midi New York Bag in Natural & Black is a fantastic Loewe dupe bag. This Loewe lookalike offers a similar black and cream vibe for $615, a fraction of the OG bag cost.

loewe paseo bag dupe

Loewe Flamenco Bag

Who knew a drawstring pouch could be so chic? The Loewe Flamenco Bag features a soft, slouchy silhouette and a convenient drawstring closure. If you’re eyeing the Flamenco Bag but can’t justify the steep price tag, the Studio Amelia Maxi Drawstring Bag is a surprisingly good dupe. This Loewe Flamenco Bag alternative features one main compartment and a drawstring top for easy access.

loewe flamenco bag dupe

Loewe Anagram Basket Bag

The Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza Anagram Iraca Basket Bag belongs on a tropical vacation. This tote offers a perfectly roomy shape, combining a woven style with sleek leather handles. Are you itching to add this Loewe’s basket bag to your cart but cringe at spending $990? While it lacks Loewe’s signature anagram motif, the Palermo Tote by Anine Bing is a perfect alternative to the OG Loewe Basket Bag. This $450 Loewe basket bag dupe captures the beachy vibe with its combination of woven seagrass and real leather trim.

loewe basket bag dupe

Loewe Mini Puzzle Bag

A petite version of Loewe’s Puzzle Bag, the Mini Puzzle Bag is ideal for carrying essentials—your phone, lip gloss, etc.—in style. This iconic origami-esque bag is truly one-of-a-kind with its geometric, cuboid design. For a more affordable version of this glorious accessory, snag this Loewe Puzzle Bag alternative from Amazon. Reviewers rave about the great quality of this bag, and you just can’t beat Amazon Prime’s free shipping.

loewe puzzle bag dupe amazon

Loewe Small Hammock Bag

This next Loewe design is proof that good things come in small packages. Loewe’s Small Hammock Bag maintains the versatility and style of the original with its open shape and top handle design. If this sleek high street bag is on your wishlist but out of budget, the tan version of the DeMellier London Midi New York Tote is a perfect dupe. This Loewe-inspired style could pass as a Loewe original with its tan leather accents and structured design.

loewe hammock bag dupe

Loewe Black Tote

Loewe’s Luxury Paseo Tote is as classic as it gets with its rounded shape, knotted drawstring, and leather finish. If you’re looking for a Loewe dupe that captures the beauty of this bag for less, check out the Rag & Bone Remi Shopper Bag. Like the OG accessory, this $450 Loewe tote dupe is effortlessly elegant with its exaggerated top handles and leather finish.

loewe tote bag dupe

Loewe Ruffled Raffia Bag

Next, the Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza Balloon Ruffle Raffia Shoulder Bag is a fun take on a bestselling style. A dreamy bag for the summer months, this ruffled bag features a raffia finish, tan leather accents, and a drawstring closure. If you can’t stop thinking about this perfect bag, check out the Hat Attack Ruffle Clutch. This stylish Loewe bag dupe offers a similar ruffled raffia look for under $200.

loewe ruffled raffia bag dupe

Loewe Fringe Bag

At #12, the Loewe Fringe Bag makes a playful statement with its dynamic fringe detail and crossbody design. This funky, fabulous style is the perfect bag for adding a pop of color to a dull look. This striking Loewe style promises to turn heads, but it’s unfortunately nearly impossible to find online. Luckily, the Carlita Carnivale Clutch by Olga Berg is a great dupe, offering an equally colorful look for less than $100.

loewe fringe bag dupe

Loewe Crossbody Bag

A dreamy leather crossbody, the Loewe Puzzle Edge Mini Bag is the ultimate versatile staple. If this black leather crossbody bag is on your wishlist but out of budget at $2,400, check out the Flattered Hedda Mini Bag in Black instead. Like Loewe’s high street bag, this $260 style offers a top handle and shoulder strap for personalized wear.

loewe crossbody bag dupe

Loewe Straw Bag

Lastly, the Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza Small Bicolor Basket Tote Bag is one of my favorite basket bags on the market. Ideal for warmer months, this woven wonder showcases Loewe’s distinct artistic aesthetic. If you love this smaller iteration of the iconic raffia tote, check out the Isabel Marant Cadix Bag instead. At first glance, this $590 Loewe Straw Bag dupe could pass as the original designer piece with its intricate woven look.

loewe straw basket bag dupe

In the hunt for the perfect Loewe bag dupe, it’s clear that style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. From sleek leather totes to playful raffia bags, these dupes mimic Loewe’s luxury vibe for a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or accessorizing for a day at the beach, there’s a Loewe-inspired bag for every occasion.

Still searching for a specific Loewe design? I’ve curated a list of 40+ Loewe-inspired bags on Revolve, which I update regularly with new arrivals and out-of-stock designs. Or, if you’re looking for more designer bag dupes, head to these articles next:

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