The 30+ Best Chloe Inspired Bags That Look Designer

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Love the look of Chloé bags but not their luxury prices? This article is for you. Today, I’m sharing the best Chloe bag dupes for a fraction of the price. 

From the iconic Faye bag to everyday crossbody styles, I’ll explore the most popular Chloe designs and their affordable alternatives. With these dupes, you can enjoy the timeless Chloé aesthetic without the additional cost.

Ready to jump in? Let’s explore the best Chloe-inspired designs on the market!

chloe bag dupe

Chloé is a French fashion house known for its sophisticated, feminine designs. This luxury brand has a diverse collection, ranging from dresses to oversized sunglasses and swimsuits.

Earlier this year, I shared affordable alternatives to the Chloé Nama sneaker, and I loved hearing your positive responses. To keep with the trend of Chloe dupes, today I’m sharing the best lookalike Chloe handbags and totes. Chloé bags are sleek and modern yet maintain a bohemian, laid-back vibe. From chic handbags to practical totes, there’s truly a Chloé bag for every occasion.

Popular Chloe Totes and Bags and Their Affordable Alternatives

I’d love to own every Chloé bag design, but these stunning styles come with hefty price tags. If you love the look of Chloé handbags but not their luxury prices, there are dozens of affordable lookalikes. Whether you’re searching for a Tess bag dupe or a Chloé-inspired tote, these Chloé lookalikes provide the same iconic style at a lower cost.

Chloé C Shoulder Bag

First, the Chloé C Bag combines style and functionality. This small shoulder bag features a top handle and luxurious leather straps. For an affordable alternative that mimics the real deal, check out this $52 lookalike on Amazon.

chloe c bag dupe

Similar Chloé Bag Dupes

Chloé Marcie Crossbody Bag

The Marcie Bag features a simple, elegant design that showcases Chloé’s bohemian aesthetic. This crossbody bag features a genuine leather exterior and beautiful stitch detailing. If you’re looking for a good dupe, look no further than this $195 alternative. The Harwell Small Flap Crossbody Bag comes with an affordable price tag and looks just like the original.

chloe marcie bag dupe

Similar Chloe Crossbody Bag Dupes

Chloé Faye Bag

The Chloé Faye Bag is another cult classic. This sleek silhouette embodies Chloé’s 70s aesthetic with its suede calfskin exterior and metal details. For a similar style that will cost you just $43, check out the Scarleton Shoulder Bag. This Chloé knockoff bag comes in sixteen stunning colors and two size variations.

chloe faye bag dupe

Similar Chloé Faye Bag Dupes

Chloé Tess Small Bag

Next, the Chloé Tess Bag is a modern Chloé classic—a designer bag with a true cult following. This versatile design features a top handle and an adjustable crossbody shoulder strap. But don’t let its size fool you, because this bag comes with a hefty price tag. For a similar look, check out this $16 alternative.

chloe tess bag dupe

Similar Chloe Bag Dupes

Chloé Roy Bucket Bag

Another popular Chloé style, the Roy bag is an elegant take on the trendy bucket bag style. This gorgeous design is roomy, unique, and versatile. If you love this Chloé bag but don’t want to spend $1,000, this & Other Stories Bag offers the same great look for just $139.

chloe bucket bag dupe

Similar Chloe Bag Dupes

Chloé Aby Crossbody Bag

At #4, the Chloé Aby Crossbody Bag is functional yet still fabulous. This compact silhouette comes in dozens of gorgeous variations, all featuring a gold closure. With an adjustable leather strap and multiple compartments, the Aby Crossbody Bag is a versatile and stylish option. For the same look without the additional cost, check out this Amazon lookalike for $35.

chloe aby crossbody bag dupe

Similar Chloe Knockoff Bags

Chloé Leather Bucket Bag

Prefer a more neutral bag? Crafted from quality leather and with a roomy interior, the Chloé Marcie Bucket is practical and stylish. If you love this Chloé design but not the price tag, check out this similar style for just $27. Like the original, this beautiful bag features leather straps and a similar shape.

chloe Marcie bucket bag dupe

Similar Chloe Marcie Bag Dupes

Chloé Kattie Leather Clutch

I’m in love with the sold-out Chloé Kattie Leather Clutch. This elegant accessory features a leather exterior, eye-catching metal handle with the brand’s signature kiss-lock closure. It’s the perfect choice for a night out on the town. If you love this Chloé bag, check out the Stud Leather Bag by Mango for just $100.

chloe clutch dupe

Similar Chloe Bag Dupes

Chloé Woody Tote

One of the most iconic Chloé bags, the Woody Tote features a stylish linen canvas exterior. This popular design is available in countless color and size variations. Love this spacious and practical Chloé style? For a nearly identical look that will cost you just $24, check out this Chloé knockoff tote on Amazon. Like the original, this Chloe dupe features a gorgeous canvas exterior and is available in dozens of colors.

chloe woody tote dupe

Similar Chloé Woody Tote Dupes

Chloé Laetizia Tote

The Laetizia Tote is another popular Chloé style and a personal favorite Chloé design. This tote is typically crafted from natural materials, giving it an earthy and relaxed vibe. The Laetizia Tote boasts a spacious interior, ideal for weekend getaways or days at the beach. If you love this design, the Heat Waves Bag by L*SPACE is a great alternative.

chloe Laetizia tote dupe

Similar Chloe Tote Dupes

Chloé Louela Tote Bag

Next, the Chloe Louela Tote Bag combines style and functionality with its sleek design. This tote is typically crafted from grained calfskin, giving it a luxurious and sophisticated look. Its roomy interior and trendy yet timeless design make it a great addition to any tote collection. For a similar style that costs just $50, check out this Chloe bag dupe by Wrangler.

chloe louela tote bag

Similar Chloe Tote Dupes

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered great dupes to add to your collection. Check out these related articles for more designer dupes:

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