50+ Teuta Matoshi Inspired Dresses To Shop

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Love the ethereal, romantic look of Teuta Matoshi dresses but can’t afford their high prices?

You’re in the right place!

Today, I’ll share the best Teuta Matoshi-inspired dress designs. We’ll also explore the best brands like Teuta Matoshi so that you can find more great alternatives.

Teuta Matoshi: From Etsy to the Global Marketplace

I’m so excited to share my favorite Teuta Matoshi-inspired dresses with you today. But before we get started, I have to recognize the incredible designer who inspired this article.


Teuta Matoshi is a Kosovo-based fashion designer known for her luxurious, fairytale-like gowns. From her earlier days in war-torn Kosovo to global stardom, Matoshi has successfully built one of the most popular brands in the industry. (Source: Teuta Matoshi)

Teuta Matoshi Designs and Aesthetic

Made to order and crafted meticulously by hand, every Teuta Matoshi design is a work of art. Mathoshi blends whimsical elements like floral embroidery, tulle, and sequins with feminine silhouettes. From mini dresses to bridal gowns, every Teuta Matoshi dress evokes a sense of magic and romance.

Growing Popularity

In time, Teuta Matoshi’s iconic designs have reached a global scale. Thanks in part to social media, the brand has become a go-to for those seeking ethereal dresses for special occasions. Matoshi’s designs are popular among a range of shoppers, from homecoming and prom-goers to A-list celebrities like Blake Lively. In addition to celebrity fans, Teuta Matoshi has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Blending passion and talent, this designer has become a global sensation.

Brands and Designers Like Teuta Matoshi

If you love Teuta Matoshi’s dreamy designs, here are a few similar brands to consider. These labels offer equally fabulous designs, from mini dresses to bridal gowns.

1. V. Chapman

Like Matoshi, fashion designer V. Chapman is known for her feminine, ethereal dresses. V. Chapman dresses often feature lace, ruffles, and soft colors. These designs have a vintage, fairytale feel reminiscent of Matoshi’s work, but they tend to be less expensive. If you love Teuta Metoshi, check out the latest from V. Chapman on Revolve or Anthropologie.

2. Selkie

Los Angeles-based brand Selkie is another great alternative to Teuta Matoshi. The brand’s fairytale dresses often feature puff sleeves and oversize silhouettes. Unlike Teuta Matoshi, Selkie dresses are ready-to-wear and available at retailers like Revolve. This trendsetting brand is size-inclusive, offering most designs in sizes XXS to 6X.

3. For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons immediately comes to mind when I think of romantic fashion. Like Teuta Matoshi, For Love & Lemons’ feminine designs have a whimsical feel. The brand’s collection ranges from mini dresses to bridal gowns, so there’s something for everyone. Recently, I’ve also noticed the brand embracing Teuta Matoshi’s signature floral appliqué trend. Browse this stunning collection on Revolve, Free People, or directly on the brand’s site.

4. Mac Duggal

Another great brand like Teuta Matoshi is Mac Duggal. In short, the Mac Duggal brand is synonymous with luxury evening wear. The brand’s collection includes many styles with the same bold, ethereal look as Teuta Matoshi. Before splurging on a Teuta Matoshi original, check out these affordable Mac Duggal alternatives: 

5. Milla

Teuta Matoshi is a one-stop shop for prom dresses and evening wear. Similarly, the Ukranian brand Milla has become known for its romantic, luxury gowns. Milla is a subsidiary brand of the international bridal brand Milla Nova. If you love Teuta Matoshi gowns, then definitely pay this brand a visit.

6. Lirika Matoshi

And finally, Teuta Matoshi’s equally talented sister, Lirika Matoshi, launched her NYC-based brand in 2016. Lirika’s viral strawberry dress made headlines during the pandemic. Teuta and Lirika occasionally collaborate, and their styles have a similar romantic vibe.

Best Affordable Dresses Like Teuta Matoshi

The handcrafted nature of Teuta Matoshi’s designs results in lengthy production times and high costs. Gowns range in price from $379 to nearly $3,000. Whether you order a custom or standard-size gown from the brand, you can expect to wait 3–8 weeks until it’s delivered.

If your budget and timeline allow, Teuta Matoshi gowns are undeniably worth the wait and investment. However, I’ve got you covered if you’re looking for dresses like Teuta Matoshi with lower price points. Here are my favorite Teuta Matosha-inspired designs for less:

1. Teuta Matoshi Inspired Mini Dresses

Below, you’ll find over 50 alternatives to Teuta Matoshi’s stunning mini dresses. Whether you’re searching for a homecoming or bachelorette dress, these styles are worth considering. Here are the designs I’ll cover in this section:

  • Teuta Matoshi Chantilly Butterfly Dress
  • Teuta Matoshi Floral Fantasia Dress
  • Teuta Matoshi Peony Princess Mini Dress
  • Teuta Matoshi Sandlewood Sage Dress
  • Teuta Matoshi Lavender Bloom Dress

Teuta Matoshi White Mini Dress: Chantilly Butterfly Dress

Teuta Matoshi Chantilly butterfly mini dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Flower Dress: Flora Fantasia Dress

Teuta Matoshi flower dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Pink Peony Princess Mini Dress

teuta matoshi pink mini dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Green Mini Dress: Sandlewood Sage Dress

teuta matoshi green dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Purple Mini Dress: Lavender Bloom Dress

teuta matoshi purple mini dress dupe

2. Teuta Matoshi Inspired Midi Length Dresses

Now, let’s explore Teuta Matoshi’s stunning collection of mid-length dresses. These midi dresses are among the brand’s bestselling styles due to their versatility and style. Here are the designs I’ll provide alternatives to in this section:

  • Teuta Matoshi Flourishing Meadow Corset Dress
  • Teuta Matoshi Violet Blooms Mini Dress
  • Teuta Matosi Cobalt Starry Dress
  • Teuta Matoshi Daisy Dress

Teuta Matoshi Green Dress: Flourishing Meadow Corset Dress

teuta matoshi green dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Purple Dress: Violet Blooms Mini Dress

teuta matoshi purple dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Blue Dress: Cobalt Starry Dress

teuta matosh star dress dupe - Cobalt Starry Dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Daisy Dress

teuta matosh daisy dress dupe

3. Teuta Matoshi Inspired Gowns

Next, you can always count on Teuta Matoshi for her iconic gowns. These ethereal yet modern designs are perfect for prom or black-tie weddings. In this section, I’ll provide Teuta Matoshi dupes for these bestselling styles:

  1. Teuta Matoshi Rose Reverie Gown
  2. Teuta Matoshi Forever Moss Gown
  3. Teuta Matoshi Inflorescence Gown
  4. Teuta Matoshi Oreoles Draped Gown
  5. Teuta Matoshi Blossoming Aria Gown
  6. Teuta Matoshi Bella Starry Gown

Teuta Matoshi Pink Dress Rose Reverie Gown

teuta matoshi pink dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Forever Moss Gown

forever moss gown teuta dupe

Teuta Matoshi Black Gown: Inflorescence Gown

teuta matoshi black dress dupe, Inflorescence Gown dupe

Teuta Matoshi Red Dress: Oreoles Draped Gown

teuta matoshi red dress dupe, teuta matoshi gown dupe

Teuta Matoshi Black Dress: Blossoming Aria Gown

teuta matoshi black dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Gold Dress: Bella Starry Gown

teuta matoshi gold dress dupe

4. Teuta Matoshi Wedding Dresses

And last but not least, let’s dive into one of Teuta Matoshi’s most inspiring and stunning collections: her assortment of bridal gowns. These white dresses give pure princess vibes but come with hefty prices. However, you can still get the fairytale wedding look with these alternatives. Here are the styles I’ll cover today: 

  • Teuta Matoshi Calla Lily Gown
  • Teuta Matoshi Butterfly Oasis Gown
  • Teuta Matoshi Artemesia Dotted Bridal Gown

Teuta Matoshi White Corset Dress: Calla Lily Gown

teuta matoshi white dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Wedding Dress: Butterfly Oasis Gown

teuta matoshi wedding dress dupe

Teuta Matoshi Wedding Dress: Artemesia Dotted Bridal Gown

teuta matoshi wedding dress dupe, teuta matoshi corset dress dupe in white

Teuta Matoshi FAQS

Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about Teuta Matoshi and affordable Teuta Matoshi alternatives.

Where to buy?

You can buy Teuta Matoshi dresses on the brand’s official website.

Teuta Matoshi shipping time? 

Teuta Matoshi dresses are made-to-order. The brand quotes 3–8 weeks for gown delivery and offers free international shipping.

How much are Teuta Matoshi dresses?

As of June 2023, Teuta Matoshi dresses range from $379 (Irene Mini Dress) to $2,990 (Vinca Enthralling Bridal Gown).

Most popular Teuta Matoshi dresses?

The 6 bestselling Teuta Matoshi dress designs at the time of article publication are:

Is Teuta Matoshi a luxury brand?

Teuta Matoshi is considered a luxury brand. Each dress is made to order, carefully handcrafted with high-quality fabrics and embellishments. The brand has gained a reputation for its ethereal gowns and tailored mini-dresses.

Where is Teuta Matoshi based?

The designer is based in Kosovo.

Similar designers to Teuta Matoshi?

Similar designers include Selkie, V. Chapman, Mac Duggal, For Love & Lemons, and Milla. These designers offer many Teuta Matoshi dupes and similar styles. More expensive alternatives include Elie Saab, Marchesa, and Monique Lhuillier.

Prom dresses available?

Yes, Teuta Matoshi offers a variety of dresses suitable for prom, homecoming, and more. The brand’s collection features a range of elegant gowns and chic short dresses.

Famous strawberry dress?

While this is a common misconception, Teuta Matoshi is not the designer behind the famous strawberry dress. That would be her sister, Lirika Matoshi.

Lirika Matoshi connection?

Irika Matoshi and Teuta Matoshi are sisters. While they have separate fashion brands, the two occasionally collaborate. In 2019, they even opened an NYC atelier together.

I hope you loved this article! Above all, I hope I’ve introduced you to a fabulous Teuta Matoshi dupe you love. For more luxury fashion lookalikes, check out these similar articles: 

Thanks for being here, and I look forward to having you here again soon!

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Please note, this post contains affiliate links. As a result, if you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a small commission. Please read my full disclosure statement {here}

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