12+ Stunning Moon Boot Inspired Snow Boots to Shop

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Want the bold, futuristic look of Moon Boots without the luxury price tag? Today, I’m sharing the best Moon Boot dupes and affordable alternatives so you can get this iconic designer look for less. I’ll explore 12 best-selling styles, from the Moon Boot Glance to the Monaco, and incredible, much cheaper dupes for each.

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white moon boot dupes

The Moon Boot: Space-Age Snow Bunny Style

Before I share my favorite Moon Boot dupes, I want to recognize the revolutionary Italian designer behind this style.

Giancarlo Zanatta designed the first Moon Boot in 1969, shortly after the historic Apollo 11 landing. Zanatta drew inspiration from the astronauts’ footwear to craft a futuristic, functional après-ski boot.

Zanatta’s original Moon Boot featured a chunky platform, a waterproof nylon shell, and thick rubber soles. His innovative design became popular as a ski boot and a mountain must-have during the 1970s, offering warmth, style, and all-day comfort. In the years that followed, the Moon Boot became a household name and one of the most recognizable footwear styles. It wasn’t until the early nineties that the Moon Boot moved from the slopes to the streets and this style became a viral sensation.

In the early 2000s, the Louvre Museum even recognized the Moon Boot as one of the most influential designs of the 20th century. In the more than 50 years since Apollo 11 and the Moon Boot’s debut, Zanatta’s legacy lives on with his functional, fashionable design. This futuristic boot has achieved icon status, with over 25 million (and counting!) pairs sold worldwide. The Moon Boot collection has also expanded beyond the original Icon Snow Boot to include rain boots, mules, slippers, and more. Today, with the return of Y2K fashion trends, Moon Boots are once again in the spotlight.

(Source: Moon Boot Website)

Popular Moon Boot Styles and Their Affordable Alternatives

Since moving back to NYC last year, where the winter season lasts 6+ months, I’ve had my eye on a pair of Moon Boots. But while I’d love to own a pair of Moon Boots, these gorgeous boots are unsurprisingly expensive. Depending on the design, Moon Boots range in price from $175 (Nylon Mules) to almost $4,000 (Icon Swarovski Crystal Boots). Luckily, dozens of affordable boots offer the same fabulous, futuristic look without the high price tags.

If you love the look and feel of Moon Boots, here are cheaper dupes to consider:

White Moon Boots

First, these white Moon Boots are a classic and versatile style. The perfect balance of style and function, these boots feature a waterproof exterior and thick rubber soles. If you love this retro look, check out the Glamorous Apres Snow Boots from ASOS for just $61. Like the originals, these Moon Boots dupes feature a lace-up design and chunky soles. (Shop similar here)

white moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Pink Moon Boot

Funky and feminine, the Tecnica Moon Boots in pink are Barbie-core at its best. This stunning style retails for $228, but you can get the same gorgeous look with these $46 alternatives on Amazon. While not identical, these Moon Boot lookalikes are waterproof and lined with faux fur for added coziness. With an impressive 4.3-star review and over 3,770 ratings, these Moon Boot dupes are worth considering.

pink moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Moon Boot Glance

Bold and bright, the Low Icon Glance Metallic Moon Boots feature an iridescent exterior and lower silhouette. These best sellers are a great option but come with a $227 price tag. For a similar look, snag these $34 ankle boots on Amazon. Like the original style, they feature a fur-lined interior for extra warmth, a side zipper for easy removal, and a stylish platform.

moon boot glance dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Moon Boot Monaco Fur Trim Boot

The Moon Boot Monaco Fur Trim Boots are some of the best snow boots for all-day warmth. This knee-high boot features a fur trim and a sturdy, weather-resistant exterior. If these stunning winter shoes are on your wishlist but out of your budget, check out the Dream Paris Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots. For just $39, these affordable boots come in 12 different color variations and look nearly identical to the original Moon Boots.

moon boot monaco dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Black Moon Boot

Sophisticated and sleek, the Glance Satin Snow Boots are perfect for a cold morning commute or a day on the slopes. I love the shiny satin finish of these Moon Boots, but I can’t justify spending $255. Luckily, ASOS offers a nearly identical alternative for under $100. The ASOS DESIGN Puffer Chelsea Boots are great Moon Boot dupes with their similar satin finish and oversized silhouette.

black moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Silver Metallic Moon Boots

Futuristic and fabulous, these silver Moon Boots make a bold statement. If you love this $322 Space-ready style, check out the Cape Robbin Brixton Boots, available on Amazon for just $30. These Moon Boot lookalikes feature a similar metallic material, faux fur lining, and a comfortable slip-on style.

metallic moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Chloé Moon Boot

A collaboration between Moon Boot and Chloé? Yes, please. This next chic style combines Chloé’s signature detailing with the Moon Boot aesthetic for a statement winter style. If you love these wool boots but can’t afford to spend $1,025, snag the $65 Mav-M Moon Boot by Steve Madden. These equally chic boots mimic the original Moon Boot style for a fraction of the cost.

chloe moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Moon Boot Slippers

A new style from the AW23 collection, the Moon Boot Elasticated Band Padded Slippers are perfect for winter. These padded slippers feature rubber tread soles for grip and stability and an ankle band for easy wear. If you love this design, check out the Thermoball Traction Booties from North Face. These $69 Moon Boot dupes also feature rubber soles and a warm interior.

moon boot slipper dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Light Pink Moon Boots

Next, the Icon Low 2 Snowboots feature a stunning ankle boot style with an insulated lining and rugged soles for warmth and traction. If you love these light pink Moon Boots, consider the South Beach Padded Borg Snow Boots from ASOS for just $28. These Moon Boot lookalikes feature a tie-style design and a unique sherpa exterior.

light pink moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Cow Print Moon Boots

If you’re looking for winter shoes that make a statement, these black and white cow print Moon Boots should be on your list. This sold-out style, priced at $540, offers a unique take on the classic Moon Boot silhouette. If you love this funky variation, the Truffle Collection Boots on ASOS offer a nearly identical look for just $61.

moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Fuzzy Moon Boots

The Icon Yeti Boots are a chic, cozy Moon Boot design. These gorgeous boots feature a faux fur exterior and rubber tread soles for maximum grip and comfort. These beautiful boots will cost you $550, but you can get the same statement look for just $80 with these Cape Robbin alternatives.

fuzzy moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

Shearling Moon Boots

Last but not least, the Shearling Moon Boots are dream winter boots. This stunning style features a sheep-shearling interior for all-day warmth. If you love these Moon Boots, the Tessa Boots by Sézane are the perfect alternatives. For just $205, these Moon Boot dupes offer the same warmth and style as the originals.

shearling moon boot dupes

Similar Moon Boot Dupes

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered Moon Boot dupes that offer the same Space-ready look without the high price tag. Check out these articles for more designer-inspired boots and luxury shoe dupes:

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