The Best Alaïa Inspired Dresses That Look Designer

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Are you searching for an Alaïa dress dupe? Looking for that perfect Alaïa dress but not ready to break the bank? Craving the sculpted, elegant look Alaïa is famous for without the couture price tag? In this article, I’m sharing the 5+ best Alaïa dress dupes that offer the same iconic fit without draining your wallet.

Keep reading to uncover the chicest alternatives to Alaïa dresses that will make you feel like fashion royalty, but for a fraction of the price!

alaia dress dupe

Founded in 1981 by Tunisian-born Azzedine Alaïa, the House of Alaïa has been synonymous with timeless luxury for over four decades. From iconic Alaïa heels to classic Alaïa shoes and curve-hugging dresses, Alaïa has carved a niche in nearly every high-fashion category. The designer was dubbed the “King of Cling” for his form-fitting designs, crafted to celebrate and flatter the female silhouette. (Source: Vogue UK).

I first fell in love with Alaïa when I discovered arguably the most beautiful belt on the market. Since then, I’ve been drooling at every new release from this popular Parisian label. But let’s be real. As much as I’d love to have an entire closet full of Alaïa dresses, these pieces of wearable art come with a price tag that’s not for the faint of heart. The good news? There are several affordable alternatives out there that capture the Alaïa vibe without causing a financial hiccup. While they may not be exact replicas, these Alaïa-inspired dresses offer similar silhouettes without the hefty price tags.

So, without further delay, here are the best Alaïa dress dupes on the market:

Alaïa Black Long Sleeve Dress

A classic, timeless staple piece, this long-sleeve dress by Alaïa hugs every curve to perfection. If you love this bodycon design but can’t afford to spend $2,410 adding it to your closet, check out this affordable alternative on Amazon for just $29.

alaia dress dupe

Alaïa Shiny Crinoline Mini Dress

Next, the Alaïa Crinoline Dress combines timeless glamour with modern sophistication. This flirty mini dress promises to make a statement but comes with a hefty $3,180 price tag. To get the same look for just $234, head to Revolve and snag the NBD Rita Mini Dress in blush.

alaia dress dupe

Alaïa Knit Dress

The perfect summer dress in every sense, the Alaïa Dantelle Sleeveless Lace Tiered Gown is a modern, semi-sheer take on a classic maxi dress. I absolutely love this chic style but I can’t imagine spending thousands on it. Luckily, the MISA Los Angeles Amanda Dress in black offers a strikingly similar look for just $325.

alaia dress dupe

Alaïa Iconic Butterfly Dress

Colorful and bold yet still undeniably sophisticated, the Alaïa Iconic Butterfly Dress is what mini dress dreams are made of. If you love this vibrant vintage style but can’t afford to spend $2,200, snag the Lazuli Long Dress by BOAMAR for just $184 — the perfect Alaïa dress dupe.

alaia dress dupe

Vintage Alaïa Midi Dress

Last but not least, this vintage silk design by Alaïa is at the top of my wishlist with its flattering fit-and-flare silhouette. If you love this Alaïa design as much as I do, the Luciana Mini Dress by LPA offers a similar silhouette for less than $200.

alaia dress dupe

More Alaïa Dupes

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the perfect Alaïa-inspired dress! Want to shop for more designer-inspired finds? Check out these related articles for more:

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