The Best Bogg Bag Alternatives on Amazon to Shop Now

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Searching for a Bogg Bag alternative? Want the fashion and function of a Bogg Bag without the price tag? This article is for you.

Bogg Bags is a popular beach tote brand that has overtaken the market. The brand’s viral rubber beach tote is durable, washable, and lightweight, making it the perfect summer bag choice. With three sizes and dozens of stunning colors available, there’s a Bogg Bag for every style and need.

Bogg Bags are fashionable and functional, but they can be expensive. And with the surge in popularity, these bags are often out of stock. Luckily, there are dozens of Bogg Bag lookalikes on the market. But with new Bogg Bag dupes popping up daily, choosing the right one can feel daunting. That’s why I’ve researched the best Bogg Bag alternatives. From size and weight to design and color, I’ve considered all factors to help you find the perfect bag. In this guide, I’ll provide alternatives for the Bogg Bag original, Bogg Bag Baby, and Bogg Bag Bitty, along with photos and a comprehensive review of each.

Ready to get started and find your dream beach bag? Let’s do it!

bogg bag dupes amazon

Bogg Bags: Background

A good beach bag is a must-have for any vacation. An ideal beach bag is equal parts spacious, durable, and stylish. That’s where the Bogg Bag comes in. I couldn’t believe how many Bogg Bags I saw during a recent trip to Watercolor, FL. Living in NYC, where winter is almost year-round, I have little use for a Bogg Bag of my own. But I always notice a trend and was shocked to see these bags all over 30A. After some research, I quickly understood why these durable bags had become so popular. To explain, let’s start with a bit of background on the Bogg Bag founder and her mission.

Bogg Bag Founder and Motivation

In 2011, New Jersey mom Kimberlee Vaccarella founded Bogg Bag. After many beach trips with her family and hundreds of dollars spent on bags, she realized a gap in the market. She wanted a beach bag that was spacious enough to carry beach essentials and sturdy, durable, and washable. She couldn’t find a bag on the market that fit these requirements and was tired of wasting money. Inspired by a pair of Crocs, she set out to design the first Bogg Bag.

Bogg Bag Today

Almost 13 years later, Bogg Bags has become a market leader. The brand’s bags fulfill everything Vaccarella once dreamed of and more. With the invention of the Bogg Bag, Vaccarella solved a widespread problem and created a successful business.

Bogg Bags: Important Features

Let’s explore the key features a Bogg Bag alternative should have:

Feature 1: Durable Materials

When searching for a Bogg Bag alternative, pay attention to the material. The original Bogg Bag is crafted from EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate. EVA is resistant to water, UV rays, and cracks. This makes for stress-free cleaning and ensures durability and longevity. At the end of the day at the beach, these bags can easily be hosed down.

A good Bogg Bag alternative should also use high-quality materials like EVA to ensure easy cleaning and long-lasting use. Don’t waste money on a designer dupe that won’t last!

Feature 2: Structure

Bogg Bags are not only high-quality, but they also have a patented, practical design. They feature breathable cutouts, long straps, and a sturdy bottom that allows the bag to stand upright. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that the bag won’t tip over as you load and unload items.

Feature 3: Size and Storage

The original Bogg Bag is spacious, measuring 19x15x9.5 inches. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as the “XL Bogg Bag,” this bag can fit all your beach essentials. It also has two clear insert bags for smaller items like cell phones, a water bottle, or keys.

Bogg Bag also offers two smaller sizes: the Baby Bogg Bag and the Bitty Bogg Bag. The Baby Bogg measures 15x13x5.25 inches, while the Bitty Bogg measures 11×8.5×4.5 inches.

Bogg Bag Size Comparison

See below for a list of Bogg Bag sizes and the current prices of each. These measurements are taken of the bag lying flat.

  • Length: Measure from the opening of the bag to its base.
  • Width: Measure across the base from one side to the other.
  • Height: Measure from the bag’s bottom surface to the top while it’s lying flat.
Retail PriceLengthWidthHeightHandle Drop
Bogg Bag Original$9019″15″9.5″9″
Bogg Bag Baby$7015″13″5.25″9″
Bogg Bag Bitty$5511″8.5″4.5″5″

Feature 4: Bog Bag Accessories and Customization

Bogg Bags can be customized with accessories like Bogg Bits, 3-inch charms that fit into the bag’s holes. These Bogg Bag charms allow customers to express their personal style. Bogg Bits range from dogs to martinis, initials, and more. However, these popular accessories may be hard to find in stock. Besides Bogg Bits, the brand also offers other accessories, like decorative inserts. Luckily, the Bogg Bag dupes in this article also offer customization options.

Feature 5: Versatility

And finally, Bogg Bags are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re a busy mom looking for a pool bag or a college kid searching for a reusable grocery tote, the Bogg Bag is a great option. No matter who you are, these bags are a great accessory for your next adventure.

Overall, Bogg Bags are a must-have for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile tote bag. Whether you’re headed to the beach or running errands, Bogg Bags have got you covered!

Bogg Bag Alternatives

Despite their many advantages, Bogg Bags are pricey. The original bag retails for $89.95, and that’s before $10 shipping if you buy it on I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time spending $100 on a beach accessory. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on the original bag, many affordable dupes are available.

These more affordable designs will save you the additional cost without sacrificing quality or style. After reading through hundreds of reviews, I’m excited to share the best dupe Bogg Bags.

Ready to get started? Without further delay, here are the best Bogg Bag dupes on Amazon:

Bogg Bag Alternative #1: Large Bogg Bag

If you love the original Bogg Bag but not the $90 price tag, Amazon has a fantastic option for $20 less. While this difference in cost may seem nominal, Bogg Bag’s popularity has caused stock issues and price gouging. For reference, the baby blue Bogg Bag featured below retails on Amazon for $133.99, or nearly 50% higher than its $90 retail value.

Plus, if you buy directly on the Bogg site, you’ll pay $10 shipping, while Amazon shipping is free with Amazon Prime. With nearly 2,000 reviews and an impressive 4.6-star rating, the Simply Southern EVA Large Tote is the perfect alternative.

bogg bag dupe

Major Similarities

  • Like the original, the Simply Southern Bogg Bag is made of EVA, an easy-to-clean waterproof material. Based on reviews, this great dupe is just as easy to clean as the original and as durable.
  • Both bags feature a sturdy, flat bottom design and stand upright.
  • The Simply Southern Tote and original Bogg Bag both come in many bold, summer-ready hues.
  • Both bags are customizable via Bogg Bag accessories, including charms, phone holders, inserts, and more. Keep reading for the best Bogg Bag accessory dupes.

Major Differences

  • The Simply Southern Tote stands out due to its detachable straps, a feature Bogg Bags lack. This makes it a preferred choice for many customers, as Bogg Bags’ fixed straps tend to get twisted. There are dozens of tutorials addressing this issue.
  • The totes are nearly identical in size but vary in width by 1′′. The Simply Southern Tote is roughly 19x14x9.5 inches, slightly smaller than the original Bogg Bag’s 19x15x9.5 inches.
  • Unlike large Bogg Bags, which come with two inner pouches, Simply Southerns totes include just one inner bag. If you’d like another bag for your Simply Southern bag, check out this three-pack for $16.
  • The original Bogg Bag is the largest Bogg Bag available, often called the Bogg Bag XL. However, Simply Southern offers a fake Bogg Bag in an even larger size. Check out all Simply Southern tote listings on Amazon for more.
  • The Simply Southern bag features the Simply Southern “s!mply” logo, while the Bogg Bag features the “Bogg” logo.

More Large Bogg Bag Dupes

Bogg Bag Alternative #2: Baby Bogg Bag

Is the original Bogg Bag too large for your liking? That makes two of us. Bogg Bag introduced the Baby Bogg Bag to target individuals vs. families. But don’t let the name fool you; this stylish bag is still spacious. Measuring 15x13x5.25 inches, the medium Bogg Bag is about 60% smaller than the original style.

Despite the downgrade in size, you can only expect a 22% decrease in price if you’re lucky. If you can find this bag in stock at a brand like Dillard’s, the Baby Bogg Bag typically retails for $70. But even on the Bogg Bags official website, this size now retails for $95. And these small Bogg bags will cost you $100+ on Amazon. That’s right, you’ll pay more for this smaller size than you would for its 60% larger counterpart.

If this medium size is just right but the price is out of your budget, check out this Amazon Bogg Bag lookalike. This rubber beach bag is nearly an exact replica and will cost you just $49.

baby bogg bag dupe

Major Similarities

  • Both bags feature soft shoulder straps and non-slip, treaded bases.
  • Amazon’s generic Bogg Bag mimics the Bogg Bag original with its EVA exterior. Both bags are durable and water-resistant.
  • Like the Bogg Bag original, the Amazon alternative includes a clear waterproof zipper pocket. This accessory pops into the bag’s holes and can easily be removed.

Major Differences

  • Unlike the original, this Bogg Bag knockoff requires light assembly. The bag’s straps arrive separately and need to be installed. To install, reviewers recommend holding the bag tightly and twisting on the cap.
  • The Amazon bag is available in four different colors, while the original Baby Bogg has been released in 35 variations, including limited-edition prints. If you have your heart set on one of these styles, check out this $43 Bogg Bag lookalike. Sollirty offers several Bogg Bag dupes, including a Palm Tree Bogg Bag knockoff.
  • The totes are very similar in size, with slight variances. The Amazon bag measures 14.5x6x12.8 inches, while the Bogg Baby Bag measures 15×5.25×13 inches.

Similar Bogg Bag Dupes

Bogg Bag Alternative #3: Bitty Bogg Bag

In June 2022, the brand released its smallest Bogg Bag yet: the Bitty Bogg Bag. The newest Bogg bag design, this mini Bogg Bag measures 11×8.5×4.5 inches, or roughly 60% smaller than the Baby Bogg Bag and 85% smaller than the original Bogg Bag. It’s the perfect Bogg Bag for kids, and I’ve seen many parents use this bag as an Easter basket. If it’s 85% smaller, the price should also be 85% less, right? Not exactly. The itty Bitty Bogg Bag will still run you $55 on the brand’s site, even before the additional cost of shipping. If you love this Bogg size, consider this amazing alternative.

bogg bag dupe, bitty bogg bag dupe

Major Similarities

  • Both bags are waterproof and made from EVA material.
  • Like the Bogg Bag Bitty, the Simply Southern Mini Tote features non-removable straps.
  • The Simply Bogg Bag and the original Bogg Bag Bitty are tip-proof, thanks to their similar ribbed bottoms.

Major Differences

  • The Simply Southern bag and the Bogg Bitty bag are very close in size, with slight differences. The Simply Southern bag is one inch longer than the Bogg Bitty, while the Bogg Bitty is half an inch deeper than the Simply Southern. Both totes are 4.5 inches high.
  • The Simply Southern bag has “s!mply” embossed on the bag vs. the Bogg Bag’s “Bogg” label.
  • The original Bitty Bogg features the brand’s black “b” logo on the buttons, while the Simply Southern variation has embossed turtles.
  • The Simply Southern Tote comes in seven color variations, fewer than the Bogg Bitty Bag. While the Bogg Bag site offers the Bogg Bitty in 14 colors, most retailers, like Dillard’s, carry only 10 of those options.

More Small Bogg Bag Dupes

Bogg Bag Accessories and Bogg Bag Charms

By now, I hope you’ve found the best Bogg Bag dupe that fits your budget and personal style. Now, let’s talk Bogg bag accessories. As I mentioned earlier, customization is a key feature of Bogg Bags. Popular Bogg Bag accessories include decorative Bogg Bits, phone cases, keychains, tassels, and more.

If you’re searching for Bogg Bag accessories, these affordable alternatives are worth considering. All Bogg Bag accessory dupes below fit into the holes of the three bags I’ve shared today.

Bogg Bag FAQ

Q: What is so special about Bogg Bag?

A: Bogg Bags are known for their durability, washability, and lightweight design, making them a perfect summer bag choice.

Q: Why are Bogg Bags so expensive?

A: Bogg Bags are expensive due to their patented design and high-quality materials.

Q: What are the 3 sizes of Bogg Bags?

A: Bogg Bags are available in three distinct sizes: the Baby Bogg, the Bitty Bogg, and the original Bogg.

Q: What is the largest Bogg Bag style?

A: The largest Bogg Bag style is the Bogg Bag original, measuring 19x15x9.5 inches.

Q: Bitty Bogg Bag release date?

In June 2022, the brand announced its smallest Bogg Bag yet, the Bitty Bogg Bag.

Q: Do Bogg Bag handles come off?

A: No, the buttons on the Bogg Bag handles do not come off, and there is no need to remove them to fix the strap. A simple twist will get them back in position.

Q: Is there a Bogg Bag outlet?

A: No, there is no Bogg Bag outlet.

Q: What’s the difference between Bogg Bag and Simply Southern?

The most notable difference is that most Simply Southern totes have removable straps.

Q: Do Simply Southern charms fit on Bogg Bags?

Yes, Simply Southern bag charms are compatible with Bogg Bags.

After reading this post, I hope you’ve discovered Bogg Bag dupes that fit your budget and personal style!

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