17+ Best Gucci Inspired Bags that Look Designer

Searching for the perfect Gucci bag dupe? Want the luxurious, timeless style of Gucci bags without emptying your bank account? I have good news for you. In this article, I’m sharing the best Gucci lookalike bags so you can rock the same look without putting a designer dent in your wallet!

Ready to uncover some fabulous Gucci dupes? Let’s dive in!

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gucci bag dupe

Gucci bags hardly need an introduction. From vintage treasures to new releases, every single Gucci bag is drool-worthy. But while I’d love to own every Gucci design ever created, these gorgeous bags come with hefty price tags. Luckily, dozens of more affordable alternatives offer the same chic, luxe look without the designer prices.

Without further delay, here are the 17+ best Gucci bag dupes for a fraction of the price:

Gucci Horsebit Bag

First, the Horsebit Bag celebrates the brand’s equestrian roots with its Horsebit gold hardware. A classic bag and my dream designer piece in every sense, this style will cost you a hefty $2,565. For the same elegant, luxury look without the price tag, check out the Metal Embellished Lady Bag by Anthropologie, a great dupe for just $80.

gucci horsebit bag dupe

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Gucci Jackie Bag

Next, Gucci’s Jackie 1961 Shoulder Bag is a modern take on an iconic Gucci design that traces its roots back to the 1960s. Named after Jackie Kennedy, this bag embodies timeless elegance and sophistication.

I love this structured yet relaxed silhouette of the latest version, but why snag the original style when you can get the same chic look for less than $100? The Croc Bag by 8 Other Reasons is nearly identical to the real deal and comes in several stylish faux leather variations, including a chic beige.

gucci jackie bag dupe

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Gucci Dionysus Bag

I love this next Gucci handbag so much that I devoted an entire article to its best dupes. The Gucci Dionysus Bag is a true statement piece named after the ancient Greek god of wine and revelry. The Gucci version of this head-turning style will cost you nearly $2,500, but Amazon has the best dupe on the market for under $30.

gucci dionysus bag dupe

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Gucci Bucket Bag

Understated elegance at its best, the Jackie Soft Python Bucket Bag offers a relaxed yet undeniably chic accessory. Love this spacious bag but can’t afford to spend $3,400 on the real thing? Snag the & Other Stories Small Leather Bucket Bag for just $139. This Gucci bag dupe mirrors the Gucci Bucket Bag with such an uncanny resemblance that you might do a double-take.

gucci bucket bag dupe

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Gucci Soho Disco Bag

With its effortlessly luxurious look, it’s easy to see why the Gucci Soho Disco Bag has gained an almost cult-like following in recent years. Known for its compact size, the Soho Disco features a tassel zipper pull and a prominent interlocking GG logo. For a similar style without the $1,050 designer price tag, check out the Tory Burch Miller Mini Crossbody Bag for just $278.

gucci soho disco bag dupe

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Gucci Diana Bag

A Princess Diana staple and an “it girl” accessory to this day, the Gucci Diana Bag is known for its unique bamboo handles. I love this princess-worthy accessory and would pay a pretty penny for this archival design, but $2,590 is out of budget. If you love this Gucci icon as much as I do, snag the Patent North South Bag on Anthropologie for just $88.

gucci diana bag dupe

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Gucci Ophidia Crossbody Bag

With its retro vibes, Gucci stripes, and iconic GG monogram, the Ophidia Bag makes an unforgettable statement. This crossbody bag is another favorite and perfect for a day on the go. Can’t afford to spend $1,715 on this Gucci beauty? Head to Amazon and check out this $26 dupe for a strikingly similar style without the hefty price tag.

gucci ophidia crossbody bag dupe

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Gucci Lady Lock Bag

Ultra-feminine and undeniably elegant, the Gucci Lady Lock Bag is irresistible with its vintage charm. I love this gorgeous Gucci classic, but I can’t imagine spending almost $2,000 adding it to my collection. Luckily, JW PEI’s Lucy Top Handle Crossbody offers a nearly identical silhouette for just $70.

gucci lady lock bag dupe

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Gucci Marmont Bag

A famous and classic silhouette from the Gucci collection, the Marmont Bag features a sleek leather exterior and the iconic GG logo. Are you seeking a high-quality, affordable designer dupe for this Gucci classic? The GUESS Giully Convertible Crossbody Flap Bag offers a nearly identical silhouette (sans the GG logo) for a bargain price of $108.

gucci marmont bag dupe

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Gucci Bamboo Tote

Spacious yet still sexy, the Gucci Bamboo Tote contrasts luxury bamboo handles with a nylon exterior. A staple in the fashion world since its introduction, this roomy, romantic tote will cost you more than $400 (even used!). To get the same chic look without the price tag, check out this $23 alternative on Amazon.

gucci bamboo bag dupe

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Gucci Basket Bag

The Cestino Basket Bag is a summer-ready accessory with a woven wicker exterior, a bamboo handle, and gold accents. If this whimsical Gucci design is on your wishlist but out of budget with its $1,800 price tag, Amazon has a nearly identical lookalike bag for just $28.

gucci basket bag dupe

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Gucci Top Handle Bag

A colorful variation in the Dionysus collection, the Jacquard Dionysus Top Handle Bag truly takes luxury to another level. This bold bag features a rich, textured design while retaining the iconic tiger head clasp. I love this Gucci style but can’t afford to spend almost $1,500. Luckily, this gorgeous Gucci lookalike from Amazon offers the same look for just $35.

gucci bamboo bag dupe

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Gucci GG Bag

Versatility meets style and class with the Gucci GG Monogram Fold-Over Shoulder Bag, one of my favorite styles by the brand. This gorgeous bag features a fold-over design and the timeless Gucci monogram. Searching for this same chic, classic look without the $1,512 price tag? Check out the Jacquard Bag with Buckle by Mango, a strikingly similar design for just $70.

gucci lookalike bag

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Gucci Backpack

This next Gucci design promises to make a loud, bold statement at school or on the go. The functional, fashionable Gucci Backpack features the brand’s recognizable stripe against black leather. For a nearly identical silhouette that won’t cost you $1,200, snag this affordable $27 alternative from Amazon.

gucci backpack dupe

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Gucci Mini Bag

Mini bags are certainly having a moment, and what better way to match the trend than with the Gucci GG Half-Moon Mini Bag? This petite accessory features a unique half-moon shape and Gucci’s signature GG monogram print and logo. If you love this stunning shoulder bag but can’t afford to spend $1,250, check out the Jacquard Shoulder Bag by Mango, a Gucci lookalike for just $60.

gucci mini shoulder bag dupe

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Gucci Zumi Bag

Oversized and oh-so-elegant, the Gucci Zumi Bag is the dream work or laptop bag in every sense. With its striking hardware and sleek leather shape, the Zumi can easily elevate any business casual look. If this classy, fabulous Gucci design is out of budget with its nearly $2,700 price tag, snag this lookalike by Dasein for just $40. Like the original design, this dupe comes in several (8, to be exact!) different colors, so there’s truly a style for everyone.

gucci handbag dupe

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Gucci GG Canvas Tote

Last but certainly not least, this next classic Gucci design proves you don’t have to sacrifice style for spaciousness. The Gucci GG Canvas Tote epitomizes functional luxury with its roomy interior and chic signature GG monogram canvas. To get this same stunning look without spending $840, head to Mango and snag this affordable alternative for just $100.

gucci tote dupe

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