6 Must-Have Staples From Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop

paige desorbo amazon shop

Are you a Paige Desorbo fan? Do you constantly stalk her Amazon shop for inspiration but find yourself overwhelmed by all of her *incredible* recommendations? If so, you’ve come to the right place! After ordering dozens of the pieces on Paige’s storefront — everything from aviator sunglasses to stylish trenches — I’m sharing my 6 favorite finds and photo evidence that you need these staples in your wardrobe too! Keep reading for my top Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop picks.

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Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop Staple #1: The Corset Top

paige desorbo amazon shop

The first item on my must-have list from Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop: the $30 stunning corset top I wear constantly. After seeing this highlighted on several of Paige’s live streams, I finally pulled the trigger on this little number a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it on so many occasions since. It’s comfortable, high quality, and comes in over 15 beautiful colors.

Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop Staple #2: My Favorite Jeans of All Time

paige desorbo amazon shop

As someone who has always struggled shopping for jeans, I’m extra thankful for this next Paige Desorbo recommendation. Not only are these $50 jeans perfectly high-waisted and incredibly comfortable, but they’re suitable for every height. My 5’5″ friend has these and looks incredible in them, and they’re somehow long enough for my 5’10” frame too. An Amazon win in every sense! I love this darker variation for colder months too.

Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop Staple #3: The Blazer Dress

paige desorbo amazon shop

Equal parts sexy and sophisticated, this stunning blazer dress is a new staple in my Fall/winter wardrobe. I especially love how it pairs with high boots (I’m wearing these $60 gems from Amazon here!), but I’ve also worn it unbuttoned over jeans for a more casual look. The black variation is a recurring item in Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop, and I truly can’t recommend it enough!

Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop Staple #4: The Leather Trench

paige desorbo amazon shop

I was initially reluctant to the pull the trigger on this $100 leather trench, but after seeing it again and again on Paige’s live streams, I added this number to my cart and I’m so glad I did.

Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop Staple #5: My Favorite Amazon Sunglasses

paige desorbo amazon shop

I’m a sucker for cheap, chic sunglasses (I even had to buy an organizer this year to keep track of them all!), but this $14 pair from Paige’s storefront tops them all. I’ve never loved the look of traditional aviators on my face, but something about this style makes it flattering for all. I’ve had several friends purchase these (I own the brown variation too) and the rave reviews are endless.

Paige Desorbo’s Amazon Shop Staple #6: Thigh High Boots

paige desorbo amazon shop

Last on my list of Paige Desorbo inspired finds: the highest boots I’ve ever owned! For $42, these leather thigh highs add such a fun element to my winter wardrobe.

That’s all for now, but I really hope this post inspired you to check out Paige’s storefront and/or try out these Amazon staples for yourself. You can always visit my Amazon Storefront to shop my favorite looks for less too. I’m always trying out the latest trends and love sharing them in one central spot.

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