Dig Inn Promo Code

Dig Inn Promo Code

Dig Inn Promo Code: $5 Off Your First In-App Order

Looking for a Dig Inn promo code? Click here for $5 off your first in-app purchase!

Dig Inn: Brand Overview

Dig — formerly Dig Inn before a 2019 name change — is one of my go-to spots when I’m craving a healthy meal on the go. Since first entering the NYC food scene over a decade ago, the farm-to-table chain has expanded to more than two dozen locations.

Dig is committed to purchasing only the freshest ingredients and promises your meal will be free of hydrogenated fats and artificial coloring/flavoring/sweeteners. All meats are antibiotic and hormone free, and their salmon (so delicious!) is wild-caught and sourced from Alaska. 

When you support Dig, you also support the organization’s mission of changing our food system for the better. The brand is committed to investing in waste reduction, creating a future of sustainable farming, and supporting local suppliers. Read more on their mission here!

Dig Inn Promo Code: Know Before You Order

A few pointers if it’s your first time ordering from Dig Inn:

  • Register a credit card to take advantage of $5 off every $50 spent and a $5 annual birthday reward
  • The app has an “allergen” feature where you can designate specific allergies. Once selected, your allergy will be highlighted throughout the menu as you scroll.
  • You can choose up to 3 complimentary sauces. I personally love the pesto and garlic aioli, but you can’t go wrong sampling several!
  • For my fellow vegetarian friends, build your own market bowl (one base, three market sides) and save vs. the traditional meat-based bowls
Dig Inn Promo Code

Dig Inn Whole30 Approved Ingredients

A 2019 Reddit post listed several Whole30 approved ingredients. Check out the brand’s full ingredient list here!

  • Sheet Tray Carrots
  • Charred Broccoli with Lemon
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Farm Greens
  • Charred Chicken
  • Herb Roasted Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Avocado
Dig Inn Promo Code

Dig Inn Vegan Approved Ingredients

Dig Inn lists the following ingredients/entrees as Vegan on their current menu. Be sure to check for current items, as the menu changes each season:

Vegan Entrees:

  • Spring Harvest

Vegan Sides:

  • Quinoa & Lentils with Lemon
  • Roasted Mushrooms & Potatoes with Garlic Aioli
  • Sheet Tray Carrots with Pesto
  • Grilled Tofu with Sriracha Side
  • Brown Rice
  • Kale Caesar Salad

Vegan Sauces:

  • Sriracha
  • Pesto
  • Garlic Aioli
  • Rosemary Vinaigrette
  • Tarragon Mustard

Dig Inn Menu Highlights: A Few Must-Try Items

  • Mediterranean Salad: Quinoa & lentil, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions, and farm greens with mint, with seasoned feta cheese and rosemary vinaigrette on the side.
  • Hot Honey Chicken: Glazed charred chicken, sheet tray carrots, charred broccoli with lemon, Jasper Hill mac and cheese, with maple honey sriracha on the side.
  • Spicy Meatball Bowl: Beef and chicken meatballs with spicy tomato sauce, cauliflower with parmesan, roasted carrots, brown rice, pesto on the side.
  • Personal favorites: I’m a pescatarian, so I tend to go for the Mediterranean Salad or make my own market bowl. The Alaska Salmon Avocado & Lentils Salad is also incredible!  
  • Build your own bowl with choice of one base, two sides, and a protein. The options are endless! 
  • The Mac & Cheese is incredible! Try it in a bowl or as a side with hot honey 

dig inn promo code

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and hope that you’ll take advantage of the $5 off Dig Inn promo code here! Looking for more freebies and promo codes? Check out the archives or send me a message if there’s something you’d like to see.

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