Best Wineries in Tuscany: A Day at Poggio Torselli

Searching for the best wineries in Tuscany? Keep reading for my review of Poggio Torselli and discover the magic of this Chianti Classico vineyard.

Best Wineries in Tuscany


Discovering Poggio Torselli

Following our stay in Praiano and Sorrento, my husband and I traveled to Florence for a few days in Italian wine country with my family. While researching local vineyards, I discovered Poggio Torselli and booked a tour and tasting experience. Keep reading to learn why this magical winery is a must-visit if you’re in Tuscany!

Best Wineries in Tuscany Poggio Torselli
Best Wineries in Tuscany Poggio Torselli

Best Wineries in Tuscany: A Brief History of Poggio Torselli

Once dubbed the “Queen of the Villas,” Poggio Torselli has passed through the hand’s of Italy’s wealthiest families since the 1400s. The 40-room villa has hosted several iconic figures, including Pope Pius VII who stayed at the property while traveling to Paris for Napoleon’s coronation. An 18th-century renovation earned the villa designation as a national monument, and its preservation today is nothing short of remarkable.

In the early 2000s, owners revived the villa’s vineyard and olive groves. Since 2017, Poggio Torselli has fully adopted organic farming methods and biodynamic viticulture practices. The vineyard’s offering has grown to include 6 blends — three Chianti Classicos and three IGT blends.

In 2019, a Canadian businessman purchased the estate and kept it as a living museum. Open for tours and tastings by appointment only, Poggio Torselli invites visitors to enter a remarkable world of Florentine history.

Arriving at Poggio Torselli

We arrived at Poggio Torselli in the morning, sharing a moment of collective awe as we reached the villa’s entrance. Perched on a hill (“Poggio”), the villa is surrounded by ~3,000 olive trees and endless rows of lush vines.

We were greeted by Cristina, manager of the vineyard’s production and our guide for the day. Within the first few minutes of chatting, we realized this brilliant woman’s deep knowledge of the villa and her passion for its history. With each anecdote shared, the magic of Poggio Torselli — its rich past and promising future alike – began to unfold.

Best Wineries in Tuscany: Poggio Torselli Ballroom
Best Wineries in Tuscany: Poggio Torselli Ballroom

The Interior: The Four Seasons

To kick off the tour, Cristina led us through the villa’s immaculate interior, designed to reflect a “Four Seasons” theme. We swooned as we entered each room, struck by the endless art and enchanted by Cristina’s anecdotes. The Baroque-style, 40-room villa is covered in dramatic frescos and houses countless Renaissance-era artifacts. My family and I quickly realized we were in the presence of rich Florentine history. In addition to the “Pope’s Room,” highlights include a grand ballroom, an ancient spit roast designed by da Vinci, and a private chapel.

Best Wineries in Tuscany: Poggio Torselli

The Gardens

The villa’s interior is striking, but its 17th-century garden is arguably what makes it the best winery in Tuscany. Where else can you sip fine wine, explore Florentine history, and walk the grounds of an award-winning garden?

The garden’s grounds are home to an impressive collection of over 130 citrus trees, an array of herbs and blooming flowers, and much more. A mythical mandrake plant and a “Bizzarria” lemon tree – a hybrid citrus plant invented by the Medici family – also call the garden home.

We loved learning about original irrigation practices (many still in place today) and soaking in this iconic work of art.

Best Wineries in Tuscany: Poggio Torselli
The stunning Italian gardens
Poggio Torselli Garden
Poggio Torselli Garden

The Tasting

The final stop on our Poggio Torselli tour: a trip to the tasting room. Cristina led us through an informative tasting of each of the vineyard’s wines. I loved the Bizzarria Bianco, a “Super Tuscan” with a citrus flare. Inspired by the “Bizzarria” lemon tree, the white blend mixes three varieties of grapes for a true expression of Poggio Torselli’s terroir.

After purchasing as many bottles as our bags could fit, we reluctantly said our goodbyes to Cristina and promised to return to the magical villa.

Best Wineries in Tuscany Poggio Torselli tasting room
Best Wineries in Tuscany Poggio Torselli tasting room

Know Before You Go: Poggio Torselli

  • Tours are available on an appointment-only basis. To book, visit the vineyard’s site.
  • If you love a wine, purchase it! You likely won’t find it outside of Italy.

Booking Your Trip to Poggio Torselli

Overall, Poggio Torselli is a must-visit if you’re looking for the best winery in Tuscany. You’ll experience colorful Florentine history and unmatched hospitality — all while sipping incredible wines!

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