The Best Versace Inspired Dresses To Shop (2024)

If you’re on the hunt for the dreamiest Versace dress dupes, this article is for you. Today, I’m exploring over 19 iconic Versace dress designs, from the Medusa mini to the infamous J.Lo Jungle dress, and the best similar style for each.

Read on to get Versace’s legendary red carpet look for a fraction of the price!

*Originally published March 2023, Updated February 2024*

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Versace dress dupe

Versace: An Iconic Italian Brand

Before I share my list of over 100 incredible Versace-inspired dress looks for less, I want to recognize the legendary brand that inspired this article. I’ve always been infatuated with Versace and previously shared alternatives to the brand’s platform heels, a best seller for years. Here’s a brief overview of the designer behind these masterpieces:


For over four decades, Versace has been a powerhouse in the world of high fashion. Founded in 1978 by fashion icon Gianni Versace, the Italian luxury brand quickly gained a reputation for its daring, glamorous, and often provocative designs. After Gianni’s tragic murder in 1997, his sister Donatella took over as creative director, preserving his legacy while adding her own unique touch. In 2018, the brand was acquired by Capri Holdings, joining Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo in their luxury fashion portfolio. Today, Versace remains an iconic force in the fashion industry, synonymous with glamour and luxury.

The Versace Look & Collection

Versace’s signature style is characterized by bold prints, bright colors, and an unapologetic opulence that has captivated the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. From iconic gowns and couture creations to striking ready-to-wear pieces, the Versace portfolio showcases a diverse range of lavish and innovative designs.

Celebrity Sightings

From rom-com cameos to red carpet moments, Versace has a history of dressing iconic celebrities in unforgettable outfits. If you’ve seen “13 Going on 30,” you may remember Jennifer Garner’s stylish transformation into a playful mini dress — the same 90s Versace dress that Ariana Grande wore during the premiere of The Voice. And even 20 years later, who could forget Jennifer Lopez’s silk jungle print dress that literally altered the internet? More recently, Dua Lipa left the fashion world buzzing after wearing the epic Butterfly Versace Dress. A year later, the Versace loyalist made waves yet again, rocking a vintage black bodycon dress originally worn by Cindy Crawford three decades earlier.

The Best Affordable Versace-Inspired Dresses On The Market

If you want the iconic look of Versace’s designer dresses without the high price tag, I have good news for you! After seeing the likes on Louise Clooney’s viral Tiktok featuring a Versace print dress alternative, I thought I’d create a more comprehensive list of Versace-inspired dresses. While these affordable pieces are no substitute for the real thing, I do believe many capture the essence of the original designs.

So, without further ado, prepare to steal the spotlight in these affordable Versace-inspired dresses!

Versace Butterfly Dress

versace butterfly dress dupe

Versace JLo Jungle Dress

jlo versace jungle dress dupe

Versace Chain Dress

versace chain dress dupe

Versace Vintage Ruffle Dress

versace vintage dress dupe

Versace Floral Mini Dress

Versace Dress Dupe Vintage Versace Floral Dress Look For Less

Versace Medusa Mini Dress

versace pink medusa dress dupe

Versace Ruffled Silk Dress

vintage versace dress dupe

Versace Medusa Midi Dress

Versace Dress Dupe - Vintage Versace Medusa Bodycon Dress

Versace Corset Dress

versace corset dress dupe

Versace Lace-Up Corset Dress

versace mini dress dupe

Versace Safety Pin Dress

versace safety pin dress dupe

Versace 13 Going on 30 Dress

versace 13 Going on 30 Dress dupe

Versace Purple Dress

versace purple dress dupe

Versace Orange Dress

orange versace dress dupe

Versace Red Dress

Versace red dress dupe

Versace Floral Silk Midi Dress

Versace silk dress dupe

Versace Blue Mini Dress

Versace Vintage dress dupe

Versace Lurex Gold Metallic Mini Dress

Versace Lurex Gold Metallic Dress dupe

Versace Latex Dress

Versace latex dress dupe

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the perfect Versace dress dupes to add to your wardrobe! Check out my list of Versace-inspired dresses on Revolve for an updated list of over 70 styles. Or, if you’re searching for more designer dress dupes, check out these articles next:

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Archived Versace Dress Dupes

Photos from the earlier edition of this article (in case that’s what brought you to this page!):

jlo green dress dupe
Versace Baroque dress dupe
Versace Dress dupe Versace Multicolor Silk Mini Dress Dupe
Versace print dress dupe Baroque dress
Versace Dress Dupe Bustier Mini Dress
Versace Jungle Print Bodycon Dress dupe
Versace dress dupe
Versace dress dupes
Versace Silk Cowl Neck Dress dupe
Versace shell dress dupe
Versace maxi dress dupes
Versace dress dupe Versace Perfume Silk Printed Dress
Versace Baroque Halter Bodycon Dress dupe
Versace print dress dupe

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