Look For Less: 10+ Christian Dior Inspired Slides

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Are you looking for the timeless, sophisticated look of Dior slides without the luxury price tag? In this article, I’m sharing 10+ stunning (and affordable!) Christian Dior slide dupes with the same stunning look. I’ll explore bestsellers from the Dior collection, including the Dway Slides, Revolution Slides, and more.

Are you ready to discover your dream Christian Dior slide dupe? Let’s dive in!

dior slide dupes

Christian Dior slides have been on my wishlist for years now. I love so many of these iconic Dior styles, from the trendy Dway Slides to the classic Dio(R)evolution Slides. Unfortunately, Dior slides come at a cost, especially with the resale market surrounding luxury brands. Most Dior slides retail anywhere from  $750 to $1,200, and I just can’t justify spending that much on a pair of sandals.

Luckily, many affordable brands like Steve Madden and Sam Edelman have released incredible Dior dupes in recent years. While these more affordable slides may lack the quality and craftsmanship of the Dior label, they capture the same vibe for far less. Today, I’m excited to share the 10+ best Dior slide dupes so you can join me in rocking this designer look without breaking the bank.

Ready to get started? Here are the ten best Dior-inspired slides on the market:

Christian Dior Dway Slides: Black

Dior’s Dway Slides are the ultimate summer staple shoes, sophisticated enough to wear out but comfortable enough for a day of walking. I love these gorgeous slides, but they come with a $775 price tag. If these black Dior Dway Slides are on your list, check out these $33 Dior dupes on Amazon. These affordable alternatives feature a faux leather body and a woven strap that says “Paris,” mirroring the Dior originals.

christian dior dway slides dupe

Find a Similar Christian Dior Dway Slides Dupe

Christian Dior Revolution Slides

Next, the Dior Revolution Slides ooze sophistication with their leather body and “Christian Dior” print. You can find the rubber Dio(r)evolution Slides on Dior’s site, but finding the leather variation on resale sites is nearly impossible. Luckily, if you can do without adjustable straps, Sam Edelman’s Irina Sandal offers an almost identical leather style for just $130. 

christian dior revolution slides dupe

Similar Christian Dior Slide Dupes

Christian Dior Dway Heeled Slides

The heeled variation of the iconic Dway Slides updates the classic style with a 1.5” block heel for a trendy, modern look. If you love the chic Christian Dior Dway Heeled Slides but can’t afford to spend $850, check out this Amazon pair for just $43. These Dior dupes are available in a black and white pair, both featuring “Paris” text instead of the Dior name but otherwise nearly identical. Or, if your budget allows, the $80 Knoxie Mules by Steve Madden are another great alternative.

christian dior heeled slides dupe

More Christian Dior Heeled Slides Dupes

Christian Dior Shearling Slides

These next Christian Dior slides are some of the most expensive  on the resale market, with prices starting around $940. The Shearling Canvas Embroidered Toile de Jouy Dway Slide Sandals are a fuzzy take on the classic Dway style. For an equally comfortable and chic pair, consider the Steve Madden Knox Sandals in the faux fur variation for only $60. These dupes offer a similar look, with “London” replacing the traditional “Christian Dior” print.

christian dior shearling slides dupe

Find a Similar Christian Dior Dway Slides Dupe

Christian Dior Dway Slide Burgundy

Another stunning variation of the Dway slides, these burgundy sandals are a classy, versatile option. This slip-on sandal would be a dream for warmer months, but I can’t imagine spending $775. If you love this style, Amazon has a new, more affordable alternative worth considering. Like the original style, these $28 dupes feature a soft-padded insole for all-day comfort and come in a variety of colors.

christian dior dway slides dupe

Find a Similar Christian Dior Dway Slides Dupe

Christian Dior Granville Espadrille Slides

With beige canvas crossover straps and a bold Dior logo, the Granville Espadrille Slides are some of my all-time favorites. These beach-ready slides will cost you at least $700, but luckily, the Wyeth Aura Sandal by Intentionally Blank offers a similar look for only $152.

christian dior slide dupes

Similar Christian Dior Slide Dupes

Christian Dior Dway Slides Gold

I can’t imagine a more perfect pair of shoes for a summer vacation than these gold and pink sandals from Dior. These sold-out Dior Dway Slides are simply stunning, but they retail for $975. If you love these Christian Dior originals, snag the Steve Madden Venice Knox Destination Flat Sandals on sale for just $36 at Dillard’s. With their faux leather soles and printed “Venice” straps, they’re some of the best designer dupes I’ve seen.

christian dior dway slides dupe

Find a Similar Christian Dior Dway Slides Dupe

Christian Dior Leather Slides

Next, the Dior Montaigne Slides are simple yet sophisticated sandals featuring a leather body and a gold “CD” detail. If you love these Dior classics but not their expensive price tag, check out these affordable Amazon alternatives for less than $50. These Christian Dior slide dupes swap a faux leather finish and gold circular details for a similar, chic silhouette.

christian dior slide dupes

Similar Christian Dior Slide Dupes

Christian Dior Dway Slides Beige and Black

If I had to choose a pair of the Dior Dway Slides to add to my wardrobe, it would be this beige and black variation. I love these versatile, neutral slides but won’t be spending $775 on sandals anytime soon. Luckily, Steve Madden’s $60 Knox Sandals are nearly identical, with the exception of “St. Barts” printed on the front instead of the Dior logo.

christian dior dway slides dupe

Find a Similar Christian Dior Dway Slides Dupe

Christian Dior Dioract Slide

Last but not least, the chunky Dior Dioract Slides are the perfect retro-inspired style with their velcro straps and bold platform. For an equally stylish silhouette without the $1,050 price tag, check out the Mona Slide by Steve Madden, an affordable dupe at just $89.  What is the major difference between these and the authentic slide style? The Mona Slide features a back strap style, which, as an owner of these Dior dupes and someone who walks frequently, I absolutely adore.

dior dioract sandals dupe

Find a Similar Dior Dioract Sandal Dupe

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