17 Gorgeous and Affordable Dragon Diffusion Bag Dupes

Hunting for the perfect Dragon Diffusion dupe that won’t empty your wallet? Today, I’m exploring 17+ Dragon Diffusion bags, from woven handbags to timeless totes, and the best dupes for each. Keep reading to find the dreamiest Dragon Diffusion bag dupe to add to your collection this season!

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dragon diffusion dupes

Dragon Diffusion Santa Croce Small Tote

Kicking things off with a viral Dragon Diffusion style, the Santa Croce Bag features gorgeous woven leather and a top handle design. If you love this braided tote but can’t afford to spend $361, the 8 Other Reasons Woven Tote Bag is a great option. This Dragon Diffusion dupe bag lacks the brand’s signature St. Christopher medal but offers a similar braided look for $189.

Dragon Diffusion Nantucket Bag

A Dragon Diffusion icon, the Nantucket Bag is an oversized yet undeniably chic leather basket bag. This tote promises to be your most-used carry-all this summer, but adding it to your collection will cost you a hefty $484. For a similar XL style without the $414 price tag, snag the ALLSAINTS Allington Straw Tote for just $139. This Dragon Diffusion Nantucket Bag dupe also comes in a stunning peat brown variation.

dragon diffusion nantucket bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Dora Tote

Next, the Dragon Diffusion Dora Tote is a versatile, stylish bag perfect for running errands. One of my favorite tote bags, the Dora is crafted from buffalo calf leather and features two long handles. To get this timeless style without the $431 price tag, consider the Casa Clara Beach Party Tote in Cocoa for $84 instead. As its name suggests, this Dragon Diffusion-inspired design is ideal for a day on the beach.

dragon diffusion dora tote dupe

Dragon Diffusion Cannage Market Bag

It’s hard not to love the Cannage Market Bag. This shoulder bag has a flat bottom and soft leather, similar to a rattan bistro chair. Is this structured style on your wishlist but out of budget at $486? Skip the Dragon Diffusion store and head to Revolve for the perfect dupe instead. The popular Casa Clara Strawberry Bag in Rattan features a similar rigid rattan shape, and the price is right at just $92.

dragon diffusion cannage market bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Inside-Out Mini Bag

Have you been eyeing the effortlessly chic Dragon Diffusion Inside-Out Mini Bag? That makes two of us. This petite crossbody bag can be worn with or without its shoulder strap, making it the perfect day-to-night accessory. I love this woven leather handbag, so I was thrilled to discover the 8 Other Reasons Mini Tote Bag in Black. Like its designer counterpart, this Dragon Diffusion features both a shoulder strap and top handle for versatile wear.

dragon diffusion mini bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Egola Bag

A boxy beach bag, the Dragon Diffusion Egola Bag features a convenient open-top design in sleek white leather. This unique tote demonstrates the brand’s use of traditional techniques. Are you obsessed with this Dragon Diffusion beauty but can’t afford to spend $432 on the original? For a similar summer-ready look, snag the BTB Los Angeles Ellie Tote for $250 instead. While not identical, this Dragon Diffusion dupe mimics the original’s basket style and woven white leather design.

dragon diffusion white bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Triple Jump Small Bag

Another bestselling style, the Triple Jump Small Bag features a handwoven design and a Saint Christopher medal. This striking tote is named after the brand’s weaving pattern, where each “jump” represents a diagonal weave. If you love this oversized style as much as I do but can’t afford to splurge, check out the Gassda Woven Bag on Amazon for $46. This Dragon Diffusion lookalike offers a similar structured style without the $374 price tag.

dragon diffusion triple jump bag dupe amazon

Dragon Diffusion Basket Bag

A recognizable summer staple style and one of my favorite bucket bags, the stylish Cannage Myra Basket Bag is a bestseller for a reason. This gorgeous bucket bag features a cannage weave and a soft leather finish. Are you in love with this classic Dragon Diffusion design but can’t afford to spend $326? The LSPACE Bella Bag in Natural captures the chic vibe of the Cannage Myra Basket for $200 less.

dragon diffusion basket bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Minga Tote

Looking for a new everyday tote? The Dragon Diffusion Minga Tote is the perfect accessory if you’re looking for the ideal blend of fashion and function. This woven leather bag combines a diagonal drill weave with unique shoulder straps for a statement look. To get a similar look without the $457 price tag, check out the bestselling 8 Other Reasons Weaved Tote in Natural instead. This beautiful Dragon Diffusion tote dupe offers a similar braided look for $200 less.

dragon diffusion tote dupe

Dragon Diffusion Rosanna Bag

Dragon Diffusion’s collection includes some of the most stunning woven purses, but the Rosanna Bag has to be my favorite. This handcrafted Dragon Diffusion purse features a woven style and a chic shoulder strap. Are you in love with this sophisticated style but cringe at the $367 price tag? Shop the Bostanten Crescent Shoulder Hobo Bag, an incredible Dragon Diffusion bag dupe for just $28.

dragon diffusion rosanna bag dupe amazon

Dragon Diffusion Cannage Max Tote

A signature Dragon Diffusion design, the Cannage Max XL Tote combines an open-top basket style with a classic weave design. This bright white bag is at the top of my wishlist, but I can’t justify spending $428 on the real deal. Luckily, the BTB Los Angeles Capri Tote offers a comparable braided look for under $200. Like the original, this woven leather tote features a unique box shape and a striking weave design.

dragon diffusion cannage max bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Big Bucket XXL Bag

Up next, the Dragon Diffusion Big Bucket XXL Bag proves that a bag can be spacious and stylish. This oversized bucket bag is a classic with its drawstring inner lining and striking woven leather exterior. Want this Dragon Diffusion look for less? Snag the 8 Other Reasons Bucket Bag in Neutral, a surprisingly good dupe for just $109.

dragon diffusion bucket bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Japan Leather Tote

This next Dragon Diffusion bag is giving off all the Bottega Veneta vibes. The Dragon Diffusion Japan Leather Tote boasts a chic woven design and a sleek black leather style. This handwoven basket bag has a luxury price tag, but you can get an equally sophisticated style with this St. Agni lookalike. The St. Agni Woven Mini Tote in Black is a near replica of the Dragon Diffusion original but retails for under $300.

dragon diffusion japan bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Check Tote

The Dragon Diffusion Check Tote is one of the most unique leather bags, featuring a fun check pattern on a woven tote. This investment bag costs almost $500, but if you’re open to a different color scheme, the BTB Los Angeles Hampton Tote is worth considering. This Dragon Diffusion Check Tote dupe features a similar check pattern and ruffled look in a gorgeous black-and-white design.

dragon diffusion check tote dupe

Dragon Diffusion Grace Bag

One of my most-wanted leather handbags from the Dragon Diffusion collection is the Grace Small Basket Bag. This mini, all-purpose tote features a more rounded shape than the Triple Jump styles, offering a relaxed, elegant look. If you love the $368 Grace Basket Bag as much as I do, snag the Kalidi Tote on Amazon, the perfect Dragon Diffusion alternative, for just $50.

dragon diffusion dupe amazon

Dragon Diffusion Madame Myriam Bag

The Dragon Diffusion Madame Myriam Bag features braided handles, a shoulder strap, and a Saint Christopher medal. If you love this woven leather tote but cringe at its $332 price tag, the 8 Other Reasons Top Handle Tote in Tan may be for you. This $102 Dragon Diffusion bag dupe offers a similar unlined design and unique cylindrical top handles.

dragon diffusion bag dupe

Dragon Diffusion Crossbody Pochette

Last but certainly not least, the Dragon Diffusion Pic Pocket Bag is the brand’s artisanal take on a mini crossbody bag. This compact style features a flat shape and an open top, woven design. To get this same convenient look for $78 less, snag this popular $33 lookalike on Amazon. Like the OG design, this crossbody bag is perfect for carrying a phone and any small belongings.

dragon diffusion crossbody bag dupe

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the dreamiest Dragon Diffusion dupe! Did I leave off a style, or are you looking for more Dragon Diffusion bag dupes? I’ve compiled a list of over 40+ additional Dragon Diffusion-inspired bags on Revolve. Or, if you’re searching for more affordable alternatives to your favorite designer bags, read these articles next:

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