A Perfect Summer Set | Faithfull the Brand

Matching Skirt Set by Faithfull the Brand

Matching Skirt Set by Faithfull the Brand

I’m always looking for brands that I feel good wearing and purchasing from, and I was excited to learn that Faithfull the Brand (who I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram feed for months!) falls into that category. Founded by a husband-wife duo in Bali nearly a decade ago, the brand has maintained their commitment to supporting local Indonesian factories/communities and utilizes local resources and talent in their sewing, printing, dying and weaving processes. Despite impressive international growth, they still produce 100% of their garments in the Bali-based factory where the couple got their start and commit to maintaining their sustainable/ethical production processes as they continue to scale.

A quick story I’d love to share that makes this brand even more special to me — while growing up in Asia, my family vacationed in Bali weeks after my little sister Regan was born in Kamakura, Japan (my Mom was in labor for 24 hours in the remote city where little English was spoken by doctors/nurses, but that’s a story for another day!). In Bali, an ancient custom says an infant’s feet should not touch the ground for the first 105 days after birth, as babies are believed to be too close to the sacred realm they came from and holy by association.

I grew up hearing my Mom tell the story of the kind, gentle Balinese women who never let my baby sister — a stranger, a foreigner, but yet a holy infant in their eyes — touch the ground for the entirety of our 2 week stay. My Mom — who was still a young mother, parenting her 3 daughters abroad, far from her own family — said it forever memorialized the phrase “it takes a village” for her, and that she has always felt indebted to this beautiful island for the love they showed her baby girl.

Matching Skirt Set by Faithfull the Brand
“As Faithfull continues to scale, the hope is that we can continue to help local factories grow and support the community and Bali’s economy from within. In many ways, the beautiful magic of Bali runs through each Faithfull piece, making each garment truly special and unique.” -Faithfull Site

I’ve heard firsthand of the intentionality this beautiful community leads with, so it’s easy for me to believe the words of Faithfull’s founders and hear the kindness in their mission statement.

Cheers to supporting Bali and the beautiful people who treated my sister like their own. I hope you love this matching skirt set as much as I do!