Best Atlanta Photoshoot Locations (By a Wedding Photographer!)

Hi there and thank you for stopping by! When I’m not creating content here, I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer. You can view my photography work here. Today, I’m sharing my top five Atlanta photoshoot locations along with favorite images from each.

Atlanta Photoshoot Locations Millenium Gate Museum
Millennium Gate Museum

What do I look for when scouting a photoshoot location? For me, the perfect venue checks three key boxes. First, beautiful architecture — sharp lines, archways, aesthetically appeasing surroundings. Second, I look for neutral ground where I can place my subjects. This allows for easy color correction and accurate skin tones — with minimal editing. And third, I tend to gravitate toward cityscape vs. greenery. I love an editorial look and feel, and I find each of these locations to be perfectly ambiguous. Upper East Side or downtown Atlanta? The world may never know (okay, until now)! Here are my top recommendations for your next Atlanta photoshoot:

Atlanta Photoshoot Location #1: Downtown Fairlie-Poplar District

To kick off my list of favorite Atlanta photoshoot locations — the Downtown Atlanta Fairlie Poplar District. If you’re looking for a sophisticated city vibe, this area is a perfect candidate. I love the unexpected greenery and surrounding staircases.

Atlanta Photoshoot Locations Downtown Fairlie-Poplar District
Atlanta Photoshoot Locations Downtown Fairlie-Poplar District
Atlanta Photoshoot Locations Downtown Fairlie-Poplar District

Getting There + Pro Tips

Pro tip: if you park on the street, be sure to pay the meter or expect a ticket! To beat the crowds, I recommend shooting at this location in the early morning hours.

Atlanta Photoshoot Location #2: Millennium Gate Museum

Arguably my favorite location in Atlanta, Millennium Gate Museum is every portrait photographer’s dream. With an iconic grand arch and ivy-covered pillars, this venue gives unexpected Parisian vibes in the heart of midtown.

Atlanta Photoshoot Locations  Millenium Gate Museum
Atlanta Photoshoot Locations  Millenium Gate Museum
Atlanta Photoshoot Locations  Millenium Gate Museum

Getting There + Pro Tips

Pro tip: Millennium Gate Museum is located at 395 17th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30363. If you’re parking on a nearby side street, be weary of tow and ticketing zones. Atlantic Station is infamous for tough parking!

Atlanta Photoshoot Location #3: Emory University

I’ve received at least a dozen messages about this next location. Before moving to NYC, I shot all of my branded content at Glenn Memorial Church on Emory University’s Campus. This location is stunning and classic. I love the beautiful pillars and creamy walls.

Getting There + Pro Tips

Glenn Memorial Church is located at 1660 N Decatur Rd. There’s a nearby paid parking garage, but I typically park in the church’s lot if I’m shooting early in the morning. Times to avoi include church on Sundays and anytime between 9 and 10am on weekdays (elementary school carpool).

Atlanta Photoshoot Location #4: First Church of Christ, Scientist

Last on my list of favorite Atlanta photoshoot locations: a beautiful church in the heart of Midtown. Located directly across from the High Museum, Atlanta’s First Church of Christ features the most stunning grand staircase, oak doors, and over-sized pillars. It’s the perfect spot for a portrait session.

Getting There + Pro Tips

First Church of Christ, Scientist is located at 150 15th St NE. Metered street parking is available on nearby Peachtree. If you’re shooting in this area, consider adding the High Museum to your location list!

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you’re interested in more photography content, please visit the archives here or click here to view my photography portfolio.

Happy shooting, friends!

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