These Are The 11+ Best Veja Inspired Sneakers to Shop

Searching for the best Veja dupes? Want the effortlessly chic vibe of Veja sneakers without the hefty price tag? You’re in the right place. Today, I’m sharing the 11+ best Veja sneaker alternatives that offer the same sleek, stylish look at a far more affordable price point. I’ll explore iconic Veja styles like the V-10, Esplar, and Campo, and the best dupes for each. Read on to discover the most incredible Veja sneaker dupes on the market!

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veja dupes

It’s no surprise that Veja sneakers have become the “it girl” sneaker over the past few years. This French footwear brand has become a household name, known for its stylish, sustainable, and reliable sneakers. Veja shoes set the gold standard in sustainable footwear, featuring materials like plastic bottles, wild rubber, and organic cotton. From classic designs to collaborations with brands like Mansur Gavriel, the brand’s collection truly has it all. (Source: Harper’s BAZAAR)

I personally own several pairs of Veja sneakers, and I can attest to just how comfortable and high-quality they are. But while I’d love to own every Veja design, these viral sneakers come at a cost. Luckily, there are dozens of more affordable alternatives that capture Veja vibes without the price tags. Let’s explore the best Veja sneaker dupes on the market:

Veja Venturi Sneakers

First up and some of my favorite sneakers from the Veja collection, the Veja Venturi Sneakers are chunky and fabulous. These sustainable sneakers feature a wild Amazonian rubber sole, organic cotton laces, and a chic suede trim. If you love the Venturis but can’t afford to spend $205, the $40 Cushionaire Strike Chunky Sneakers on Amazon offer a similar look for a fraction of the cost.

veja venturi sneaker dupes

Veja V-10 Sneakers

One of the most popular styles in the Veja line-up and Meghan Markle favorites, the V-10 Sneakers feature a classic, versatile silhouette. These low-top sneakers combine leather, mesh, and suede for a style that makes a statement. For an equally stunning look without the $195 price tag, check out the Steve Madden Jazz Sneakers for only $59.

veja v-10 sneaker dupes

Veja Recife Sneakers

These next stylish sneakers are giving all the 90’s vibes with their retro-inspired velcro straps. The Recife is a versatile and casual style, offering a fun take on a classic sneaker silhouette. If this $185 pair of Veja trainers is on your wishlist but out of budget, the $69 Zeon Sneakers by Dolce Vita offer a similar style without the additional cost.

veja dupes

Veja SDU Sneakers

The Veja SDU Recycled Runner Sneakers prove that sustainability can be incredibly stylish. These stunners feature a blend of recycled and organic materials for a style that’s about as eco-friendly as it gets. For the same sleek profile without the $155 price tag, check out the popular Somiliss Sneakers on Amazon for less than $60. Fun fact: these Veja lookalikes are also dupes for the popular Puma Future Rider Sneaker!

veja sneaker dupes

Veja Esplar Sneakers

Veja’s Esplar designs are some of the most popular in the collection and arguably some of the best white sneakers on the market—just ask Emma Watson. These classic white trainers are simple yet stunning, but they come with a hefty $150 price tag. If you love these classic white sneakers but can’t afford to splurge, the Ethyl Sneaker by Sam Edelman is the perfect Veja dupe for just $80.

veja dupe

Veja V-12 Sneakers

A fan favorite for a reason, the Veja V-12 offers a modern twist on a timeless white leather sneaker. These go-to sneakers come in every color palette imaginable, but I personally love the simplicity of this white and green style. If this popular pair of Vejas is on your wishlist but out of budget at $175, check out the Treton Nylite Plus Canvas Sneakers. These Veja dupes feature similar colors and an equally stunning silhouette.

veja v 12 sneaker dupes

Veja Rio Branco Sneakers

A sporty, stylish design, this variation of the Veja Rio Branco Sneakers offers an understated pop of color. I love these simple yet sophisticated pairs of sneakers, but I can’t justify spending $154 on another pair of shoes. Luckily, the Treton Rawlins Casual Lace-Up Sneakers offer a nearly identical silhouette for only $66. These Veja dupes have an impressive 1,700+ rave reviews and a 4.3-star rating.

veja sneaker dupes

Veja V-15 Sneakers

I’m a huge fan of high-tops, so I’m genuinely obsessed with the Veja V-15 Sneakers. A relatively new style in the Veja collection, these statement high tops are a modern take on a classic Veja silhouette. If you love the V-15 Sneakers as much as I do but can’t afford to spend $171, check out the Drive Hi 2 Hightop Sneakers by Levi’s for just $35.

veja sneaker dupes

Veja Dekkan Bastille Sneakers

At #10, the Veja Dekkan Bastille Sneakers are a colorful, unique style featuring pops of pastels and a chunky silhouette. These Veja stunners will cost you $210, but you can get the same stylish look with the Dolce Vita X Greats Reubin Pride Sneakers, on sale for only $100.

veja sneaker dupes

Veja Condor 2 Sneakers

The Condor 2 is Veja’s take on a performance running shoe, designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Veja’s Condo 2 are the perfect sneakers if you’re looking for great support mixed with effortless style. This sustainable pair of trainers comes with a stunning $195 price tag, but you can get a similar look with the $67 Campo Sneakers by Steve Madden.

veja dupes

Veja Campo Sneakers

I purchased a pair of the popular Veja Campo Sneakers last year, and it’s safe to say they’ve gotten quite a lot of wear. I love the classic, elegant design of the Campo Trainers but can’t afford to buy a second pair for $185. Luckily, the Adidas Originals Forum Bold Her Vegan Sneakers mimic the Campo style and retail for only $68.

veja sneaker dupes

More Veja Dupes

Well, there you have it—the best Veja sneaker dupes on the market! Looking for more designer-inspired sneakers? Check out these related articles for more:

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