Beach-Themed Living Room on a Budget: Coastal Look For Less

Looking to transform your living room into a dreamy, beach-themed oasis without breaking the bank? This article is for you. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to designing a beach-themed living room on a budget!

beach themed living room on a budget

The Quest For a Beach-Themed Living Room on a Budget

When designing my own home, I knew I wanted to capture the serene coastal vibe that I had experienced during my family vacations to Florida. However, shopping at big box stores such as Serena & Lily and Pottery Barn proved to be an unnecessarily expensive route to achieving my coastal living room design dreams. In hindsight, I could have saved a lot of money by following the budget-friendly tips and tricks I’ll share with you today.

While I’m not a professional interior designer, I’m passionate about helping others save time and money. And today, I’m determined to help you get the beach house look without breaking the bank. In this article, I’ll share step-by-step tips to bring the beach style to your living space, affordable coastal decor ideas, and everything I wish I knew during my home decorating process. Whether you’re designing your beach or lake house, or just want to bring a calming coastal feel to your big city apartment, these tips will help you create the living room of your dreams.   

Step 1: Choose a Color Scheme

Are you excited to bring your coastal living room ideas to life but feeling overwhelmed about where to start? The best thing you can do first is to choose a color palette that captures the essence of the beach. Starting with off-white walls is a simple way to keep things light and airy, and using beach colors as accents can help you achieve the ultimate coastal look. Think of colors that promote relaxation and tranquility. Three popular combinations of beach colors to consider are blues hues, sandy tones, and muted greens. While it’s possible to include additional colors, it’s best to stick to a consistent palette for a harmonious feel. This will make it easier to select furniture, artwork, and decorations. To spark your imagination, I’ve curated three interior design boards featuring these color schemes:

Blue Hues – Blue Colors For a Beachy Vibe

Blue is always a great idea. Consider using shades of blue, ranging from light blue to deep navy blue, for a calming and serene ambiance. A white statement piece, such as the coffee table pictured, can provide a sense of consistency and balance to your sitting room. To add contrast and variety, use gold accents in moderation. This will enhance the overall aesthetic and make your living room feel more cohesive.

beach themed living room on a budget

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Sandy Tones For a Neutral Look

If you prefer a less colorful coastal look, consider focusing on neutral tones that remind you of a sandy beach. Earthy colors like beige, taupe, and tan can create a warm and inviting space. To tie in the coastal theme, add a few understated accents such as throw pillows or shell art. This will help to maintain the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the room with too much color.

beach themed living room on a budget

Muted Greens and Gold for a Glam Beach Look

For a vibrant and tropical beach-themed living room, mix different shades of green. This will create a lively and refreshing ambiance reminiscent of a lush, tropical paradise. Consider adding palm trees and wicker furniture to complete the beach vibe. Don’t forget to incorporate natural textures like bamboo or rattan for an authentic coastal feel. With these elements combined, your living room will be transformed into a relaxing and inviting oasis.

green beach themed living room on a budget

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Incorporating the right color palette is key to creating a beach-themed living room that feels cohesive and inviting. Use these color schemes as a starting point to achieve the perfect coastal look for your space. Whether you prefer soothing blues, warm neutrals, or lively greens, there are endless possibilities to explore. Get creative and have fun transforming your living room into a relaxing and beautiful oasis that you’ll love coming home to.

Step 2: Consider Natural Rugs

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, you’ll need to select an area rug to serve as the foundation for your indoor beach retreat.

Coastal environments are known for their natural textures, from the sand and stones to the driftwood and seashells. To bring this same texture into your beach-themed living room, consider natural rugs like jute or sisal rugs. These rugs are crafted from natural fibers, making them eco-friendly, durable, and affordable.

Jute rugs have a soft, silky texture and a natural golden hue, while sisal rugs have a rougher texture and natural beige color. The unique textures and colors of these rugs will add depth and warmth to your space, complementing the coastal theme of the room. Keep in mind that natural fiber rugs may not be as soft as synthetic or wool rugs, but they provide an excellent way to add natural elements to your sitting area.

I love this $250 jute rug or this $155 sisal rug. Below, I’ve compiled my favorite rugs for coastal interiors: 

beach themed living room on a budget

Step 3: Opt For Simple Window Coverings

Now that your foundation is set, you’ll need to select your window coverings. To ensure maximum natural light in your living room, keep window coverings simple. Use sheer or light-filtering materials to add privacy while still letting in plenty of light. You can also maximize natural light with mirrors and light-colored furniture and decor. Below, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite affordable curtains. 

Step 4: Furniture For Your Beach-Themed Living Room on a Budget

One of the most exciting parts of creating your perfect beach retreat is selecting new furniture to bring your vision to life! In this section, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite beach-themed pieces, including couches, coffee tables, and side tables that won’t break the bank.

Coastal Couches and Chairs Under $500

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to selecting coastal furniture, consider beginning with a simple white sofa. Not only does this classic piece evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, it also provides a versatile canvas for accent pillows, throws, and other decor elements. Despite what you might think, white furniture is actually quite practical as it can be bleached easily. Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s no harm in adding a pop of color to your living room. And if you’re working with a small space, you might even consider using a pair of chairs instead of a couch. These Serena and Lily lookalikes are some of my personal favorites!

Here are a few affordable coastal couch and chair options:

beach themed living room on a budget

Affordable Beach-Themed Coffee Tables

To enhance the coastal vibe of your living room, opt for a coffee table with a light-colored or weathered finish that resembles beach wood or driftwood. This will help bring the natural beauty of the seaside indoors and add to the beachy feel of your space.

beach themed living room on a budget

Coastal Side Tables Under $200

Complete the coastal look of your living room by incorporating side tables made from natural materials such as bamboo or rattan. These textures will perfectly complement your coffee table and contribute to the laid-back, beach vibe of your space. Plus, their organic feel will help bring the outdoors inside, making you feel even closer to your favorite sandy beach.

beach themed living room on a budget

Step 5: All About the Throw Pillows

Looking to add a personal touch to your coastal interior design? Throw pillows are the perfect way to do just that! If you’ve chosen a blue color scheme, check out these $20 blue pillows from Target that are almost identical to the $200 Miramonte Pillow from Serena & Lily. Alternatively, if you’re going for a more natural look, these $17 pillows with white stripes might be just what you need. Don’t miss out on my top picks for beach-themed throw pillows that won’t break the bank:

Step 6: Let There Be Light!

Light fixtures are a great way to brighten up your beach-themed living room and add a touch of personality to your space. To enhance your coastal look, consider incorporating rattan lamps, scalloped sconces, or a statement-making beaded chandelier. Check out my top picks for coastal-style light fixtures that will help you achieve the perfect beach vibe:

Affordable Coastal Design Table Lamps For Less

Floor Lamps & Sconce Lamps with a Coastal Feel

coastal lighting

Step 7: Coastal Artwork

Blank white walls are the perfect opportunity to bring your coastal design to life. While you can certainly add multiple art pieces to your space, selecting a statement piece is the best way to achieve a cohesive coastal vibe. I love shopping for unique artwork at local thrift stores, but there are many affordable art options online as well. Here are a few pieces of stunning coastal artwork that won’t break the bank:

affordable coastal artwork

Step 8: Finish Off With Coastal Decor

There are so many different ways to add finishing touches to your beach-themed living space without breaking the bank. Luckily, there are plenty of places to shop for affordable and modern beach house decor, including Target, TJMaxx, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart.

For added texture, consider incorporating a jute pouf or stylish wicker baskets that are both practical and chic. Accessorize your space with coastal coffee table books, picture frames, or bold vases for pops of color. And for an extra touch of natural beauty, bring in elements from the outdoors such as fresh flowers, artificial palm trees, or a piece of driftwood. Check out my budget-friendly coastal decorating ideas below:

Coastal Style Decor – Spruce Up Your Beach Themed Living Room on a Budget

Beach Theme Coffee Table Books:

Beach-Themed Vase and Plants

Step 9: Enjoy!

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’re on your way to your very own beach-themed living room on a budget. Take a moment to relax and imagine the sound of the waves crashing outside your window. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, start planning your dining room or master bedroom makeover! For even more coastal home ideas, be sure to check out my recent article on Pottery Barn Knockoffs. 

That’s all for today’s post. I can’t wait to see your stunning new living rooms! Most importantly, I hope this article has shown you that designing a beach-themed living room on a budget is not only achievable but also fun and rewarding. Remember to shop wisely, get creative with repurposing items you already have, and embrace your inner DIY spirit to save money while achieving your desired look. With these tips and tricks, you’ll have the coastal home of your dreams in no time.

Looking for more home decor content? I never keep great deals to myself. Check out the archives here, or send me a message if there’s something you’d like to see. Happy shopping, friends!

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