The 15+ Best Cult Gaia Dress Dupes To Shop (2024)

Searching for the best Cult Gaia dress dupes on the market? Want the edgy, colorful style of Cult Gaia dresses without the high price tag? Today, I’m exploring 15+ favorite Cult Gaia dresses and the best affordable alternatives for a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re searching for a cutout knit dress or a sophisticated gown, I’m confident you’ll find an incredible Cult Gaia dupe.

*Originally published August 2021, Updated January 2024*

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cult gaia dress dupes

Cult Gaia Renata Gown

Kicking things off with a signature Cult Gaia style, the Renata Gown is truly a work of wearable art. This unique halter gown features fringe over a mesh lining and has become one of the most viral styles in the fashion world. While not identical, the Camila Coelho Payton Maxi Dress is a great Cult Gaia Renata Gown dupe, offering a similar silhouette for just $278.

cult gaia renata gown dupe

Cult Gaia Crochet Dress

Next and of my favorite Cult Gaia dresses, the Accalia Crochet Gown promises to turn heads with its unique, hand-crocheted patterns. This sold-out halter gown originally retailed for $2,398 (yikes!), but you can get a similar look with the Simon Miller Beep Beep Dress in Magenta. This Cult Gaia Crochet Dress dupe mimics the original with its unique, textured details but will only cost you $495.

cult gaia crochet dress dupe

Cult Gaia Muna Dress

My dream white dress, Cult Gaia’s Muna features an off-the-shoulder silhouette and gorgeous boning details. This statement style would be perfect for a bride-to-be but comes with a $698 price tag. To get the same elegant look for a fraction of the cost, snag the Samara Dress by Line & Dot for just $212 instead.

cult gaia muna dress dupe

Cult Gaia Shannon Dress

It’s hard not to love the Cult Gaia Shannon Dress. A classic for years, this stunning mini dress features all-over ostrich feathers and a high neck. Obsessed with this viral Cult Gaia dress but can’t afford to spend $1,198? The Alena Dress by LaMarque is an excellent alternative, offering a similar feather-filled look for almost $600 less.

cult gaia shannon dress dupe

Cult Gaia Cameron Dress

A gorgeous cutout dress featuring a sophisticated halter top, the Cult Gaia Cameron Dress is a dreamy vacation piece. If you love this popular Cult Gaia style but can’t afford to spend $458, the Visitant Maxi Dress by Elliatt is a great option. Like the real thing, this Cult Gaia dress dupe features chic waist cutouts, a fun halter tie, and a bold orange finish.

cult gaia cameron dress dupe

Cult Gaia Gosia Gown

Cult Gaia’s gowns are sophisticated yet undeniably unique, and the Gosia Gown is no exception. This statement red dress features an asymmetrical hem and a sleek strapless cut. Are you obsessed with this gorgeous red dress but cringe at the $2,598 price tag? The NBD Wisteria Mini Dress in Red offers a similar, equally eccentric look for less than $200.

Or, if you’re not in a rush and have a larger budget, pre-order this bestselling style from BCBG for $498.

cult gaia red dress dupe

Cult Gaia Asal Dress

One of my favorite shorter styles from the Cult Gaia collection, the Asal Dress is a gorgeous pink mini dress with puff sleeves. Love this off-the-shoulder style but can’t justify spending almost $600? The Line & Dot Golden Hour Dress in Magenta is a fantastic alternative, offering the same bright pink look for less than $200.

cult gaia asal dress dupe

Cult Gaia Serita Dress

Hailey Bieber helped make this next Cult Gaia style viral in 2020, and the Serita Dress is just as popular years later. This knit maxi dress features a bold cutout and a slinky, sexy silhouette. For the same look without the $458 price tag, snag the Saoirse Midi Dress by Significant Other instead. This $266 Cult Gaia Serita Dress dupe features a similar neutral color palette and a body-hugging shape that’s perfect for summer.

cult gaia serita dress dupe

Cult Gaia Mara Dress

A shorter variation of the iconic Renata Gown, the Cult Gaia Mara Dress makes a bold statement with its funky fringe finish. Is this stunning mini dress on your hot girl summer wishlist but out of budget? Check out this nearly identical style by Azalea Wang instead. This Cult Gaia Mara Dress dupe mimics the original with its all-over fringe and halter cut, but it will only cost you $120.

cult gaia mara dress dupe

Cult Gaia Aviva Gown

At #10, the Cult Gaia Aviva Gown is fit for a queen. This pink taffeta style combines a flattering corset with voluminous sleeves and an oversized skirt. If you’re eyeing this stunning statement style, the NBD Chey Dress in Pink offers a similar look for less than $500. While the dresses are slightly different colors and shapes, they both feature taffeta fabric, a sleek slit, and a statement train.

cult gaia pink gown dupe

Cult Gaia Anisa Gown

Cult Gaia’s take on a classic, timeless black dress, the Anisa Gown features a strapless silhouette and fun sequins. If you’re looking for an equally glamorous design without the $1,998 price tag, the Benny Dress by Likely is worth considering. This Cult Gaia-inspired style features the same embellished, strapless style for under $400.

cult gaia black dress dupe

Cult Gaia Red Dress

A gorgeous mini dress that promises to turn heads, the Cult Gaia Lucienne Dress is a dreamy design. This one-shoulder dress features a unique cutout with a fun twist detail. While not identical, the Elektra Gown by Lovers and Friends offers the same bold, bright look and a one-shoulder silhouette. And the best part? This Cult Gaia dress dupe will cost you less than $300!

cult gaia red dress dupe

Cult Gaia Winona Gown

This next Cult Gaia style is giving all the vintage vibes with its dramatic oversized sleeves and plunging neck. I love the Cult Gaia Winona Gown, but I can’t imagine spending almost $900 on this style. Luckily, the Show Me Your Mumu Get Together Dress is one of the best Cult Gaia dupes, offering a similar vintage vibe for less than $200.

cult gaia green dress dupe

Cult Gaia White Dress

A stunning staple style, the Cult Gaia Ayres Dress is a gorgeous strapless maxi with pleated details and a fun slit. If you’re eyeing this lightweight summer style but can’t afford to spend $518, the Whynter Maxi Dress by Elliatt is an excellent alternative.

cult gaia white dress dupe

Cult Gaia Feather Dress

Last but not least, the Cult Gaia Reeves Dress makes a bold statement with its gorgeous green color and feather trim. This Cult Gaia mini dress retails for $1,198, but you can get a similar look for less than $400 with the Jessica Dress by Lovers and Friends.

cult gaia green dress dupe

And there you have it—the best Cult Gaia dress dupes on the market! Searching for affordable dupes for a different Cult Gaia dress design? Check out my list of Cult Gaia-inspired dresses on Revolve for an updated list of new arrivals and newly in-stock styles. Or, if you’re searching for more amazing designer dupes, add these articles to your reading list next. Happy shopping, my friends!

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