The 13+ Best Dolce Vita Inspired Shoes to Shop Now

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On the hunt for the best Dolce Vita-inspired shoes? Today, I’m determined to help you get the trendy look of Dolce Vita shoes without the high price tag. In this post, I’ll explore 13+ popular Dolce Vita styles and affordable alternatives for each.

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dolce vita dupes

Before we get started, I have to recognize the popular brand behind these original shoe designs. Since its 2001 launch, Dolce Vita has become a household name in the footwear industry, known for its trendy designs for modern women. The Dolce Vita collection includes a range of shoe styles, from summer sandals to chic boots and platform sneakers.

For years, Dolce Vita has been one of my favorite brands for timeless sandals and comfortable, classic heels. While I love every Dolce Vita design, I recognize that these shoes can be expensive. Luckily, there are countless affordable alternatives that offer the same classic look without the high cost. Today, I’m excited to share the best Dolce Vita dupes with the same chic, sophisticated vibe for less. With these affordable styles, you can get the same stunning look without the high price tag.

Here are the best Dolce Vita dupes to shop:

Dolce Vita Dolen Sneakers

First, the popular Dolce Vita Dolen Sneakers are a trendy, comfortable option for everyday wear. These stylish sneakers feature a chunky sole and a stunning knit exterior. They’re the perfect dupe for the Chloe Nama Platform Sneakers, but they’re far from cheap with their $150 price tag. For a great dupe, check out this new style from Universal Thread. These $43 Target Dolce Vita dupes offer the same trendy look for less than a third of the price.

target dolce vita sneaker dupe

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Dolce Vita Toyah Sneaker

Next, the Dolce Vita Toyah Sneakers are a modern take on the classic oxford style. These metallic platform sneakers are versatile and stylish. For a similar pair that will cost you 75% less, snag these bestselling Dolce Vita dupes on Amazon. These gorgeous sneakers offer the same lace-up look for $100 less.

dolce vita oxford sneaker dupes

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Dolce Vita Elora Sandals

The Dolce Vita Elora Sandals are the perfect summer staple. These platform sandals are trendy and comfortable, but they come with a $130 price tag. If you’re looking for a more affordable style with the same summer-ready aesthetic, these $40 Amazon lookalikes are a great option.

dolce vita dupes amazon

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Dolce Vita Paily Heels

At #4 and one of the most recognizable Dolce Vita designs, the Dolce Vita Paily Heels feature braided straps and a comfortable block heel. For equally chic alternatives that will cost you just $40, snag these braided heels from Amazon. Like the originals, these popular heels offer a stylish, steady heel that’s equal parts trendy and versatile.

dolce vita paily heels dupe

More Dolce Vita Paily Heel Dupes

Dolce Vita River Pearl Heels

Feminine and elegant, the Dolce Vita River Pearl Heels are the perfect strappy sandals. If you love these pearl heels, check out these Dolce Vita lookalikes for just $50. Like the originals, the Shoe’N Tale Strappy Heels feature a low block heel, an open square toe, and stunning pearl embellishments.

dolce vita river pearl heels dupe

Find a Similar Dolce Vita Pearl Heels Dupe

Dolce Vita Noles Heels

Simple yet sophisticated, the Dolce Vita Noles Heels are incredibly versatile. If you love this simple Dolce Vita style, snag The Drop Women’s Avery Shoe for just $44. These Dolce Vita dupes are some of my most-worn heels, and I can attest to their style and comfort!

dolce vita noles dupe

Similar Dolce Vita Heel Dupes

Dolce Vita Kash Heels

The Dolce Vita Kash Heels are a great warm-weather shoe with their strappy and sexy design. This chic and trendy style is stunning, but there’s no reason to pay full price when Amazon has a comparable option for just $33. These nearly identical heels offer the same stunning look for a fraction of the cost.

dolce vita sandals dupe

Similar Dolce Vita Heel Dupes

Dolce Vita Kanika Pearl Heels

One of the most popular Dolce Vita designs, the Kanika Pearl Heels are the perfect wedding-day shoes. These heels feature an elegant pearl strap and a patent leather pointed toe. For a similar style that will cost you just $50, check out these Dolce Vita Pearl Heel dupes from Dream Pairs. They’re a good dupe for any bride-to-be on a tighter budget.

dolce vita pearl heels dupe

More Dolce Vita Pearl Heels Dupes

Dolce Vita Atomic Raffia Sandals

A personal favorite Dolce Vita style, the Atomic Raffia Sandals are a trendy, chic option for summer. These sandals are stunning and versatile, but they come with an $80 price tag. For a similar style, snag The Drop’s Monika Flat H-Band Slide Sandal for just $35. These Dolce Vita dupes feature a similar H-band style and a gorgeous raffia finish.

dolce vita sandals dupe

Similar Dolce Vita Sandal Dupes

Dolce Vita Indy Sandal

My first purchase from Dolce Vita many years ago, the Dolce Vita Indy Sandals are versatile, comfortable summer shoes. If you’re looking for a similar braided sandal look for less, check out these $30 Dolce Vita dupes. Like the originals, these stunning sandals feature a square open toe and braided straps.

dolce vita sandals dupe

Similar Dolce Vita Sandal Dupes

Dolce Vita Grazie Sandal

Next, the Dolce Vita Grazie Sandal is an effortlessly chic style great for everyday wear. These braided slides combine style and comfort, but they come with an $80 price tag. Luckily, Dream Pairs has a good dupe for just $46. Like the original pair, these lookalikes feature a slip-on style for a fashionable summer sandal that won’t break the bank.

dolce vita sandals dupe

Similar Dolce Vita Sandal Dupes

Dolce Vita Landon Boots

The Dolce Vita Landen Boots make a statement with their edgy, bold design. These black and white cowgirl boots can easily elevate any dull look. If you love this bestselling style, check out these Cowboy Boots by Erocalli for just $68. These Dolce Vita dupes feature the same mid-calf height and a nearly identical print.

dolce vita boot dupes

Similar Dolce Vita Boot Dupes

Dolce Vita Caster H2O Bootie

A popular Dolce Vita boot style, the Caster H2O Booties are a versatile boot design with a sleek, waterproof finish. For a comparable look that will cost you $100 less, snag the Cushionaire Beckett Chelsea Boots. These Dolce Vita boot dupes feature a memory foam sole and are available in wide widths, offering comfort and style at a cheaper price point.

dolce vita caster h2o booties dupe

Similar Dolce Vita Boot Dupes

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the stylish appeal of Dolce Vita shoes. With these affordable alternatives available, you can get the same trendy look for far less. Whether you’re searching for platform sneakers, sexy sandals, or wedding shoes, I hope you’ve found a style you love.

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