60+ Gucci Inspired Shoes: Loafers, Mules, Sandals and More!

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Want the trendy elegance of Gucci shoes without the luxury price tag? In this article, I’ll explore the best Gucci shoe dupes that offer the designer look at a more affordable price point.

Get ready to step up your shoe game with these amazing Gucci-inspired designs!

gucci dupe shoes

Gucci shoes are luxurious and stylish, but they come with hefty price tags. For me, most Gucci shoe designs cost more than an entire month’s rent. Fortunately, there are many affordable alternatives that capture the essence of Gucci shoes for far less.

Today, I’ll explore popular Gucci styles—including sandals, loafers, clogs, heels, and sneakers—and share the best dupes for each. Whether you’re looking for Gucci sneaker dupes or heel lookalikes, I’m confident you’ll find something in this article.

Ready to get started? Without further delay, here are the best Gucci shoe dupes on the market:

Gucci Rubber Clogs

First, the Gucci Rubber Clogs are chunky yet undeniably chic, featuring a 2-inch platform sole and a slip-on silhouette. This popular Gucci style blends casual comfort and high fashion features with its perforated “GG” logo exterior. While they obviously lack the designer logo, these Gucci lookalikes by Cape Robbin offer a similar style for just $38.

gucci clogs dupe

More Gucci Clog Dupes

Gucci Rubber Slide Sandal

Next, the Gucci Rubber Slide Sandals offer a stylish, modern take on a retro mule design. If these shoes are giving you nineties nostalgia but you can’t afford to splurge, Target has a great alternative. For just $30 and with a strikingly similar silhouette to the originals, the Macy Mule Heels are the perfect Gucci rubber sandal dupes.

gucci rubber slide dupe

More Gucci Rubber Sandals Dupes

Gucci Platform Sandals

A new style this season, the Gucci Maxi GG Platform Slide Sandals are a trendy, versatile warm-weather shoe. These iconic Gucci sandals feature a chunky platform sole and a canvas exterior covered in the iconic maxi GG logo. While not exact replicas, the $100 Kasper Slides by Steve Madden capture the luxury look at a much more affordable price point.

gucci platform slide dupe

More Gucci Platform Sandal Dupes

Gucci Jordaan Loafers

Gucci loafers have certainly stood the test of time. The Jordaan Loafers are an updated version of Gucci’s hallmark loafer, with a slimmer shape and Gucci’s signature horsebit detail. These classic, sleek slip-ons are versatile and elegant, but they come with a $920 price tag. Luckily, these $150 Sam Edelman loafers are just as chic. Arguably the best Gucci loafer lookalikes on the market, the Loraine Bit Loafers come in 25 different colors.

gucci jordann loafer dupe

More Gucci Loafer Dupes

Gucci Platform Loafers

I love a classic look, but I personally can’t get over these funky, two-toned Gucci loafers. Unfortunately, these loafers come with a $950 price tag. For a similar, retro-inspired look, snag these $36 alternatives on Amazon. They offer a similar style for a fraction of the price. If you prefer a more classic look, these Steve Madden loafers are another great option.

gucci loafers dupe

More Gucci Loafer Dupes

Gucci Princetown Mules

Next, the Gucci Princetown Mules combine comfort and style with their fur lining and leather exterior. These Gucci loafer mules are classic and versatile, with a sleek design that’s perfect for lounging around the house. For an equally chic lazy-day shoe without the designer price tag, check out these $39 Amazon alternatives. If fur isn’t your thing, snag these $40 unlined loafers instead.

gucci princetown mule dupe

More Gucci Princetown Mule Dupes

Gucci Horsebit Leather Sandals

The Gucci Horsebit Leather Sandals are Gucci’s luxe spinoff of a lugged sandal. These stunning sandals combine buttery Italian leather with a sophisticated gold accent. For a similar style that will only cost you $40, snag these perfect Gucci dupes on Amazon.

gucci horsebit sandals dupe

Similar Gucci Dupe Shoes

Gucci Logo Platform Espadrilles

The Gucci Platform Espadrilles offer a chic, summery style complete with a platform wedge and the iconic GG logo. If you’re searching for a more affordable alternative with a similar look, check out these $41 lookalikes by Coutgo. These Gucci espadrille dupes feature a chunky chain detail and a more manageable heel height.

gucci platform espadrilles dupe

More Gucci Espadrille Dupes

Gucci Ribbon Tie Espadrilles

A personal favorite Gucci sandal style, the Gucci Tie Espadrilles feature a lace-up design and a trendy espadrille sole. If you’re searching for a similar pair of shoes without the price tag, Revolve has a good dupe for just $175. Like the Gucci version, the Chiara Wedge features an ankle-wrap ribbon tie for a flirty, feminine look.

Gucci Ribbon Tie Espadrilles dupe

More Gucci-Inspired Espadrilles

Gucci Raffia Slides

The Gucci Double G Slide Sandals in raffia are a stylish, summery pair of slides. These beautiful slides feature a gold Double G logo against a raffia exterior for a sophisticated look. If you can’t afford to spend $880 on these Gucci slides, Steve Madden offers the same timeless look for $80.

gucci sandals dupe

Similar Gucci Dupe Shoes

Gucci Marmont Heels

The Gucci Marmont Leather Sandals feature a minimal design, pairing a black leather silhouette with gold GG hardware. I had to do a true double take when I scrolled past the Lively Sandal by Jeffrey Campbell. They offer a similar sleek, elegant vibe for just $145.

gucci marmont heels dupe

More Gucci Marmont Heel Dupes

Gucci Slingback Pumps

Next, the Gucci Slinback Pumps are a charming, timeless style and the perfect workday shoe. These patent leather block heels feature a square toe and simple hardware for a versatile, stylish look. If you love these Gucci classics but can’t afford to spend $920, check out these $50 alternatives.

gucci slingback dupe

More Gucci Slingback Dupes

Gucci Ankle Boots

Edgy and sophisticated, the Gucci Embellished Ankle Boots make a statement. These unique Chelsea boots feature a chunky block heel and jewel embellishments. If you can’t afford to splurge on the real deal, these Amazon alternatives offer a perfect dupe. For just $50, the Cushionaire Julie Boots capture the Gucci aesthetic without the price. Or, if your budget allows, the Steve Madden Amulet Boots are another great option.

gucci chelsea boots dupe

More Gucci Boot Dupes

Gucci Ultrapace Sneakers

Next, the Gucci Ultrapace Sneakers are a bold, vibrant sneaker style featuring contrasting materials and a chunky sole. For an equally eccentric style, check out the Kensington Tweed Sneakers by Kurt Geiger. These $110 Gucci shoe dupes offer the same extra flair without the $900 price tag.

gucci ultrapace sneakers dupe

More Gucci Sneaker Dupes

Gucci Canvas Platform Sneakers

Last but not least, the Gucci Canvas Platform Sneakers combine comfort and class with their chunky sole and canvas exterior. To get this same stylish look without the price tag, check out these $25 Gucci-inspired sneakers on Amazon.

gucci platform sneakers dupe

More Gucci Platform Sneaker Dupes

Whether you’re searching for sandals or sneakers, I hope you’ve discovered Gucci shoe dupes that fit your style and budget. Searching for more designer dupes? Check out these related articles:

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