The 2 Products That Actually Changed my Sleep


Two months ago, I posted an Instagram story with the #1 self-care hack I discovered during quarantine (this incredible acupuncture mat!) and asked my friends + followers to share any 2020 health-related discoveries of their own, specifically related to sleep hygiene. I suffered from night terrors as a kid (just ask my poor older sister/childhood roommate), and sleep issues followed me into adulthood with a vengeance. I’ve tried absolutely everything — melatonin, every supplement under the sun, breathing exercises, diffusers, etc. with little success. The conversation that unfolded over IG was incredible (social media can be so wonderful sometimes!), and I received a list of 20+ must-try products and brands.

After several weeks of trying out dozens of products/supplements, these were two that completely changed my sleep. Here’s the breakdown for my fellow insomniacs:

Product #1: Nodpod

A weighted blanket for your eyes? I was skeptical when this recommendation continued showing up in my DMs, but after several weeks of falling asleep within minutes + sleeping through the night for the first time in years, I realized I had struck absolute gold with this product. NodPod relies on the power of Deep Touch Pressure — like a weighted blanket for your eyes, their innovative, strap-free mask applies gentle pressure to relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep. (Pro tip: it’s also incredible for anyone who suffers from migraines, and you can freeze it for even better results).

Still skeptical? Take 2 minutes to Google this product — the reviews/articles/testimonials speak for themselves. Insider named Nodpod a product they swear by. Oprah said NodPod is one of the 8 gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself. CNN named NodPod a product they can’t sleep without. The list goes on and on. Here’s their full press report with even more praise.

Want to try for yourself? Use code LANE15 for 15% off at I’m excited so many of you are joining me and trying out this magical mask!

Product #2: Equilibria CBD.

I’ve never been much of a CBD girl — I’ve tried several brands over the past 3-4 years and have consistently experienced migraines/grogginess, so I nearly dismissed this brand recommendation entirely. I’m so happy I decided to give Equilibria a try! The brand sent me a trial box with three top-selling products and paired me with a dosage consultant (which they do for EVERY customer) to chat more about my sleep issues/recommend a dose schedule. Here’s a rundown of what I tried + have continued using: 

  • Daily Drops. Of the three products I received, this is the one I now swear by. I take one full dropper before bed (per my consultant’s recommendation), and after 10 minutes feel incredibly calm. This product is easy to take (mint flavored, liquid) and has made a significant difference in my nighttime routine
  • Daily Softgels. These are intended for more routine anxiety management/daytime stress reduction. I take them in the mornings and – although they’re not intended to compete with the potency of Daily Drops – love the subdued calm effect they produce. They help me feel relaxed without interfering with my energy levels/productivity! 
  • Relief Balm. This product targets local discomfort (achy joints, cramps, and general soreness), and can be used multiple times a day as needed. I developed chronic pain in my right hand/arm during quarantine, and I’m amazed by the temporary relief this gives me!

Interested in trying Equilibria products yourself? Use my code LANECOBB for 15% off everything (including subscriptions!).

I really hope you enjoyed these recs, and thank you to those who shared so openly with me! Please comment any additional below —  I’m always looking to try out new products! 

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