7 Best Affordable Alternatives For Viral Cos Bags

Searching for the best Cos bag dupe? Want the versatile, timeless vibe of Cos bags at a more affordable price point? In today’s article, I’m exploring seven stunning Cos styles—from mini quilted bags to oversized totes—and the best dupes for each. Read on to discover your dream Cos bag dupe!

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cos bag dupe

Cos Oversized Quilted Bag

Made famous by K-pop star Jennie Kim and even called “Jennie’s bag” on social media, this first Cos bag has become one of the brand’s most iconic styles. This viral Cos crossbody bag features an oversized silhouette and a chic, soft design. If the “Jennie effect” has you itching to add this $135 bag to your collection, consider this cheaper alternative by Halemet instead. Like the Cos option, this $19 lookalike is a great size for overnight trips and comes in a ton of colorways.

cos quilted bag dupe

Cos Quilted Mini Bag

Next, the Quilted Mini Bag is a classic Cos staple style, featuring a puffy design crafted from 100% recycled fabric. This popular design has been released in countless color variations, but I’m personally obsessed with this green. To get the same vibrant look without the $69 price tag, check out this stunning alternative by Rejolly, the perfect Cos quilted bag dupe for just $28.

cos quilted bag dupe

Cos Crescent Bag

The Cos Crescent Bag is a timeless, sophisticated style featuring a curved, structured silhouette and a leather finish. This gorgeous bag retails for $250, but you can get a similar, equally chic look with this $35 alternative by Fashion Puzzle, which comes in 27 stunning colors.

cos crescent bag dupe

Cos Leather Swing Bag

One of my favorite crossbody options from the Cos collection, the Cos Leather Swing Bag is a chic, classy style. This beautiful, bestselling bag features a versatile wide strap and a timeless black leather finish. Love this Cos beauty but can’t afford to spend $150 on the original bag? If you’re open to faux leather fabric, Amazing Song has one of the best Cos dupes for only $68.

cos crossbody bag dupe

Cos Quilted Micro Bag

At #5 and the tiniest version of the Cos Quilted Bag, the Micro Bag measures just 5.5″ tall and about 7″ wide. This mini silhouette is a great day-to-night bag and was released this season in a stunning buttery leather finish. This unique style is one of my favorites from the Cos collection, but it retails for a surprising $225. For the same stylish, compact look without the luxury price tag, snag this lookalike by Solyinne instead. Although made of knit instead of leather and featuring a slightly longer strap, this $21 dupe effectively captures the vibe of the original.

cos quilted bag dupe

Cos Soft Leather Shopper Bag

Sleek, simple, and perfectly slouchy, the Cos Soft Leather Shopper Bag is my dream tote. Made from super soft leather, this bag is flat when empty, which I personally love living in a tiny NYC apartment. To get this modern, minimalist look without the $225 price tag, snag this affordable Cos lookalike on Amazon for just $50.

cos tote bag dupe

Cos Nylon Crossbody Bag

Last but not least, the Cos Nylon Crossbody Saddle Bag is the perfect everyday bag, featuring an adjustable strap and an inner pocket for everyday essentials. If you love this Cos style but can’t afford to spend $49, this popular Amazon bag offers a very similar vibe for only $15. The only major differences? Cos’ oversized crossbody version features a more rectangular shape and a slightly shorter strap, while the dupe resembles a crescent with a longer strap.

cos crossbody bag dupe

And there you have it—the best Cos bag dupes on the market! Searching for more designer-inspired bags? Check out these related articles for more:

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