12+ Best Chloé Boot Dupes That Look Designer (2024)

On the hunt for the ultimate Chloé boots dupe? In this guide, I’m exploring 12+ stunning Chloé boot styles, from ankle boots to rain boots and more, and incredible, affordable lookalikes for each. Read on to discover the dreamiest Chloé boot dupes that offer the same chic look for a fraction of the price!

*Originally published January 2023, Updated February 2024*

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Chloé Susanna Boots

Kicking things off with a signature Chloé style, the Susanna Boots are gorgeous ankle boots featuring gold studs and buckles. If you love this studded style but can’t afford to splurge on the Chloé originals, the Dolce Vita Ronnie Boots are amazing alternatives. These $220 Chloé boot dupes offer a similar black and gold style but feature two buckles instead of three and a 2.5-inch heel vs. the original’s 1.25-inch.

chloe susanna boots dupe

Chloé Moon Boots

What happens when two fabulous designer brands, Chloé and Moon Boot, collaborate on a pair of boots? You get the most iconic and stylish winter shoes on the market. The Chloé Moon Boots are at the very top of my winter wishlist, but it’s no surprise that these beauties come with a hefty $1,025 price tag. If you love these chunky, futuristic boots as much as I do, Moon Boots has a lookalike pair for less than $400. The Low Shearling Boots feature a similar tie style, shearling exterior, and funky platform—the perfect Chloé Moon Boot dupes.

chloe moon boot dupe

Chloé Betty Boots

Who says you can’t make a bold fashion statement on rainy days? The Chloé Betty Boots in beige are some of the most stylish rain boots out there, featuring a sleek rubber design with a chunky block heel and a lug sole. Adding these boots to your rainy-day wardrobe will cost $550, but why pay full price when Amazon has a fabulous Chloé Betty Boot alternative for $57? Like the designer pair, these Chloé Betty Boots dupes feature a mid-calf design, a chunky 3-inch heel, and a secure lug sole for all-day wear.

chloe betty boot dupe

Chloé Noua Ankle Boots

Some of my favorite boots in the Chloé collection, the Noua Ankle Boots, are classy and timeless. These versatile Chelsea boots make a subtle statement with white stitches along the base. Obsessed with these Chloé boots but can’t afford to spend $1,250 on the original pair? Check out the gorgeous Free People Tate Chelsea Boots. One of the best Chloé boot dupe designs, these $168 ankle boots swap stitching for chic silver studs, offering a similar contrast look for way less.

chloe ankle boot dupe

Chloé Raina Rain Boots

My favorite Chloé rain boots, the Raina Boots, feature a puffy nylon style and an adjustable tie string against a chic lug sole design. If you need proof that these beauties are not your average rain boots, look no further than their $990 price tag. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Chloé rain boots dupe design, look no further than the Bansko Boots by RAYE. Like the originals, these rain boots feature a lace-tie closure, an adjustable pull-cord, and a rubber sole for all-day comfort. One of my favorite new arrivals on Revolve, these $259 Chloé rain boot dupes are definitely worth considering!

chloe rain boots dupe

Chloé Mallo Ankle Boots

It’s hard not to love the Chloé Mallo Ankle Boots—everything but their $1,050 price tag. These dreamy booties are effortlessly chic with their stacked leather heel, elastic sides, and sleek almond toe. If you’ve been eyeing this slip-on style, the Sorel Hi-Line Boots offer a similar look—complete with side panels, pull-tabs, and almond toes—for $190. Side note: the Sorel collection includes some of the best boots like Chloé for less, so be sure to check their new arrivals regularly!

chloe ankle boot dupe

Chloé Owena Black Boots

These next black Chloé boots make a timeless statement with their knee-high silhouette and sleek gold buckle. The Chloé Owena Boots are the definition of classic, but they come with an equally striking $1,490 price tag. If these leather boots are on your wishlist but out of budget, check out the Sam Edelman Elayna Boots instead. These $257 alternatives are significantly cheaper than the Chloé originals and offer a similar buckled look.

chloe black boots dupe

Chloé Chelsea Boots

With a towering 4-inch heel on a chunky 1-inch platform, the Chloé Owena Chelsea Boots promise to make a bold statement. I love these chic high-heel boots, but I can’t imagine spending $1,225 adding them to my boot collection. Luckily, the Drago Boots by Dolce Vita offer a similar, equally stunning style for just $180. While they offer a slightly lower 3.5-inch heel, these fake Chloé boots maintain the 1-inch platform and introduce a gorgeous ribbed knit detail.

chloe chelsea boot dupe

Chloé Susanna Boots White

At #8, Chloé’s Susanna Boots in White are edgy yet undeniably elegant with their silver stud embellishments on a white leather silhouette. With their neutral look and 1.5-inch heel, they’re a true statement style and versatile enough to go from day to night. If you’re eyeing this sold-out style but cringe at the $1,395 price tag, Amazon has an incredible faux leather variation for you. The Studded Boots by Comfity are a great Chloé boots dupe design, featuring a similar studded style and low heel for just $60.

chloe susanna boots dupe

Chloe Betty Rain Boots Black

Next on my list, the Chloé Betty Boots feature a 2.75-inch heel and a treaded rubber sole for a bold yet practical silhouette. These PVC boots are bestsellers for a reason, promising to keep you dry and super stylish. Searching for the best Chloé Betty Boot dupe design that won’t cost you $595? If you’re open to swapping rubber for leather, the Tony Bianco Prestige Boots are a great Chloé Betty Boot dupe for $300. These beauties are slightly higher than the OG Chloé rain boots but otherwise very similar with their angled toe and mid-calf height.

chloe betty boot dupe

Chloé Rylee Boots

With chic cutouts, a pointed toe, and a mix of buckles and laces, the Chloé Rylee Boots are true statement shoes. Searching for an affordable replica of this iconic (and sold-out!) Chloé design? Shop the Jeffrey Campbell Emilia Buckle Boots on Nordstrom instead for a surprisingly similar style without the $1,390 price tag. This Chloé Rylee Boot dupe design features a fun cutout look but opts for a 3″ wedge heel, which I prefer for comfort and longer wear.

chloe rylee boots dupe

Chloé Jamie Sock Ankle Boots

Lastly, with a sophisticated and sleek design, the Chloé Jamie Sock Ankle Boots are the perfect beige boots for day and night. With a unique rib-knit sock collar, these $1,150 creamy ankle boots are as cozy as they are stylish. If you love the look of these sold-out Chloé boots, check out the Sorel Caribou Boots in Bleached Ceramic & Oatmeal. For $200, these Chloé boot dupes feature a similar textured look with a mix of creamy leather and faux fur.

chloe jamie boot dupe

And there you have it, the best Chloé boot dupe designs that capture one of my favorite luxury looks for a fraction of the price! For a complete and updated selection of 30+ Chloé boot dupes, check out my list of Chloé-inspired boots on Revolve. Or, if you’re searching for more designer boots dupes, check out these popular posts for similar content:

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