20+ Best Mach & Mach Dupes That Look Designer (2024)

Looking for the most fabulous Mach & Mach dupes on the market? Want the glamorous, princess-worthy look of Mach & Mach for a fraction of the price? You’re in the right place. In this article, I’m exploring over 20 viral Mach & Mach designs, from the brand’s famous bow heels to slinky mini dresses, and the best dupes for each.

Read on to discover the most iconic Mach & Mach alternatives that offer the same luxe look without the hefty price tag!

*Originally published January 2023, Updated February 2024*

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mach and mach dupes

Mach & Mach Bow Heels Pink

Starting with a striking variation of Mach & Mach’s iconic bow heels, this pump features a pink satin finish and the brand’s signature rhinestone bow. If you love the look of this breathtaking Mach & Mach style but can’t afford to splurge on the designer version, Amazon has the perfect pair of $60 lookalikes. The Vetaste Double Bow Crystal Pumps are almost identical to the Mach & Mach originals and come in 13 different colors.

mach and mach pink bow heels dupe

Mach & Mach Slingback Heels

Next, the Mach & Mach Le Cadeau Pumps are striking slingback kitten heels with iconic oversized bows. Adding this pair of shoes to your collection will cost almost $1,000, but you can get a similar style with the Lovers and Friends Moni Heels. These amazing Mach & Mach knockoffs capture the same fairytale vibe for less than $200.

mach and mach heels dupe

Mach & Mach Puffed Bow Sandals

Another stunning pair of heels from the Mach & Mach collection, the Nicole Puffed Bow Sandals are works of wearable art. These chic satin sandals feature self-tie ankle laces and unique padded bows for a true statement look. Searching for the best affordable alternatives to these beautiful Mach & Mach heels? Snag the Schutz Mila Sandals, the perfect Mach & Mach alternatives, and a great deal at just $178.

mach and mach heels dupes

Mach & Mach Bow Mules

Elegant and sophisticated, the Mach & Mach Satin Mule Sandals make a timeless statement. To get a similar, equally chic look without the Mach & Mach price tag, check out the Tony Bianco Montana Mule instead. Incredible Mach & Mach mule dupes, these $180 shoes feature a comparable bow detail design and a beautiful black satin finish.

mach and mach mules dupe

Mach & Mach Clear Heels

Next, the Triple Heart PVC Slingback Pumps by Mach & Mach are equal parts modern and classic. These bold, trendy heels feature iridescent PVC, crystal hearts, and striking 4-inch-high heels. If you have your eye on this popular Mach & Mach style but cringe at the idea of spending $1,000, check out the Tony Bianco Laos Heels for under $200.

mach and mach clear heels dupe

Mach & Mach Double Bow Heels Black

These next Mach & Mach heels on my list are cult classics for a reason. The Mach & Mach Double Crystal Bow Heels feature a chic pointed-toe design, exquisite crystal bows, and adjustable ankle straps. If this classic Mach & Mach style is on your wishlist but out of budget, Tony Bianco has a great alternative for you. The $180 Elsie Heels are some of the best Mach & Mach Bow Heels dupes, offering a nearly identical look without the $1,095 price tag.

mach and mach bow heels dupe

Mach & Mach Bow Flats

Mach & Mach has become known for its iconic high heels, but the brand’s flats are definitely worth mentioning. These glamorous, sparkly styles offer the same glitzy vibe for day-to-day wear and all-day comfort. The Mach & Mach Double Bow Satin Flats will cost you $1,132, but why pay full price when the Lovers and Friends Marja Flats offer the same look for almost $1,000 less? These Mach & Mach flat dupes can easily pass as originals but will run you only $168.

On a tighter budget? Check out these $30 lookalikes on Amazon instead.

mach and mach flats dupe

Mach & Mach Pearl Heels

The gorgeous Pearl Bow Square Toe Sandals are true Cinderella shoes with luxury pearls and crystal details. If you’re in love with these popular shoes but not the Mach & Mach price tag, the Yolkomo Square Toe Sandals offer a similar style for under $50. Like the original $1,040 designer shoes, these Mach & Mach dupes promise to bring a fairytale touch to any look without the additional cost.

mach and mach heels dupe

Mach & Mach Bow Platform Heels

Next up, the Mach & Mach Bow Platform Heels elevate any look with their dramatic, sparkly bows, pointed toes, and platform design. For the perfect dupe that captures the glamorous vibe of this statement Mach & Mach bow heel, snag the Rhinestone Bow Knot Platform Heels by Aminugal. These $50 Mach & Mach platform heel dupes feature a similar block heel design and super sparkly bows.

mach and mach platform heels dupe

Mach & Mach Heart Heels

The ultimate Barbie-approved shoes, the Triple Heart Platform Pumps in baby pink are all my shoe dreams come true. These silk and crystal platforms are sure to make a statement with their bold rhinestone hearts, ankle wraps, and sculptural heels. Searching for the best Mach & Mach dupe for these block beauties? Check out these $50 lookalikes on Amazon for a surprisingly similar look without the $690 price tag.

mach and mach heart heels dupe

Mach & Mach Kitten Heels

Striking kitten heels with the brand’s glittering bow design, the Mach & Mach Double Bow Iridescent Mules promise to turn heads. Obsessed with these gorgeous Mach & Mach heels but can’t afford to spend $1,056? These $65 Mach & Mach knockoffs on Amazon offer a nearly identical style for the affordable price of $65, almost $1,000 less than the real deal.

mach and mach dupes low heel

Mach & Mach Pink Tulle Heels

The Mach & Mach Double Crystal & Tulle Bow Satin Pumps are luxurious shoes in every sense. One of my personal favorite Mach & Mach designs, these $995 beauties combine a unique tulle bow design with a sleek stiletto heel. If you love this pair of Mach & Mach heels as much as I do, the Coutgo Rhinestone Satin Pumps are almost as striking as the real thing and only $41.

mach and mach pink heels dupe

Mach & Mach Dress

A list of iconic Mach & Mach designs would only be complete with one of the brand’s dress designs. Incorporating the brand’s signature sparkly bow style, the Mach & Mach Crystal Bow Dress is a dreamy mini. On the hunt for the best Mach & Mach dress dupe? Look no further than Majorelle’s bestselling Matteson Mini Dress, an incredible alternative for less than $250.

mach and mach dress dupe

Mach & Mach Bag

And last but not least, I have to give a nod to Mach & Mach’s iconic handbags. One-of-a-kind statement pieces for special occasions, these styles add sparkle and shine to any look. If you love the Satin Top Handle Bag but can’t afford to spend $1,090, Amazon has you covered with this $25 knockoff. An impressive Mach & Mach bag dupe, this popular style features a similar rhinestone bow and a chic top handle design.

mach and mach bag dupe

More Mach & Mach Dupes

Did I leave off your favorite Mach & Mach design? Shop honorable mention lookalike styles below, or keep scrolling for 9 archived dupes from the older version of this article. Still not satisfied? For an updated selection of 30+ Mach & Mach dupes, check out my list of Mach & Mach-inspired styles on Revolve.

After reading this article, I hope you’ve discovered the dreamiest Mach & Mach dupe to add to your collection! If you’re searching for more designer dupes for your favorite luxury shoes, it’s a perfect time to check out these articles:

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