19+ Best Foundrae Inspired Jewelry To Shop (2024)

If you’re on the hunt for the dreamiest Foundrae dupes, this article is for you! Today, I’m exploring 19+ Foundrae jewelry designs, from new pieces to cult classics, and the best dupes for each.

Read on to discover affordable alternatives for Foundrae’s pieces — necklaces, bracelets, and rings — and get this stylish, spiritual look for less!

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foundrae dupes

Foundrae: More Than Just Pieces of Jewelry

Fine jewelry brand Foundrae has been my latest designer obsession. Funny enough, I first discovered this label while following the Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash trial last year and instantly fell in love. Gwyneth is one of many stylish celebs known to rock Foundrae jewelry. In recent years, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Dua Lipa—just to name a few—have been captured wearing the brand’s special pieces as well.

So what is Foundrae? Beth Hutchens is the visionary behind Foundrae and a believer in the power of jewelry as a means of storytelling and self-expression. Hutchens launched Foundrae in 2015 with a collection of modern heirlooms full of spiritual symbolism. Foundrae’s luxury jewelry line includes chain necklaces, charm bracelets, pendants, earrings, and more. Customization is at the heart of Foundrae’s offering, with each piece meant to tell its wearer’s story. From symbols of karma and protection to perseverance and love, Foundrae pieces are deeply personal and symbolic. (Source: Foundrae)

I absolutely love Foundrae jewelry, but it’s no secret that these luxury pieces come with pretty hefty price tags. Let’s explore the best Foundrae necklace, ring, and bracelet dupes so you can get this beautiful designer look for less.

Foundrae Zodiac Necklace

First, the Zodiac Necklace is a signature Foundrae design and the perfect gift for any occasion. This gorgeous necklace features a zodiac sign inscribed on a solid gold medallion and a self-adjustable chain. Adding this stunning piece to your cart will cost a shocking $4,650, but you can get a similar look for $75 with the Natalie B. necklace. Like the original, the $75 Redone Zodiac Vintage Necklace by Natalie B. Jewelry is a great gift, featuring a zodiac symbol on 14-karat gold.

foundrae zodiac necklace dupe

Foundrae Protection Necklace

This next Foundrae necklace is a personal favorite, a handmade gold necklace meant to protect from bad energy and balance karma. This beautiful necklace is the perfect layering piece, but it unfortunately comes with a $5,076 price tag. If you love the symbolism of this necklace, the St. Christopher Necklace by Elizabeth Cole is a great alternative. This Foundrae necklace dupe features a similar two-pendant look on a gorgeous gold chain.

foundrae protection necklace dupe

Foundrae Gwyneth Paltrow Necklace

As seen on Gwyneth Paltrow, Foundrae’s Love Necklace is a timeless statement piece featuring a bold heart pendant on a chain link. This stunning style will cost you as much as a down payment (no, seriously, $41,960- yikes!), but why pay full price when Jenny Bird has a similar style for $158? The Puffy Heart Chain Necklace mimics the original with an oversized, detachable heart and wrap style.

foundrae gwyneth paltrow necklace dupe

Foundrae Karma Necklace

Next, the Infinity, Karma & Amate Necklace by Foundrae is a work of wearable art featuring a beautiful trio of symbolic charms. The 18-karat gold pendants represent karma, love, and the power of positive energy. I’m obsessed with this Foundrae design, but I can’t imagine spending almost $8,000 on a necklace. If you love this classic style as much as I do, the Elizabeth Cole Galia Necklace is a great lookalike. This Foundrae dupe features an evil eye theme and a mix of gold-plated brass, Swarovski and Czech crystals, and glass stones.

foundrae karma necklace dupe

Foundrae Compass Necklace

Foundrae speaks to those who value an internal compass, and this next necklace is a literal interpretation of this theme. The Internal Compass Necklace is sleek and simple, featuring a gorgeous gold compass with white diamond details. If you can’t afford to spend $4,240 on the original, this Miranda Frye necklace is one of the best dupes, offering a similar gold and crystal look. While not identical, the Paisley Chain With Reese Charm Necklace is a beautiful, versatile piece of everyday jewelry.

foundrae compass necklace dupe

Foundrae Double Wrapped Necklace

Next, the Double Wrapped Small Mixed Clip Sister Hook Chain Couplet Necklace is a gorgeous, symbolic design. This handmade gold necklace represents ever-growing love with a nod to two powerful French statements. If this wrapped necklace is on your wishlist but out of budget at $15,200, consider snagging the 8 Other Reasons Pearl Lariat Necklace instead. This $62 Foundrae-inspired style captures the textured look of the original with its combination of chains and pearls.

foundrae wrapped necklace dupe

Foundrae Silver and Gold Necklace

The Foundrae jewelry collection is full of unique designs, but this two-toned necklace is one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, the 18kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Element Diamond Necklace comes with a price tag of almost $9,000. For a similar contrast look without the Foundrae price tag, check out the Empire Necklace by Child of Wild. This Revolve bestselling chain style offers a similar gold and silver look for just $118.

foundrae dupe

Foundrae Heart Necklace

Another mixed metal design, Foundrae’s Mixed Link Heart Necklace promises to turn heads. This special occasion style combines an oversized heart pendant with a striking gold and silver chain. If you have your eye on this customizable style but can’t afford to spend $43K on the real thing, Ettika has a great option for you. The Athens Necklace in Mixed Metal is an incredible Foundrae heart necklace dupe, offering a similar look and love theme for only $55.

foundrae heart necklace dupe

Foundrae Heavy Belcher Chain Necklace

Foundrae’s Heavy Belcher Chain Necklace is a classic necklace that offers maximum flexibility. This signature style is compatible with the brand’s medallions, allowing for endless customization. To get the same staple look without the $7,725 price tag, snag the Carabiner Necklace by Petit Moments instead. This Foundrae necklace dupe is similar to the original with its layered chain look but will cost you just $75.

foundrae chain necklace dupe

Foundrae Strength Necklace

A gorgeous piece from Foundrae’s Strength Collection, the Strength Onyx Necklace is a statement style. This powerful design invites wearers to trust their inner divine guidance when facing challenges. If this black onyx design has caught your eye, the Arne Necklace by Petit Moments offers a similar look without the $8,100 price tag. While it lacks the same strength pendant, this Foundrae-inspired necklace captures the vibe of the original for way less.

foundrae necklace dupe

Foundrae Charm Necklace

At #11, the Foundrae Charm Necklace features seven symbolic pendants, each with a powerful spiritual meaning. This bold accessory is handcrafted from gold and features sparkly diamond details. Searching for the dreamiest Foundrae necklace dupe that captures the dynamic look of this popular style? While it lacks the quality and detail of the Foundrae original, the Mevecco Gold Chain Choker is a great alternative and only $14.

foundrae charm necklace dupe

Foundrae Initial Necklace

Last on my list of necklaces, the Personalized Medium Heart Clip Chain Necklace is a stunning, customizable Foundrae style. This beautiful style promises to be a cherished heirloom, a dreamy gift that can feature up to four initials. Can’t afford to splurge and spend $6,140 on this Foundrae beauty? Check out the Yoosteel Gold Initial Necklace on Amazon, a great Foundrae necklace dupe for $15.

foundrae initial necklace dupe

Foundrae Ring Dupes

And, of course, a list of iconic Foundrae styles would be incomplete without mention of the brand’s collection of symbolic rings. Let’s explore a few of the best Foundrae ring dupes that capture the vibe of the originals without the designer price tags.

  1. Foundrae Love Ring Dupe
  2. Foundrae Snake Ring Dupe
  3. Foundrae Signet Ring Dupe
  4. Foundrae Star Baby Ring Dupe
foundrae ring dupes

Foundrae Bracelet Dupes

Finally, Foundrae’s beautiful bracelets are the dreamiest everyday accessories, featuring spiritual symbols on chic silhouettes. Here are my favorite Foundrae bracelet dupes to shop this season:

  1. Foundrae Hook Bracelet Dupe
  2. Foundrae Chain Bracelet Dupe
  3. Foundrae Crescent Moon Bracelet Dupe
foundrae bracelet dupes

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the perfect Foundrae dupes to add to your collection! Did I leave off your favorite Foundrae design, or are you looking for a different piece of jewelry? Shop 60+ Foundrae dupes on my list of Foundrae-inspired jewelry on Revolve. Or, for more designer jewelry dupes, check out these articles next

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