Designer for Less: 11+ Best Longchamp-Inspired Bags

Looking for the best Longchamp dupes? Love the iconic, timeless look of Longchamp bags and totes but not their hefty price tags? In today’s article, I’m exploring 11+ of Longchamp’s most popular bag designs—from Le Pliage totes to sleek bucket bags—and the best dupes for each.

Read on for the best Longchamp dupes on the market!

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Longchamp: A Legacy of Luxury

Before I share my favorite affordable Longchamp alternatives, I have to give a nod to the iconic luxury bag brand behind the dupe-worthy original styles. Founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, Longchamp originally specialized in leather tobacco pipes. In the 1950s, Cassegrain began expanding into small leather goods and, by the 1970s, had launched the brand’s first bag collection.

However, it wasn’t until 1993 that Longchamp released their foldable nylon tote bags—the iconic style you likely know and love. Named “Le Pliage” and inspired by the Japanese art of origami, these lightweight yet durable bags took the world by storm with their unique folding style and catapulted the brand to international fame. Almost three decades and countless iterations later, the Le Pliage line remains Longchamp’s bestselling collection.


While I’d love to own every Longchamp design, these stunning, popular bags come with luxury price tags. Luckily, there are dozens of affordable alternatives that offer the Longchamp vibe for less. So, without further ado, here are some Longchamp dupes on the market—and some of the best Christmas gifts to shop this season!

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag

First, the Le Pliage Tote is the signature Longchamp style and one of the most versatile, timeless everyday bags on the market. This nylon bag is incredibly lightweight (about .5 pounds empty!) and features chic leather top handles. The Le Pliage comes in a range of colors and sizes, but I personally love this classic black medium Longchamp tote. If you love this Le Pliage bag but can’t afford to spend $140, you can get the same slouchy silhouette for just $26 with this Amazon Longchamp dupe.

longchamp le pliage dupe

Longchamp Le Pliage Large

Next up is a large size of the Le Pilage, the Le Pliage Voyage Tote. The perfect weekender or gym bag, this style features a longer rectangular shape compared to the classic Le Pliage totes, promising to fit all your travel essentials. Like the OG designs, this $275 Le Pilage features a nylon exterior, a zip-top closure, and stylish leather handles. If you love this travel-ready style but can’t afford to splurge, snag this Longchamp tote dupe on Amazon for less than $30.

longchamp le pliage dupe

Longchamp Le Pliage Briefcase

Up next is another Longchamp staple style, the Longchamp Le Pliage Briefcase. This work bag is weather-resistant, with plenty of space to store your workday must-haves. If this Le Pliage bag is on your wishlist but out of budget with its $110 price tag, Amazon has one of my favorite Le Pliage dupes, the nearly identical $31 Fintie Laptop Tote Bag. Similar to the OG design, this Longchamp inspired bag features a wear-resistant, high-quality nylon material and several convenient interior pockets.

longchamp dupe amazon

Longchamp Le Pliage XS Crossbody

Next, the Le Pliage XS Crossbody Bag is quiet luxury at its finest with its stunning, petite black leather silhouette. This mini bag is compact and oh-so-chic with its adjustable shoulder straps and top handle. If you love the Le Pliage XS Crossbody but can’t afford to spend almost $200, Amazon has the cutest mini purse with a similar vibe. One of my favorite Longchamp dupes, this faux leather bag offers a similar compact silhouette for only $20.

longchamp pilage mini dupe

Longchamp Bucket Bag

Classic and elegant, the Longchamp Le Foulonné Bucket Bag features a perfectly slouchy look and a drawstring closure. This luxury Longchamp look promises to be one of your most-worn accessories, but it retails for almost $700. Luckily, this Amazon-lookalike bag offers a strikingly similar look for less than $30. This classic style comes in 12 colors, all with the same fancy Longchamp look for a fraction of the price.

longchamp bucket bag dupe

Longchamp Roseau Leather Bag

Up next and the perfect bag for everyday use, the Longchamp Roseau Leather Bag is my dream purse in every sense. This stylish, croc-embossed bag is a perfect staple accessory, promising to add a luxe look to any and every outfit. Sadly, this sold-out style is no longer available, but you can get a similar look with the JW PEI Ruby Shoulder Bag, an excellent Longchamp dupe, for only $90.

longchamp bag dupe

Longchamp Brioche Bag

The Longchamp Brioche Leather Shoulder Bag is a modern, trendy take on a classic shoulder bag style. This statement bag features a stylish puffy look thanks to its unique quilted lambskin leather. I love the versatility of this bag with its detachable straps, but I can’t afford to spend nearly $800 on it. If you love this stylish bag as much as I do, check out the Think Royln Bar Bag instead. This stunning dupe features a magnetic fold-over flap and a nearly identical stylish chain, giving you the same designer look for just $168!

longchamp dupe

Longchamp Roseau Essential Bag

Coming in at number 7, we have another version of the fashionable Roseau Leather Bag — one of my favorite shoulder bags. This sleek style is classic and fabulous, featuring a crescent-shaped design and smooth leather lining. Love this sophisticated shoulder bag but can’t afford to spend $760? The JW PEI Carly Saddle Bag is one of my favorite Longchamp dupes, offering the same timeless style as its lookalike luxury bag for just $79.

longchamp bag dupe

Longchamp Roseau Mini Bag

Mini bags have certainly become famous through social media in recent years, and there’s nothing cuter than the Roseau Mini Bag! This everyday bag combines simplicity and sophistication with its metal bamboo closure and leather finish. If you love the look of this precious mini bag but can’t afford to spend $350, the Keyli Small Shoulder Handbag is the perfect dupe. This Longchamp style bag features three large pockets and durable, water-resistant faux leather. It’s a great alternative to the Roseau Mini and retails for $29.

longchamp bag dupe

Longchamp S Box-Trot Bag

A dreamy summer purse, the Longchamp S Box-Trot Bag combines stunning straw-like canvas with black leather. This stylish Longchamp features a boxy, rectangular shape and a beautiful gold-embellished logo for a striking $550. To get a similarly structured silhouette without the extra cost, check out the Telena Shoulder Bag. Like the original style, this cheaper alternative features lovely beige and black contrast and retails for $40.

longchamp inspired bag

Longchamp 3D Backpack

Last but certainly not least, the Longchamp 3D Backpack proves that fashion and function can coexist. This carry-on backpack features a smooth leather finish, silver hardware, and plenty of pockets for college essentials. For the same sophisticated look without the $770 price tag, snag the Collsants Small Backpack for only $26. This nearly identical alternative features a similar nylon finish and several pockets.

longchamp backpack dupe

More Bags Similar to Longchamp

And there you have it—the best Longchamp dupes on the market! Searching for more designer bag dupes and totes? Check out these similar articles for more designer-inspired bags:

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