8+ Teva Inspired Sandals on Amazon: Look For Less

If you’re in the market for the perfect Teva dupes without the designer price tag, this article is for you! Today, I’m exploring 8 Teva styles, from the classic Original Sandals to the chunky Flatform Sandals, and incredible dupes for each.

Keep reading to find your new favorite sandals for a fraction of the Teva price!

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Teva Hurricane Sandals

Starting with a bang, these first Teva Sandals are my personal favorites. The Teva Hurricane Sandals are comfortable and durable with their grip sole design and adjustable straps. If you love this pair of Tevas as much as I do but can’t afford to splurge on the name-brand sandal style, Dream Pairs has an incredible Teva alternative for you. With a contoured footbed, rugged sole, and adjustable straps, these $27 Teva dupes could pass as originals.

teva hurricane sandal dupes

Teva Rainbow Sandals

A funky, colorful variation of the Teva Original Universal Sandals, this next sandal style promises to make a bold statement. If these dreamy Tevas are on your wishlist but out of budget, snag these $33 bestsellers on Amazon instead. Like the originals, these chic summer sandals will keep you looking stylish during your outdoor adventures. After a recent injury, one five-star reviewer raved that these shoes kept her comfortable on her feet during a trip to Disney.

rainbow teva dupes

Teva Platform Sandals

Looking for a bit of height? A fun, upgraded take on a beloved Teva style, the Flatform Universal Sandals are iconic platform sandals. Searching for Teva platform sandal dupes that won’t cost you $70? Look no further than this $40 lookalike style on Amazon. Mirroring the original, these Teva dupes feature a 1.85-inch platform, a rugged sole, and a cushiony soft yoga mat insole.

platform teva dupes

Teva Original Universal Sandals

A classic staple style, the Teva Original Universal Sandals promise to be your most-worn shoes this summer season. If you love Teva’s signature low-profile design but can’t afford to spend $55 on the real thing, check out the Cior Women’s Sport Sandals on Amazon instead. A viral style, these Cior sandals come in a whopping 36 colors and gorgeous Teva-inspired prints.

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Teva Platform Maressa Sandals

A fun upgrade to the popular Flatform Style, the Teva Maressa Sandals feature printed polyester webbing. Obsessed with these $70 platforms? For a nearly identical look without the Teva price tag, snag these $17 lookalikes by Cior. Like the OG design, these Teva dupes feature a cushy EVA sole, promising to keep you extra comfy during long periods of time.

platform teva dupes

Teva Metallic Sandals

If I could choose one pair of Tevas to add to my summer shoe collection, it would definitely be the Teva Original Universal Metallic Sandals. These chic, colorful Tevas are feminine and stylish with their pastel straps and white loop closure. To get an equally dreamy look for less, check out these $30 Teva-inspired sandals by Cior.

metallic teva sandals dupe

Teva Midform Sandals

At #7, the Teva Midform Sandals strike the perfect balance between the Original’s low design and the Flatform’s chunky look. If you prefer the slightly thicker sole and extra cushioning the Midforms offer but can’t justify spending $65, Amazon has you covered. The Yocci Yoga Mat Insole Water Shoes offer a similar elevated look and a versatile all-black silhouette.

teva midform sandals dupes

Teva Crochet Sandals

Last but not least, the Teva Flatform Universal Crochet Sandals are all my retro dreams come true. This vintage-inspired style features colorful floral crochet straps and a chunky platform wedge. While not identical, the Coutgo Espadrille Sandals are great Teva dupes, capturing the vintage vibes of the originals for $38 less.

teva crochet sandals dupe

And there you have it—the best Teva dupes on Amazon! After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered an iconic Teva-inspired sandal dupe to add to your collection. Searching for more designer-inspired sandals? Add these articles to your list next:

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