The 20+ Best Christian Louboutin Inspired Shoes

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Are you searching for the best Christian Louboutin-inspired shoes without the high price tag? Want the same sleek, timeless look of these iconic designer shoes for a fraction of the price? This article is for you.

Today, I’m sharing the best Christian Louboutin shoe dupes, from high heels to platform boots. I’ll explore iconic Louboutin styles, including the So Kate, Superyaz, and Roxxxy Boots, and the best lookalikes for each.

Read on for the best Christian Louboutin dupes on the market!

louboutin dupes

French footwear designer Christian Louboutin is an iconic name in the fashion world, known for his red bottom heels. In 1993, Louboutin, inspired by red nail polish, painted the sole of a prototype shoe the same bold hue. The rest is history. To this day, Louboutin’s recognizable red bottom shoes are synonymous with luxury and style. (Source: Glamour)

While I’d love to own a pair of Louboutin heels, these designer shoes come with hefty price tags. Luckily, many alternatives offer the same sophisticated style at more affordable price points. Today, I’ll explore the best Christian Louboutin designer dupes so you can get the same glamorous look without breaking the bank.

Ready to get started? Here are the best Christian Louboutin heel dupes on the market:

Christian Louboutin So Kate Heels

Arguably the classiest black heels money can buy, the So Kate Pumps are the perfect staple shoe. This sophisticated, sexy shoe features a thin 120-mm stiletto heel and a classic pointed toe. For an equally chic style, snag the Vala Pump by Steve Madden. These Louboutin dupes are good quality and just as fabulous as the originals.

louboutin so kate dupe

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Christian Louboutin Spiked Heels

Next, the Pigalle Follies Pumps are a classic Louboutin style featuring unique spikes and a pointed-toe design. These elegant, versatile pumps are stunning but come with a $1,295 price tag. For a nearly identical look, check out this equally sophisticated style for less than $100 at Macy’s.

christian louboutin spiked heels dupe

More Christian Louboutin Spiked Heels Dupes

Christian Louboutin Sandale Du Desert

The Sandale du Desert 100 Sandals are some of the best Christian Louboutin wedding shoes. This bridal style features silk satin and romantic tulle ankle ties. For the same classic look, check out the $130 Benni White Heels by Steve Madden.

Christian Louboutin wedding shoe Sandale Du Desert dupe

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Christian Louboutin Flower Pumps

With their funky floral design, the Christian Louboutin Constella 100 Pumps are a colorful addition to any collection. This sequin applique style will cost you almost $1500, but you can get the same vibrant, floral look for just $99 with the Juarez Pump by Azalea Wang.

christian louboutin red bottom heels dupe

Similar Knock Off Louboutin Pumps

Christian Louboutin Crystal Heels

Covered in crystals, the Christian Louboutin Kate Crystal Pumps epitomize luxury and sophistication. These beautiful Louboutin heels cost nearly $3,000, but you can get the same stunning, sparkly look for just $53 with these Louboutin dupes.

christian louboutin kate crystal shoes dupe

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Christian Louboutin Slingback Pumps

Next, the Christian Louboutin Degradama Slingbacks are a vibrant, bold style featuring a mix of colors and textures. These glamorous slingbacks retail for $845. If you love these Christian Louboutin pumps, snag these Louboutin lookalikes on Amazon for just $60.

Christian Louboutin Slingback dupes

Similar Knock Off Louboutins

Christian Louboutin Glitter Heels

Fit for a queen and with a name to match, the Christian Louboutin MaryKate Queen 100 Glittered Pumps are a classic Louboutin style. These Christian Louboutin sparkly heels come with a $1,495 price tag, but you can get the same look with these high-quality dupes by Dream Pairs for $60.

christian louboutin glitter heels dupe

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Christian Louboutin Platform Sandals

Bold and unique, the Christian Louboutin Superyaz Platform Sandals make a loud statement. Check out the $109 Eugene Rosette Leopard Platform Sandals to get this vintage-inspired look for less.

christian louboutin superyaz dupe

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Christian Louboutin Rainbow Platform Heels

Leave it to Louboutin to make rainbow heels look effortlessly chic and luxurious. The Christian Louboutin Manola Metallic Platform Sandals are a personal favorite design, but they come with a $1,245 price tag. For an equally chic style, snag the Bautista Rainbow Metallic Platform Sandals by Jessica Simpson for just $66.

christian louboutin platform heels dupe

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Christian Louboutin Ankle Strap Sandals

A colorful and quirky style, the Christian Louboutin Smartissima Ankle Strap Sandals are a great summer shoe. If you love this bold design, check out the Jess Southern Phoebe Rainbow Bead Sandal, available in three colors at Dillard’s for $130.

christian Louboutin Smartissima sandals dupe

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Christian Louboutin Spike Sandals

Next, the Christian Louboutin Metallic Riojana Spike Sandals are edgy and ultra-chic. These colorful, metallic sandals cost almost $1,000, but you can get the same look for only $41 with the Vivianly Strappy Heels from Amazon.

loubiton spike sandals dupe

More Louboutin Spike Sandals Dupes

Christian Louboutin PVC Sandals

Perfect for special occasions, the Faridaravie PVC Sandals are strappy, sexy shoes with PVC accents and an iridescent trim. These gorgeous heels cost $895, but Amazon has a nearly identical pair for just $60. These Christian Louboutin dupes come in 31 striking variations, all with an effortlessly chic vibe.

Christian Louboutin PVC Sandals dupes

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Christian Louboutin Flat Sandals

The Christian Louboutin Smarta Leather Slides are a flat version of the popular Smartissima Sandals. These gorgeous, multicolored sandals are the perfect warm-weather style, but they retail for $875. For a comparable style, check out the Jess Southern Ashley Rainbow Ankle Wrap Sandals, available for just $98.

christian louboutin flat sandals dupe

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Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Next, the Christian Louboutin Loubi Flip Flops are a great shoe for a day by the pool. This pair of shoes is casual luxury at its finest. For a similar laid-back yet chic look, snag the Rivington Stud Flip Flop by Yosi Samra for just $60.

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops dupe

More Christian Louboutin Flip Flops Dupes

Christian Louboutin Espadrilles

Bright and playful, these rainbow Christian Louboutin espadrilles make a colorful statement. If you love these Louboutin wedges, check out the Pierra Rainbow Espadrille Platform Wedges from Kurt Geiger London, on sale for $105.

christian louboutin espadrille dupe

Christian Louboutin Espadrille Dupes

Christian Louboutin Wedges

How can you not love the feminine, colorful Christian Louboutin Monica du Desert Wedge Sandals? These Christian Louboutin wedges mix comfort and style with their colorful ribbon-tie design. For a similar look, consider the Perphy Platform Floral Espadrilles, available at Target for $55.

christian louboutin monica du desert  wedge sandal dupe

Similar Christian Louboutin Wedges Dupes

Christian Louboutin Platform Booties

Next, the Christian Louboutin Roxxxy Strass Crystal Platform Red Sole Boots are a statement style. These booties feature crystal embellishments and the brand’s recognizable red sole. These Christian Louboutin booties cost almost $4,000, but you can get a similar look with the $84 Steve Madden Cobra Boots.

christian louboutin platform bootie dupe

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Christian Louboutin Cowboy Boots

A luxe take on a classic cowgirl boot style, the Christian Louboutin Santia Botta Boots are truly timeless. For a similar silhouette that won’t cost you $2,195, snag the Steve Madden Lasso Boots for just $190.

christian louboutin cowboy boots

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Christian Louboutin So Kate Booties

The Christian Louboutin So Kate Multicolor Mirror Booties are an edgy design featuring a colorful mirrored surface. If you love these Louboutin ankle boots, consider the Poppy Pointed Toe Bootie by Azalea Wang for $249.

christian louboutin so kate booties dupe

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Spiked Christian Louboutin Sneakers

Simple yet undeniably chic, Christian Louboutin sneakers are the perfect everyday shoes. These Christian Louboutin trainers come with a $945 price tag, but you can get the same look for just $160 with the Dolce Vita Zina Sneakers.

christian louboutin sneakers dupe

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More Louboutin Shoe Dupes

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the best Louboutin dupes! For more designer dupes, check out these similar articles:

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